visual snow and tinnitus

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I've been seeing really really tiny dots (?) not really sure how to explain it but its like there are millions of them everywhere and you cant really identify just one dot. It's white when i see black or when it's dark and it's a dark colour when i see white (like white walls, or other light coloured objects). I've done some searching and I think I do have visual snow, and it's really depressing for me because I've already experienced the horrors of tinnitus and now I'll have to go through visual snow too? I'm a very cautious person and I tend to worry too much when it comes to anything really and having these kind of health problems is really taking its toll on me. I never feel like eating and all i really want to do is curl up in bed and cry. What if one day I end up blind and deaf? There are no treatments or cures for these conditons and little knowledge on what even caused it in the first place. I'm only 13 years old and I feel like my whole life is going to be such a drag because I can't even read things properly without getting so mad at myself for not being able to concentrate on the words (my vision makes it hard for me to do so). I have tried searching things up about visual snow but I've only found that I only get more scared as I read these things. No known cause, no treatment, NO CURE, nothing. I feel like nothing has a solid answer (its always maybe its that, maybe its not) and I'm just going to end up killing myself in the near future because even though i can't notice the ringing or the millions of dots most of the time during the day, i can still hear it everytime I lay down in bed and that really scares me. I'm always okay and then not okay. I don't know if I'll ever "get used" to these things or if I'll ever be mentally stable because it doesn't seem that way right now. However, I am quite lucky for my condition to not be as serious as many other sufferers and I am very, very thankful for that. But I don't know if being grateful is ever going to be enough. 

Can anyone please help me or give me some advice?I really don't want to die because I love my family and my friends but I feel like one day I will kill myself because somedays I just get so tired of the constant non-stop ringing in my ears and the dots that i see everywhere, all the time (even when I close my eyes). It's just really scary and I really would appreciate some advice or news on researchers working on finding the treatment or atleast some interest in trying to understand these conditions.

Thank you to those who took the time to read this and please do answer if you have absolutely anything you know about visual snow or tinnitus. 

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    Hello Christine,

    I'm sorry that you are getting so worried over things that  might never happen. Have you spoken to your dr about how you feel, and you could ask him or her to refer you to an eye clinic so that you can be seen by a specialist, 

    At 13 you should be enjoying your life and not have so much to worry about, I really hope you receive the help you are looking for, Good luck.

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      Hi jane97743,

      I've been to the doctors about twice now to check my ears and I believe I haven't really explained how I felt about this because I was prescribed ear drops after that which made the ringing even louder (he said it was from the flu I caught and it'll go away soon but it's been 2-3 months since). The second time I went (to a different doctor), they said it was because there was some fluid in my ear and I needed to take nose sprays every night for a month. It's been about a month since that and I'm still taking the nose sprays in hopes it'll go away. It is a lot better now, so I suspect it being the fluid and something else. However, I do have an ear test booked on this tuesday so I hope everything goes well and they find what's wrong with my ears smile

      Thank you for taking the time out to reply to me and I really do appreciate the support!! 

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      I would go to A and E.

      Perhaps one of your parents could write a brief note to explain that they ae feeling too unwelll to go with you. Perhaps you could ask the hospital to phone your mum or dad to explain things. In any event the hospital or a dr should see u anyway with the signs and symptoms you are presenting with.

      The hospital will have to take you seriously sometimes those around us find it difficult because they are too worried to see the situation as it really is or lack the knowledge etc.

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      We are all there for each other on this forum which is why it is so nice to read the different problems people have and hopefully try to help, at least you know you are not alone, i hope you feel better soon, let us know how it goes,
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    Hi friend,

    I am also suffering from eye problem and also in depression, but I believe to God, please my dear friend believe on GOD and doctors. Please consult with your doctors, they will really help you, doctors are second God on the earth.

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      Thank you for replying to me rishabh 89680!

      I'm having an ear test on tuesday, so hopefully they will be able to help me. I also hope you are able to recover from your eye problem and depression!! 

      Thank you again for the advice : )) It has really helped lift my mood. 


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      I have already written to you but did not realise that you are having a Hearing test on Tuesday. Are u also seeing a specialist after the hearing test/ I mean straight after?

      ?You really do need to see a dr today with the signs and symptoms that you are presenting with. An a and E dr can quickly examine your ears and also have  quick look at your eyes. You cuuld even go to an eye hospital as well. It does not matter if you do you are well within your rights to do so.

      I am concerned that your parents are unwell.

      ?Do u have ny further details? You are 13 and if u take ourself off to a dr or to A and E then explain that your parents have flu or whatever it is they are suffering from. No hospital welcomes anyone who has an infcetion that is treatable at home. I am referring to the flu not to ear infections which is something very different.

      ?Sometimes teenagers feel unhappy and that their parents don't understand them. SOmetimes teenages especially girls feel really sad and envy their friends parents!!



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      Hello delirious, 

      I have asked to go to an optometrist but I'm not quite sure if I am going to see one as my parents have not yet told me if I am. I will ask again though. Tomorrow I'm going to the hospital for my ear test, however I'm not sure if I'm seeing a specialist or not (??). 

      Also, Thank you so much for your great advice, I will try to take myself to a hospital if possible. You have really helped me in having more hope to help my situation. 


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      Thanks for letting us know.

      It is your body, your health so therefore you should have a say in what is happening.

      You are worried and have every right to be so. Th only person who s qualified to exqmine you to ssess you and to provide ongoing medical care and tatment and to monitor your progress is a doctor.

      I think you should take the letter to the hospital or the clinic where you are attnding tomorrow for your hearing test and sho th person whois eoing this test and ask if he or she can give the doctor a copy of that letter.

      In fact Christine I would do several copies of it. Take a couple with you. Jeep some at home for future use.

      WILL your parents allow you to do that , I mean take copies.

      You do not tell us much about your home situation so it can be difficukt to advise you.

      However you do have a riight to medical care, to a good quality of life. It says so in the Childrens Human Rigts Act.

      You can still respect patrents etc whilst taking responsibility for your own health and happiness.

      Please keep us all updated.

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    Hi Christine

    did you talk to family members or close freinds about your worries. Sometimes we are too upset to think clearly when we have a complaint or illness of any kind but by chatting to someone close to us they can steer us in the right direction. Maybe a trip to your gp an get him/her to refer you to an Eye and Ear hospital? I worry a lot myself so I sympathise with you and worrying only adds to our pain. Try get some help and keep in touch on the forum, people are very helpful here.

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      Hello Tripadvisor,

      I have talked to my mum about the tinnitus and have vaguely brought up the things I'm seeing with my dad. My dad suggested for me to see an optometrist but I think my mum is too stressed right now to bring me there.  

      Thank you for replying to me and I will definitely keep in touch with this forum!! 

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    Dear Christine 12580

    i used to be a nurse at a University and advise students and academic staff.

    I am also a mother.

    It is horrible being a teenager at times.  Very difficult time of life.Mixed emotions, hormones kicking in and trying to sort themselves out!!

    ​You wrote a very eloquent letter to us all.

    May I suggest that you print it off and send it or take it to a dr.

    Discuss everything with your dr.

    Let him or her talk through the issues that you have mentioned.

    You could go and see an eye specialist/neurologist  and take the same letter with you or even post it in advance of an appointment. 


    You can just call in at your local Accident and emergency department or the eye casualty of an eye hospital to see a  dr .

    I am not a dr BUT it could be that you are startng with migraines due to changes in your hormones etc.

    You could just be having a migraine. As unpleasant as migraines are I am reassured that they are not life threatening. However you should neither ignore these signs and symptoms or read too much into them. You really do need to consult a doctor to find out what is going on.

    Please promise me to do this.

    You take care and try not to worry.

    ​Have you got someone at home to talk to? If not you have us. However u still need to see  a dr. If the dr will not see you without an adult then ask a teacher to go with you or a friends parent. ou must not ignore these signs and symptoms.  Please klet us.the parent of a friend. /me know how you get on.

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      Hi delirious,

      Thank you so much for taking the time out to reply to me. You gave me really good advice and I now feel like I can do something that could help my situation out. The only problem there is asking my parents to go to see a doctor again because i think they are too stressed right now to do so. However, I will try when it's a better time for my family. 

      As of right now, I don't really have anyone to talk to. Thank you again for your support delirious and I will definitely let you know what happens. 

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      You are welcome. I still think that you need to see a dr with or without an adult with you. I think the dr will see u if you explain that your parents are not too well at the moment. Perhaps they have flu or wsomething?

      You really do need to tell a dr how you are feeling and discuss your signs and symptoms. Try taking or sending the letter.

      ​Once you see the dr you will know what is going on and other things will fall into place. It must be difficult to study feeling as you are?

      Please get back to us we are here for you.


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