Vision problem - lights look dim in the night

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I am 42 years old male. Recently dignosed for diabetes 2, and taking medicine, currently well controlled. No BP or cholestrol.

After started taking medicine (almost 2 months), i am facing some problems in my vision. No blurry vision, no night vision problem - i am better off compared with any normal person while moving from bright room to dark room when it comes to vision adaptation. But, I see all artifical lights dimmed in the night, street lights, room lights etc though no problems in reading or viewing. It is dimmed - that is the problem. Light appears to be low. I have problem in far vision - and corrected with glasses.

I also have problem in places where there is lot of sound - like malls. I have hearing problem and also I get confused in such places. No hearing problem in other places.

I went through varioius eye tests including dilated eye exam, and Optical coherence tomography (OCT) and all found to be normal. I am very much upset with my vision problem - very irritating as lights appear dim in the night. It is not a problem during day time.

I having some sort of anxiety and depression - not taking any medicines for that. It is worse when I am not eating, it makes me feeling that it could be due to low sugar (every night - close 90 mg/dl)

What would be my problem?

Eye, nurological or anxiety? I am totally having no clue.

Abnas A

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     Go to an nuero opthamologist! They are difficult to locate but go. I started like that and was told i was fine! Dimmer in one eye. Because they cant see the pallor they dont know. But one day, one horrible day i went for an exam with my usual opthamologist office and one doctor sat back and they said you optic nerve looks pale. Scary as hell they are working in a cure to regenerate the optic nerve as we speak. Anyway i saw a nuero opthamologist every four months for a year with tons of tests and photos and some veet test. I had an mri. Mri did note an issue but said eveything was working fine. Thank god. I lost peripheral vision on the inner lower area so things seemed dimmer as a result. The nuero opthamologist explained for me i had some virus that did this. His guess. But ik diabtetics, and ms people are prone. Optic nueritis is common as well. Colors are off. Dim in one eye can be from peripheral vision loss. A dome you put your head in and press a switch for when you see little lights. This will tell you. Go every six months to an opthamologist or a nuero opthamologist. Take b12 sub lingually daily. You need it and ask dr. About suppliments for the eyes. This is the scariest thing that i have and all i do is thank god every day when i wake and can see.almost threw me over the edge when i was diagnosed. Went into a six week panic attack crisis .Being honest. It all began that one day when i saw dimmer then the other eye and original tests were fine for about two years until it showed itself. Except my glasses were not working as well so id go back.I only saw an opthamologist because i never knew about a nuero opthamologist.they sent me as soon as they saw the optic nerve pallor. I wish i knew when my vision first went dimmer..Maybe that would have been a better idea, ill never know, you need a mri with and without dye. Do not use any anti anxiety or depressive meds because they effect the eyes. They dont talk much abt that but if you have any issues steer clear. You probably wont listen, and think your exam was enough but if i could turn back time i would run to a nuero opthamologist as fast i could.eyes do not grow back (yet) My opthamologist now examines me every six months for the rest of my life. The minute they have a way to regenrate the optic nerve i will go for that as well.  Lastly, pay attention to colors and shading and any discomfort when moving eyes. Keep your diabeties in check and keep your blood pressure in check. Your anxiety could be from sugar levels so see a nutritionist to get a good grip on that. Keep yourself physically healthy as possible. Please listen and reread what i wrote. This is not from an anxiety attack i dont care what anyone write on here that they get that from their nerves it not the same thing!  it needs to be watched. I know weird vision stuff happens with anxiety but this dim thing does not resolve no matter how calm you get. Im not trying to panic you, but  this is serious thing to pay attention too. 
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      thank you for your response. i have no issues in perpheral vision, night vision for tht matter (adaptation), reading using glasses etc. Only problem is during night - all artificial lights appear having poor light. Still I can read, see......but they appear not bright enough. Dry eye could be a problem, one doc said. Another says it could be due to fluctuation of blood sugar. I took my son along with me the other day when i went out walking thrugh the street.....i explained to him everything and he also sees everything (reading, recognizing the faces of people etc) exactly like I do - not more than that. But, when I look at street light or tube lights in the room they appear not bright enough. This is not so evident in the morning, big problem in the night. Also, when i go to places where there are a lot of sound, i get confused, having problem in hearing, having problem in understanding .....getting totally confused, getting panic also. My blood sugar drops to significantly low in the evening.......trying to change medication now. It all happened two months after taking diabetic medicine.
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      Since it all happened since the medication for diabetes hoprfully they can easily remedy that over time. More then sure  sugar levels effect everything somehow, sorry sbout the sound thing hopefully that will resolve when they regulate you. One of my closest friends is diabetic and sometimes it flucuates and you feel real odd from what he described but then it regulates and you feel fine.  Feel better and how it all gets resolved shortly.
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      i tried all combinations. Diabetic medicines bring down sugar to a low level - say below 100 mg/dl. I was initially thinking that it was due to that. i was having a lot of panic attacks and anxiety. not sure is panic attacks happening due to low sugar, accompanied by confusion, fear etc. kind of brain fog, i have no hearing impairement, i have tested, but I am having the hearing problem in the noisy environment. Psychiatrist told me that all due to stress and anxiety, and wants to take medicine..........hope things will become better soon.
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