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my son has had vomiting and diarea for over a year. never knows when it will come. He has had all kinds of tests (thru the VA)...taking meds for both, bu just doesent seem to stop it, will wake up out of sllep with gagging, vomiting....He has a hiatal hernia, change his diet,,,nothing seems to work,,,,any ideas?

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    Has he had a stool test for h pylori? Has he been tested for gastritis?
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     I am sorry you are both going through this I know it is frustrating.  Start by writing down everything he eats and drinks and how much.   Maybe he has some type of food allergy the symptons vary by person.  Why are they giving him meds if they don't know what's going on?  I would also have him tested for cdiff and yeast and parasites.  You mentioned he has a hiatal hernia, are they giving him meds for acid reflux or GERD?  Sometimes the hernia is so bad that you do have vomiting, I would definitely discuss dr.  I pray you find answers soon.  Journey on to wellness.


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    Liver enzyme test.  MRI. Ginger tea for nausea.  Peppermint, Chamomile tea also for stomach upset.  He may have IBS-D.  Check with GI doctor. New medication called Xifaxan targets bacteria in the small intestine.  It is new and expensive.  There are no generics.  I just started on this so I don't know if it will work.  Take probiotics one in the morning and one in the evening.  I've been taking Pepto Bismol as well and that helps a lot with the diarrhea, gas, and nausea.  Hope he feels better real soon.

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      Hi, Do you happen to know if it's okay to take Pepto Bismol while taking a PPI for acid reflux/ gerd?

      I currently take 40 mg of Pantrapazole per day but I still suffer from horrible nausea almost every day. I know PPI's are an acid reducer but I'm always worried about medication interactions. I'm at my wits end with the nausea which in turn keeps me from eating much each day and have lost a lot of weight. Do you think it's ok to take the Pepto and do you think it will bring much relief from the nausea?

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      You have partially answered your question already by being concerned about med interactions, rightfully so.

      There are 3 big groups of anti acids and need to know a bit, how they work. Also people react differently to each product even within same group (e.g. 40mg Pantoprazole was by far not as effective as 20mg Esomeprazole for us, which should be the equivalent dose, btw both maintenance doses, not the highest, and still worked better for us. Changed to H2 blockers now and just trial how it goes),


      hence often swapping and trials are needed to find correct product and dosage for an individual re stomach ulcer/GERD treatment.

      But there are interactions due to their mechanism and I would like to point them out here without precise chemical reaction (which is known btw).

      1) Antacids (like Pepto Bismol, Mylanta...) act very quickly (talking one minute) since they neutralise existing stomach acid only,

      but there is a possibility of rebound acidity (compensatory mechanism to increase acid production as body notices the acid drop/ph drop), not all develop that, but can. It's just a matter of observation.

      2) H2 blockers (like Rantidine, Nizatidine....) are quick acting via partial acid secretion blockage (talking one hour) than compared to Proton pump inhibitors (PPI), but wear off quicker than PPI. 

      3) PPI (Omeprazole, Pantoprazole....) are the best drug re acid lowering, since they work at proton pump directly to limit acid secretion. But it takes days to show effect (some say 2days, some 5 days).

      But PPI need a sour PH under 4.5 to be converted into its active metabolite, so if the stomach environment was not sour when taken, it has no effect, was taken for nothing.

      Hence PPI cannot be used together with antacid or H2 blockers at the same time of day.

      In general do not take any medication together with antacids as they often form chelates with other chemicals (some antibiotics are well known to be bound by it)

      So what you take and in which combo, is up to your symptoms, how acute they are.

      BUT make sure, to space antacid at least 4 hours, if not 8 hours (so that this content of antacid is gone from stomach or H2 blockers worn off - about 12 hours) away from PPI intake (and other medication, that might interact, some do, some don't, PPI do for sure), since otherwise you have taken PPI for nothing.

      If this or that helps you better with nausea, you have to trial for yourself.

      No one shoe fits all.

      Having a low stomach acid due to whatever anti acid taken, has its own problems (digestion, vitamin absorption), but it's always about the risk and what to tackle first, what the lesser of evil is. Again no one shoe fits all. (Coming off anti acids has to be slow therefore so that the rebound acid production can be avoided as much as possible.)

      Best of luck!

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      Thankyou so much. I read it very carefully and understand exactly what you're saying. And yes I will abide by your suggestions and follow a regimen of trial and error.

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