Vitamin B6 benefits during Peri & Menopause ..

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useful info for new ladies...  this helped me no end ..

i take 150mg B6 daily in the morning..  also B12 for energy... brilliant 

Menopause Mood Swings & Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 may alleviate menopausal mood swings.

During menopause, mood swings are inevitable with estrogen fluctuations as the body ends its reproductive years.

Vitamin B6 may be one answer to alleviating increased agitation, depression and anger. B vitamins are responsible for mood stabilization by controlling hormone production in the brain and regulating hormone levels. B6 declines as menopause sets in and mood swings become evident. Increasing this vitamin may give women the added boost they need to enjoy the golden years with a better mindset.

For women who suffer with brain fog, and memory issues in perimenopause, low levels of B6 could be part of the problem.

Depression, confusion, and an inability to concentrate are all associated with B6 deficiency. Vertigo, dizziness, and heart palpitations are also common complaints from women going through perimenopause.

All of these symptoms have been associated with (among other things) a B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B6 can also help with stubborn weight gain in perimenopause. It is key in the breakdown and utilization of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in our diet, and is necessary for a healthy metabolism - both which can help manage weight.

**** B6 supplements of 100mg to 300mg per day ... depending on severity

B6 may also assist HRT absortion if ladies are taking HRT.

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    Thanks there, I have had two horrendous years of peri menopause, I was so determined to just cope that I am now on hrt patches and I feel so well, I feel like I've found myself again, I am 49 and lost my mother last November which didn't help so I will see how this goes, I don't like medication but it is amazing how different I feel
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      Hi Louise

      glad to hear they are helping you, you had alot to deal with hun. sorry about your Mum.. bless you..

      what patches are you on... ?   i bet lots of ladies plus me 😀 would like to know which are helping you... 

      Jay xx


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    Hi there I am on the evorel conte, I was determined not to take anything especially the tablet made from pregnant mares urine, so I decided to try the patch and all I can say is that it really works for me, and I hate artificial medication, but I couldn't stand it anymore, I just felt like I had lost myself, I was feeling like an old woman,  it's obviously the lack of oestrogen, that was making me feel awful but even my concentration is better, the anxiety attacks have gone and so have the constipation problems, it's like someon has turned my body back on, I don't know how long I can take these for, as I know there are risks with everything but at least it helps for now, good luck
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      Hi Louise

      Thanks for sharing the type, if you suits you for now then its all good isnt it, its nice to here it suits someone for a change ... And that it works for you and you feel much better, long may it last..

      Jay xx

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    Anyone here juice with greens? I have found it works wonders. It is hard to get as much B12 into our bodies as we actually need. B12 does not absorb like other vits and without enough of our B vits our energy levels suffer. 

    I have an actual juicer, not the type that saves the pulp. One of my favorite recipes is 2 cups spinach, 2 cups fresh (or fozen & thawed) kale, 1/2 lemon w/o rind, 1/2 a large cucumber w/skin, 2 whole apples, and a small portion of fresh gingr root. This makes a good size portion of juice. You can adjust the recipe, it is wonderful for energy!!

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      hi AVR

      no i dont juice greens, i couldnt drink it ... i would struggle..

      i now have B12 injections every two weeks, i feel my energy dropping after 10 days and then have Optovite injection and it picks me right back up..

      B12 chewable methyl jarrows 5000mcg are the best red label if injections are not an option

      vit K2 is a vit of greeny leaf ...... and good for bones too..


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      I too pump up my intake of B6 & iron though green leafy veg (spinach, kale) as well as some added calcium (almond milk, probiotic yogurt), vit C (OJ, fruit), Polyphenols (dark berries), Flax & Quinoa

      I use a smoothie maker and swear by them for boosting my energy!

      I do also take vitamin supplements.

      Jayneejay- thank you for all this info you are sharing. Can you please reference your research ?

      All the best.

      It's going to be an interesting ride!

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      Forgot to add potassium! (bananas)

      and supplements

      This does wonders for migraines & muscle aches.

      I have suffered from chronic migraines for a decade (previous to peri menopause) and was told about taking potassium 2X daily. I added it to my routine ... forgot about it (and the migraines), until I ran out. I immediately got a migraine! i always have back up now ; )

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    Thanks for you help last week im sure i am actually starting to feel better. in fact i had my best nights sleep in ages last night! smile




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      Hi Mrs D

      nice one... so pleased thats what i like to hear 😀

      Jay xx

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    I did try B6 on Christmas EVE had a severe panic attack my legs and whole body was shaking my heart rate was high around 120 as I was calming down I don't know what it was before the ambulance came maybe higher because I felt like I was dying with this panic attack i ran up to someone who lives in the building next door to ours shaking don't want that again my boyfriend thinks it could have been a sizure because my blood pressure was up a little and my heart rate was high 
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      Oh sorry to hear that, maybe you took a B6 and thought it was the B6 vitamin as thats the day you took it only, maybe your panic attack was related to something else .

      Hope you have seen a doctor

      Wish you well


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      I AM going to see my OBGYN doctor next week to see if it is perimenopause and see what he thinks I should do I was starting to get restless so I had to get up
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      Hi Susan,  You wrote this a while ago, but I wanted to say that B6 can cause hyperthyroid episodes if you take too much after being deficient for a while.   It sounds like that is what happened to you.  

      To be safe, anyone trying B6 for the first time should start with a low dose, like 25mg and slowly build up over a couple weeks.  

      I've developed a pretty severe B6 deficiency.  Unfortunately, I thought my symptoms were caused by B6 toxicity and not deficiency because the symptoms are similar for both.  I made things worse by avoiding B6 for a few months.  Then when I started taking B6 again, I had to go slowly.  I felt better right away, but I also had a lot of weird symptoms like zapping in my toes and fingers, and itchy skin, for the first two months.    I was worried, but I kep taking the B6, slowly taking more and now I take about 200mg a day and the zapping and tingling is much improved and I am feeling much much better.  Even a lump I had mammogrammed the past three years has dissappeared, and I am sure it's the B6.

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    Omg I am definitely getting some of that, thank you so much Jay😄 xx


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      I would read up before taking b6 because with some people it cause the shakes and anxious feelings some people can't take b6 because of that and i might be one of them. Becareful and make sure it does not counter react with your meds
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      excessive amounts of B6 may cause trembles.. Yes..

      but it is also very beneficial for menopause aswell..

      i get on very well with it, and my doctor even prescribed it ten years ago for such peri menopause symptoms..

      it has to be taken mornings and every day to get the benefits, like all vits and  supplements  they dont suit everyone. 

      b6 in my experience took about two weeks to take effect and made me feel alot better .. I had a ten year peri natural peri menopause and done alot of research for 12 years on supplements etc.. Tried and teated many along the way, for adequate periods of time and given them chance to work or not work ... As the case may be l.

      Its finding what works for each individual, you personally ...

      excessive amounts of B6 may cause trembles.  ( Excessive ) 

       But also peri menopause causes shakes / trembles too so its down to knowing the differences..

      also trembles via excessive B6 intake stops when you stop taking it.

      where as peri trembles can go on for may years 


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      Is there a lower vitamin b6 that I can take because the one I took was 100mg it was from the product called 21st century. If they have a lower dose like 25mg instead of 100 mg I will take it because maybe the 100mg was way to high for me. Just let me know thank you 
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      Hi susan 

      ask at your local stores... They have different things and strengths etc i would imagine ..

      i take 150mg B6 daily and they have improved my anxiety, aches, state of mind everything.. Only felt better in it ..

      ( also given to me by a doctor years ago) so not harmful for peri menopause unless your allergic to it or taking medicines that may interfere with it.

      i do not live in Uk ( so dont know whats available there for you ) 

      how long did you take your B6 for ... 

      maybe your shaky feeling was peri symptoms not the B6 or its just not for you..

      Dont really have any answers sorry 

      wish you luck 


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      Hi Sue,

      In 2013 when I was going through very bad anxiety blips I went to see a private doctor to have a chat with him with what I was experiencing and the one thing he did say that was most important to take was the MIN of 100mg of B6 as women going through peri/menopause truly need this.

      Thankfully was taking Busy B's which contain min of 100mg and also has Vit C a long with B12 500mcg. 

      I am still taking this and some times do take additonal (100mg) of B6 (totaling upto 200mg) and have been fine.

      I do understand what you are saying that every one is different but I would certainly wouldnt go without taking them.

      The other thing that I have found that has helped is the Night time Magnesium spray but also use this in the mornings aswell. 

      My husband has said that I have been so much happier since last year and 2014 was certainly better for me.  Still get the odd bad day but not like i did in 2012/2013.

      Like Jay says give it a good few months or so to give it time to kick in and I truly believe you will feel the benifits.

      Massive hugs my lovely and as always everything is trial and error and thats what so good being on this forum as we all bounce off ideas to each other.



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      Thank you for your in put I will talk to my doctor and see what he says
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      Hi jayneejay i am on menopace I daily and Oestrogel do I still need B6 and B 12

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