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Vitamin d deficiency or something worse?


So around 8 weeks ago I woke up one day and was extremely dizzy all day. This has never happened before since then so was a bit concerning. After 3 days of dizziness I went to doctors and was told it was an inner ear infection. Anyways from that I've since had gradual tingling in the tips of my fingers, then my hand would go completely numb ( this only happened when I had been asleep) the pain in my hand was awful and I struggled to move or use it properly. As the weeks went on I started getting back ache, awful like dull shooting pains in my thighs and knees, my shoulders and neck hurt at times. I have tension heacaches, and my shins hurt also. My arms go very weak at times to. But as the weeks have gone on my symptoms come and go like my hand doesn't hurt anymore, my knees don't either. My thigh pain comes and goes, and now it's affecting my upper arms the most. My skin also goes really hot. And I also feel like my bones go cold it's a really weird feeling and it sticks around for a while. And lately I've been waking up to swollen gums, my that bleed even if touched. I'm really scared and I think the worse things constantly. My dizziness is still present but not as bad but comes and goes. I also have symptoms like itching skin, ear popping, dry eyes. But it seems to change daily it's really strange. Does anyone else experience this and could it be vitamin d Deficiency or would I not get my symptoms from know where like I did with this? I feel like I'm going insane. I'm 25 year old female, some of the women in my family have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and my pain is uncomfortable at times it was quiet paralysing. But it's not chronic. So it couldn't be that could it.

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  • Imayneedb12 Imayneedb12 jess13508

    Hi jess13508

    I had the exact same symptoms. Doctors didnt find anything wrong wirh me. I had gerd and was animic. I was also vitamin D deficient. I was never tested fof b12. I was getting worse and worse. Doctors gave up. Three neurologists tested me for spinal cord injury. Nothing. One of them mentioned it could be ms but then retracted. I googled my symptoms and found lots of information about b12 deficiency and how it helps regulate all the neurons. From temperature to mood to motor and sensations were affected by lack of b12 that was the result of taking omeprazol regularly for gerd symptoms and eating poorly and mistly vegeterisn. My b12 level was 200 after I had already had shots. I was given shots almost dayly for amonth and then 1 evey week for six months and then once a month. I now take 2500mcg a day as per my neurologist. Hope you get tested and find out what is it. Gerd ( acid reflux) also causes pain all over the body even if its silent. Get better.

    • jess13508 jess13508 Imayneedb12


      Thank you for your reply, I have even thought that it could be GERD to be honest. And a few weeks ago I was really struggling with acid reflux really randomly aswell. After every single thing I ate which never happens. Yes I keep thinking it is MS and I'm driving myself mad. I get my blood results back today, and I'm really hoping they find something just so I can stop wondering what it is. Did they ever go down the ms route with you? Like MRI? Or lumber puncture? If I have no look I will mention GERD to my doctor. ☺️

    • Imayneedb12 Imayneedb12 jess13508

      No lumber puncture. But yes several mris. Pain in my arms knees and feet chest pains, shoulder blades, elbows, anckles, neck, sternon, asthma (that i never had before), food allergies, pins and needles in my hands and feet. My tong felt swollen and my eyes felt weird. I sweat a lot and was fatigued. I found out it was my stomach. It was gerd affecting the nerve vague and causind havoc. I took a year of omeprazol and got b12 deficient and things were bad. I couldnt walk and coudnt seat without pain. I went through all testing for ms and they discarded it. They thought it was fibro but when we found out how low my b12 was i started to get better and got b12 shots. However, i still suffer from reflux and when it is bad, specially when I try to go without omeprazol or ranitidine, I get pains again. Even throat pain. It got worse when given iron and motrin. These erode your stomach. After an endoscopy they found tha I have H Pilory. Which causes gastritis, flatulence and ulcers and rarely cancer. And prevents absorption of b12. So I suplement with b12 and vD. Get tested for B12 too. The stomach is very important. Check your reflux and your b12. Good luck!!

  • hyien hyien jess13508

    hi jess13508,

    i have somewhat similar symptoms for the past 2 years.


    A week ago, I woke up with a bad bout of vertigo and was hospitalized.

    Found I was vit D deficient (9ng/ml) and put on D2 and D3 supplements.

    • jess13508 jess13508 Imayneedb12

      Did yours ever go hot. I think that's one of the blood results I'm waiting on. There still not back but this time the doctor left a note with the receptionist for me to come in for an ECG. It's all very confusing

    • Imayneedb12 Imayneedb12 jess13508

      Yes. I do remember sweating a lot. It happened to me when the b12 deficiency was bad (I think it regulates the temperature) and for some reason it happens now together with an uncontrolled stomach pain provoqued by gerd or IBS.

    • Imayneedb12 Imayneedb12 jess13508

      Yes. Everything is interconnected. Having ibs prevents u to have good vitamin absorption. Then u get anemic by not eating well. Having gerd makes everything worse. Maybe u have a big ibs flare. Ibs and gerd and vit deficiencies are interrelated. They present similar symptoms. What I do is supplenent my vitamins. I get tested for tvit and iron folate ferritine calcium and everything i can. I try to follow the fodmaps guidelines for friendly and unfriendly foods gor ibs. When i stray i go back to zero and get horrible cramps etc etc. Together with more gerd, and have to take ppis like omeprazol or other acid inhibitors like ranitidine and these medicines are slso factors for more vit deficiencies. Follow your doctors recommendations for vit d and b12 supplementation after u get your results. And see a nutriologist so that she makes a nice fodmaps ibs friendly foods.

    • jess13508 jess13508 hyien

      Hi sorry to keep bothering you, just I still have not received my blood results! So I'm panicking. With your vit d deficiency did you find your aches and pains went and came back over the days, sometimes I'm worse one day then a lot better the next and so on. Like I suffered with numbing hands and tingling and my finger was so painful I could hardly move it but now that's all gone. And asthe weeks go on some symptoms go and some appear. Is this normal for vitamin d deficiency?

  • jess13508 jess13508

    Finally got my blood results. The receptionist just said my vitamin d is low and I have to see my doctor to discuss it more. I am going tomorrow to see him. Pain in my legs and arms has been really bad today so I can't wait to see if everything will eventually get better.

  • Imayneedb12 Imayneedb12 jess13508

    Did they test b12? I also have gerd! Good luck.

  • jess13508 jess13508

    So it's been 3 weeks since I've been taking my supplements. I don't know if I'm feeling any better as my I can't feel much of a difference if I am. Tonight I'm bad again, pain in my arms and even my face and gums! Shooting pains in my head are bad today aswell. And tingling in my hands and feet have been bad. Also had an awful stomach and indegestion with bad chest pain this last week. Still not got my ct scan results back.

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