Virus caused my arrhythmia

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Hi all, I have recently seen a cardiologist and have a bit more clarity on my arrhythmia. There is no structural heart issue causing the arrhythmia. The cardiologist said a virus or other acute minor damage to the heart muscle has kicked the heart out of rhythm 8 weeks ago. He said he would have expected the arrhythmia to have resolved by now (because there is no lasting damage to the heart muscle and I am well other than the arrhythmia).

He has prescribed betablockers to try to relieve symtpoms and to get the heart back into normal rhythm. If that does not work, or if I choose not to take the betablockers and the arrhythmia persisits for another 6 - 8 weeks, he has told me to come back in for more investigation.

I have heard that betablockers can be more trouble than they are worth - any thoughts or recommendations? The symptoms are yukky, but I can put up with them for another 8 weeks (to see if it resolves on its own in the meantime). Anyone else had exprience with an arrhythmia resolving on its own? If so, how long did it take? Symptoms are still occurring once or twice every day.


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    Hi Emma. I have had various arrthymias for over thirty years and have tried different medications, many of them beta blockers. I am sure you could find one that doesn't make you feel yukky. I wonder how your cardiologist knew it was a virus that caused the problem. That is interesting. I find watching what I eat is directly connected with the funny beats. I've had to cut out all dairy and wheat and that has helped.

    Good luck and keep on.

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    Sorry to hear about your arrhythmia Emma, I've been suffering for over a year now with tachycardia & ectopics every single day. A nurse flushing a cannula in my hand to quickly has caused mine. Makes me wonder if somehow my heart muscles been damaged because I never felt my heart beat once before this happens. Sounds silly but makes me wonder. Hope u get some answers it's awful not knowing why it's happening, I've also had ECGs, and echo, 24hr monitor etc and only thing they found was fast heart rhythm and skipped beats. Wish I couldn't feel them but unfortunately I feel every one! Good luck xx

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    hi emma, 

    i went into AFIB and in Early August of this year. i thought it was stress, I had a stress test which showed afib. the Beta blocker made me feel terrible but i must have once my body was used to it it does not cause any issues now. I am also on a blood thinner and i am not sure why you are not. My holter monitor showed the afib but within a week between that and the first part of my stress test i went back into rhythm. I am a little concerned because the last few days i have been feeling some strange beats it makes me nervous but i am still on the meds. My stress test showed some possible blood flow issue but Dr thinks it is a false positive but lucky me has to go this Thursday for a cardiac catheterization which i am a nervous wreck about i only hope and pray it does not show any blockage, I will be glad when that is over. My point with you is the meds may need some time for your body to adjust and you will feel better. Also, i hope you are at least on a baby aspirin to thin your blood to prevent stroke. take care and hope things work out!

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      I've had two angiograms that showed the stress tests had given false positives.

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      Derek, i am so glad to hear that- i am so nervous

      why did they have to do two? Is the angiogram painful?

      Thanx for responding to me. Are you AFIB?

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      Two because they were years apart. There is no pain involved it is just a catheter going throgh your arteries. My first one through my groin just took about ten minutes. The second one through my wrist took longer as he had started with two big a catheter to get round some twisty bends in my arteries and he had to get smaller sizes.

      The wrist option is better as they just put a band round your wrist afterwards to seal the artery and you can sit up in bed. With the groin it is more awkwarkd and they initially apply hand pressure and after that one you have to lie flat for about three hours. 

      The first time I was taken in early. The next time they had had emergencies and although I had to be there for 8am they did not do it until 5pm.

      Express interest and speak to the person doing it and he will explain what he is doing as you can see it on the screen. Then he will tell you your result so you don't sit at home worrying when the result will come.

      The consent form you have to sign has every possible worrying thing that can go wrong on it from puncturing your heart to having a heart attack or stroke but as they say Hurricanes hardly happen and the Cath Lab is the safest place in the world as they have the people and equipment for any unlikely event

      Yes, I'm AFIB. Having my aortic valve replaced four years ago caused it. My second cardioversion cured it for a year before two other medical procedures stimulated my vagus nerve and put me back into AF. I now have a pacemaker and should have an AV Node ablation that I had to put off while waiting for an MRI scan. As my pacemaker had to be turned off it was not a good idea to have it when pacemaker dependent.

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      Thank you so much Derek for taking the time to tell me all of that. I am sorry to hear you have been through so much but it sounds like you are on top of things.Thank you again! Hugs

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