Vitamin D deficiency and supplement anxiety

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I got blood tests in January as I'd been feeling very faituged, depressed, generally unwell and suffered from quite bad hair loss for most of 2015. My vitamin D came back as 27 so got put on 20,000iu a week and then 1,500 of vit d3 twice daily for 4 weeks afterwards. I have one large dose left until I start the twice daily routine.

I'm still noticing a huge amount of hair loss and feeling fatigued a lot of the time. I started taking b12 a few weeks ago (I'm vegetarian so thought it might help with energy levels - also had a bad turn in Dec and got given high dose b12 from a pharmacy in Spain and it helped massively) and that made a noticable difference but the feeling unwell is still affecting my daily life. I've been very skinny my entire life (along with my sister and mum) but in the last year I've gained 9kg which is incredibly unusual for me and has resulted in painful unsightly stretch marks that are in turn affecting the depression. When I have bad boughts of fatigue I tend to eat more because I literally have zero energy and my body craves any fuel it can get from food. But it feels as though I'm potientally not getting the correct vitamins/minerals/something that my body needs to keep going.

The doctors have twice refused to test for b12 as it's not routine so I'm not sure whether I need to take more supplements (currently having 1,200 a day). The blood tests in Jan also tested for thyroid, iron, blood count (among other things) and they came back normal.

I've had emetophobia for about 12/13 years and taking pills of any sort is a huge trigger for anxiety. I have read that a magnesium deficiency is likely to cause side effects when taking vit d and asked the doctor if it'd possible to test for that as it could be a cause for feeling unwell but that was also refused.

What are the chances of reacting badly to high dose vit d supplements? Vomiting being the most feared. I've missed one weeks dose already and am putting off the next out of worry - was hoping the doctor could help put worries at bay and actually get to the bottom of what's causing the problems with some medical investigation but alas.

The twice daily dose is imminent and taking 2 tablets a day is causing some stress. I'd like to get to the bottom of what's making me feel so unwell and the doctors don't seem to be looking into it so I would appreciate any advice or ideas anyone may have. And any words of wisdom about minismising vit d supplement side effects would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading, hope it wasn't too wordy!

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    I felt no nausea at all taking high dose vitamin D and have never heard of anyone who did - so fear not. There is also absolutely no reason that you cannot open the capsules or grind the pills and put the contents in a drink or hide it in yoghurt, a dessert or a smoothie if you don't like swallowing meds - it doesn't need a protective coating like some other meds. You could take a bit of your 20k IU dose every day for a week like this if it puts your mind at rest about the possibility of nausea - it really doesn't matter, just as long as you get the 20k in every week.  

    I - and some others on this forum - have sometimes noticed that joint pain after starting D therapy can get worse before it gets better if you have severe osteomalacia (bone softening) as a result of D deficiency, but I certainly never noticed any other side effects. It might take a bit longer than three months to feel yourself again, but it will help.

    The magnesium issue is easy: simply get some magnesium 'oil' from the chemist (or I get mine from the health section of my local Tesco) and spray it onto your arms and legs at bedtime. It will be absorbed through your skin and you cannot take too much in this way. It also relaxes your muscles a bit and can help you sleep. 

    All best wishes.


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    Just looked at the numbers: Did you mean a high dose of 50 or 60k a week? Because 1,500 IU 2x per day = 21k IU per week which is higher than the high weekly dose. The high weekly dose is usually 50 to 60k. If not, it doesn't matter, it will still be doing a better job than no D!
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    Hi I know of other people still feeling tired after supplementing with vit d but you'd need to research that.

    Secondly I can't understand why they wont check b12 as deficiency is common. But a way around that is to get an online test or private lab iv had to do this recently myself. Or you can just supplement with it anyway as it's water soluble.

    There are other things that can make you tired like low iron and low potassium. Iron panel could be in range but you could still be anemic blood test ranges are very wide. Get a copy of your blood test results n check the ferritin level I'm low on iron but still come ' normal' on ranges. I had low transferritin which means not enough oxygen which I actually complained of n they thought nothing of this. If your ferritin is below 50 you could be suffering from low iron. Low iron also causes hair loss. Potassium is rare I have this one but reference ranges are varied too you wanna be at least 4 check this on your bloods too. You said you done mch mcv that stuff even if a little bit low can indicate low n12 I havnt got exact one here but low/high in them indicate b12 deficiency which I had a few yrs ago n didn't know my b12 was around 250 but that too low even though range is 189 - 900 very varying n not made for health reference ranged are outdated.

    And lastly do you get heavy periods? As they are also symptoms of a cyst. Get your hormones testestorone oestrogen etc checked as my hair started coming out in large handfuls I was extremely fatigued for months b4 it plus got bad headaches until when I though I was dying they finally discovered a cyst the size of a beach ball which was full of testestorone which made my hair fall out. It was just growing back when I came off a medication n it started to fall again coz that messed with insides it's been 3 years n it continues to fall out...I'm missing something n I Know it just complicated but iv good idea dunno if can be put back. So thinned out at back.

    Hope this helps n rings some bells.

    Let me know what it turns out to be.

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    I take my Vitamin D at night, along with Magnesium and VItamin K...and I also switched to Vitamin D in liquid form.  I also take it with food, usally at super time.  Until I started taking it with magnesium, I was getting very bad stomach aches and consitpated... which made me feel sick also.  

    Hope you are feeling better soon. 

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    I had fatigue, depression and weakness, and burning in my feet. Soon I had very bad back pain. Drs. Could not figure out what I had. I went misdiagnosed for almost four long months. During these months all my symptoms got worse. My legs were stiff and my saddle area was getting numb. They tested me for ms and came negative. I googled what mimics ms, and got to a site called b12 org. This saved my life. I got tested for b12 and even with supplementation 1000mcg a day I was 200. Which means before supplementation it could have been much lower. I got b12 injections twice a week. I got significantly better after the first injections, however Three years later I still have muscle weaknes, tingling and pain in my legs. I also had low vit D  I took it for a time, but it bothers my stomach. I eat it with food. Any vitamin deficiency has to be corrected before serious damage ocurrs. I was almost vegetarian and this is a risk factor for b12. If there is b12 deficiency it needs to be corrected as this can demylianate your spinal cord and cause irreversible psychiatric and neurological damage. If they can't test you for b12. I would take it. It is water soluble and benign. I presently take 5000mcgs every week and have an injection every six months. Hope my experience helps. 

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