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Has any one on here had side effects from B12 tablets if so what were they, I am 71 have widespread osteoarthritis and IBS amongst other problems . I was diagnosed with mild Fibromyalgia in June. I do not have to see the rheumatolgist again. I am on no medication for Fibro but the consultant has suggested Amitriptyline, Duloxetine or Pregabalin if symptoms worsen. I am loathe to take these types of tablets hearing what others have said about side effects. Also I have glaucoma and I know Amitriptyline can raise pressure.I have been told by eye hospital that steroids and amitriptyline and best avoided unless absolutely necessary. I just take paracetamol and occasional ibrprofen gel not really supposed to use the gel . My main problems at the moment are shoulder and neck pain and headaches. I do have neck arthritis which may be the cause and also as it is the allergy season and I have allergic rhintis this might be the cause of the headaches. So hard to know what is causing what and how to treat, but pain is pain regardless of the cause. Does Fibro cause neck and shoulder pain as well and also headaches. Once again have always been a headache sufferers tension and migraines but don't get migraines very often these days. Sorry I have gone off my original question about B12 so to sum up anyone had B12 side effects and could other symptoms I have mentioned be Fibromylgia. Also your experiences of the 3 drugs I have listed. Many thanks.

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    Good Morning - I have taken B-12 tablets for the past 5 years or more. Originally suggested by my doctor for tinnitus. I have no side effects which is unusual because I'm very sensitive to most things. I take 1000 mcgs daily at breakfast. Initially, it helped considerably, but my tinnitus still is chronic, annoying and life altering.

    I am not sure if my tinnitus is part of the fibromyalgia that I have suffered with since 1987. Early on, they tried numerous anti depressants to help me but I could not tolerate any of them. Much baggage, from dry mouth, anxiety, insomnia, etc, etc, etc, not to mention IBS issues as you mentioned.

    Presently, the only med I take is Xanax. I only take 0.5 daily because it's very easily to get dependent on this family of controlled med. Does fibro cause neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches, you ask? DEFINITELY!!!!!!!!! Fibromyalgia mimics and mocks heart problems, neurological problems, digestive problems and everything under the scope of a medical problem. It interferes with sleep and cognitive issues. It's a demon. I, too, suffer with migraines and occular pressure. I do not have glaucoma yet but I'm constantly being tested because of occular pressure running on the high side. I refuse to take steroids for any of my symptoms.

    Maybe one day they'll figure the cause of fibromyalgia and tinnitus. At least there's been some new discovery with fibromyalgia. Tinnitus is an unknown phenomonon it appears and most ENT's tell you to live with it. You haven't mentioned Tinnitus or Menieres so I'm glad for you that with everything you have going on, you're not dealing with that.

    My suggestion is to keep active and do what's best for you. Exercise is the best key for fibromyalgia, good eating habits and weight control along with a sensible life style. We are the same age and I have dealt with this nightmare since I was diagnosed at 37 years old. I wish you the best of luck and again, do what's best for you. No two bodies are alike.

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      Thank you for your reply glenno6752. I am still not sure if it is the B12 causing headaches but I am beginning to doubt it, I only have to take them for 3 months and then just a good multivitamin tablet. I have never had trouble with B12 before although I did have an aunt who had to have B12 injections. Apparently I was low last year as well but no one picked it up. According to the rheumatologist I am only slightly low but since they use different ranges in different part of the country I am not sure. Where I live now they have a lower starting range than where I live before. I have read that those taking PPI's and H2 blockers are low because these tablets block the absorption of B12. I am on Ranitidine as I was diagnosed with mild gastritis last year. Thinking about it I might try and come off them. Funny isn't it you take something for one thing then have to take another tablet for the side effect in this case low B12.

      You mention Tinnitus I do sometimes get some buzzing in the ears. Not that often and mostly when I go to bed and lie down. I do have rhinitis so may be part of that.

      Like you I don't want to go near steroids not with glaucoma. I have since looked in detail at the 3 medications I mentioned and they seem to have endless side effects and some of reviews are not good. So for the mean time it's no to them.

      I am sure you are right exercise is the key. Hard with pain may be just because I am older but plenty my age are very fit and active. I have trouble just doing the housework but plod on. I wish you all the best for the future.

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    yes i know afew people who have fibrmyalgia and there body can,t hold vitamin 12B,ao he has to have injections from the gp and that bumps the vitamin B12,you can get vitamin b12 FORM THE CHEMISTi think it is called cycton but i don,t know if they still do it,has from the other meds yes i have been on Amitriptyline liquid and the tablets

    i was fine on the liquid that was to take in the morningbut i was taken off the liquid,so they put me on the tablets and just only taken 2 tabletsand i was allergic my mouth and lips were swelling up and turning blue so i drank 6 x 250ml glassess of water to stop the back of the throat closing.then they put me on gabapentine which is like pregabalin,but once again i was very allergic same has before lips and moutn swelling up and joints, then i became suicidal over the weekend,then they put me on lycreal that was the same

    as the gabapentine then they put me on the last 2 which was duloxetine that gave mevery bad suicidal thoughts and the last drug was noritadine my lips and tougue

    were swelling up,I said to my 2 gpsand my cousellor i am not trying any more

    meds which is fluoxatine and it suits me fine, so for the depression/anxiety and my

    muscles i use fluoxatine,then for my clonus i use diazsepam 8mg and for the

    fibromyalgia i use co-codamol 30/500mg ,also voltarol gel , and pain patches

    called butec 20mcg and 10mcg for the burning i use these white wipes

    which are very soft,just put them under the cold water tap ring them out

    and they stay wet all night,and they get rid of the burning.judith from


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      Thank you for your reply Judith 86633 . As I mentioned to another poster I ony have to take the B12 for 3 months then a good multi vitamin tablet.

      Sorry you have had such a bad time with meditation. I looked at the side effects of which there are a lot and the bad reviews so will say no to them at least for the moment especially as I have suffered from anxiety over the years. My gp is back in a week and I am going to book an appointment about the neck shoulder and headaches and see if I can at least get fresh xrays (last done about 7 years ago when the neck OA was quite mild). Whether the problems I am having are OA fibro or a mix I don't know. You mention burning I get a burning pain in my shoulder when I go to bed I sleep on my side but if I turn slightly too far that is when the burning starts so thanks for info about the wet white wipes. Judith I wish you well for the future and thanks you for taking the trouble to reply to me.

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    my name is judith i thing i sent you a message about the 3 drugs and there side affects.

    i was allergic to all but 2 amitriptyline liquid and fluoxatine liquid all the others a had

    abig i thing they are down to the last one,so i saw my gp and he agreed with me to stay has i am on which are fluoxatine liq for depression blood pressure tabs,water tabs, propranolol,losec, and diazepam x 2 and then another 2 before going to bed and mt inhaler,i have seen so many consultants specailists gp,this is been going on for on and off

    for 7 years in one year i had seen 185 appointments in 2017,judith

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