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iv Been put on vitamin D tablets by my GP.

iv been taking them for about 2 weeks and got another 6 to do before I’m tested again.

The thing is I’m getting lower tummy pains and trapped wind. But I’m not constipated but I don’t go has much has I use to.

could it be the vitamin D tablets causing it.

i May add that I’m just getting over face shingles and Iv been on a lot of medication for that, 

stopped all medication about 10 days ago, 

just wondered if it was one or the other causing the tummy pains.

had a total hysterectomy years ago so I no it’s nothing to do with those bits

thanks in advance 

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    They say that vitamin D3 can help the shingles symptoms be lesser!  About the tummy pains I believe it can be all the meds one takes for the shingles!  It’s been six weeks since my shingles appeared on my scalp and just two days ago I had to go to the ER for pain and itchy scalp.

    They gave me to shots of tramadol and decadron which helped me a lot.

    How is the pain and itch on your face?  Did you take the anti viral meds within the 72 hours of getting shingles?

    Hope you are better soon!


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      Hi Myrna.

      thank you for replying.

      i started on the Friday with a face rash went to A&E and he said it was gingivitis sent me home with antibiotics. Saturday I felt worse I got to see my GP on the Monday eve and put me on antivirals he knew straight away what it was. 

      So don’t really know if I got it in time, but I had to have two lots of them.

      i finished all tablets 10 days ago, and was put on vitamin D 10 days ago.

      my face is still numb but itchy I’m getting a bit of feeling back in my gums and teeth. I’m shattered all the time too. 

      Feeling fed up. 

      Was yours all in your scalp. Did you manage to get the antivirals within the 72 hours. Have you had any tummy issues. 

      Just want to feel well again, think we have both forgotten what it’s like.


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      Julie I started the anti vitals within the 72 hours 

      It was all on my scalp and the pain was horrible 

      I felt my head so heavy and with a burning sensation that I was going nuts 

      I have taken so many meds my stomach is upside down 

      I just want to be me again

      I am a writer and can’t even open my laptop!  The doc said some nerves can be damaged and it takes a long time for the inflammation to heal!  Let’s see what happens!  Keep in touch ok!  Hope you get better too❤️

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    Vitamin D tablets can cause nausea, vomiting, and constipation. I find the tablets that are "yellow gel like" easier to tolerate than the white solid tablets. It may be the other constituents in the tablets that are causing the issue. Is it gas pain, ie sharp stabbing colicky pain?

    Best Wishes

    Merry Juliana

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      Hi Merry

      thank you for the reply.

      yesturday morning it was like a colicky pain and it nearly made me pass out, cold sweat I had to go lay down. But I’m not constipated, 

      today it just feels like it’s raw like someone has scrapped my insides with a knife.

      my tablets are green and I do have problems with tablets that suit me. I’m on sertraline for anxiety and my gp makes sure I get the same manufacture or I’m ill.

      I have a telephone consultation on Friday with my Gp. 

      Iv been on a lot of medication with the shingles thing but all that stopped 10 days ago. Do you think it could be that, my body trying to kick it all out. 

      I am a worrier,  a year ago I had a lot of health issues and I couldn’t cope so I asked to go on a low dose of antidepressants to give my mind and body a rest. I was doing fine until I got shingles. 

      Kind regards 

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    Vitamin d is good for you. Get the liquid


    its the dropper ...much better than pills.

    yes I have had face PHN for six years....

    and I now insist on putting my affairs in order 

    I can’t take it much longer

    and I don’t care who understands or not, when a cancer person wants to die everyone is sympathetic, but not us, because no one understand The pain we are in.


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      I do understand because once the nerves are damaged we suffer those consequences.  No one really will get is cause not everyone knows the aftermath of shingles.  Every individual is different also and affects of shingles vary with the conditions a person may have!

      I am learning to live with pain being I will not take more meds that really don’t help but just upsets my system!

      Thanks for replying and hope you do feel better in time!

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    i get into black moods.

    i am better today.

    i am always careful not to be too hopeful about being the same as before PHN.

    when I have an episode I am ready to call it quits.

    but I am good today.

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      Hi Lisa. 

      Pleased you’ve had a good day. 

      Iv been a bit stressed today and Iv been scratching at my face all day.

      feeling nauseous but think that I’d due to the vitamin D I’m taking.

      feel I carnt win at the moment.

      keep you chin up, hopefully things will get better for us 


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      How long do you have this. Do you have PHN. I hope not. 

      My life has been ruined . 

      if You have scalp PHN, you can see why I cannot go swimming, what I truly love.

      can you imagine one iota of chlorine getting near my face, like acid.

      also can’t wear a cap.

      try not to scratch. It will make it work. Use ice pack. Get some opoidd.most of us will not become addicted. The pain is so intense we need a strong narcotic to get through hell.

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      Lisa I have had these shingles of hell for 7 weeks now!  When the pain is too intense I go to the ER

      The itching has subsided a bit but the pain is terrible in days!  I but the aloe and it helps a bit

      I can’t comb my hair!    I am a writer so that is what I do to try to take things out of my mind!

      Hope you do feel better!

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      Yeah I know exactly what is happening

      its beyond misery

      i suggest a top neurologist

      also medical mari

      will help or Mari period

      get ad much pain meds as possible

      i don’t want to tell you what you’re in for if you have PHN, I pray you don’t .

      keep in touch.

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      It’s Tuesday and I got up with a pain on my head which feels like they hit me with a bat!  I can’t eveb comb my hair it hurts!  I will go to the specialist sometime next week!  I hate to take pills!  My stomach is funny and I feel like I ate a ton of food when actually I am on a diet!

      Let me know how you work your pain ok


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      So sorry you have the scourge ,,,,,,I know how much you are suffering, I hsve hsd it for six. F years. Not supposed to curse here.

      im a writer too, it is so hard to think of nothing except the terrible pain.

      it is hard to give advice.  Certainly meditation and soothing music, if you can write about it.

      i started writing an op ed about the miserable attorney general but never finished. Yes the opoidd will give you constipation terribly so then use a natural laxative like Swiss Kris’s Louis Armstrong promoted it. Again and I stress to get Mary. What state are you in if US. You can get is just so F expensive, that is the biggest problem.

      write to me any time you need to .


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      Now living in the Caribbean from NYC!  I came here for relaxation and my writing!  Lived in NYC all my life and after I graduated from  NYU came here 

      It’s lovely cause I bought a house near the beach so I do get relaxed but these shingles have turned everything around!  Hope you feel better

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