Vomiting & abdominal discomfort

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Hey, I've been vomiting almost every day since may this year. Before the vomiting I had a few weeks of pain in my upper right abdomen, just below my ribs. the pain continued when the vomiting began, and the vomiting has continued ever since. I had an ultrasound to check my gallbladder in may, which was ok. i then had an endoscopy in june which again was clear (they didnt take a biopsy)

after the endoscopy i was still vomiting daily, sometimes upto 15 times a day. i was trying to see what triggered the sickness, but it didnt seem to have a pattern, only that i would vomit more after my evening meal. My GP referred me to a specialist who i seen in early september, i told him what was happening and he couldnt put a finger on it, i am due to have an MRI scan of my bowel next week as well as another endoscopy (with biopsies)

the past couple of days i have eaten very little, and have actually not vomited. this afternoon i had a steak and kidney pie and vomited 4 times instantly after eating, followed by bringing up the water i drank shortly after vomiting. im not sure if any of these symptoms sound familar to anyone, it is affecting me as a person as i feel very lethargic and tired and all the vomiting i am fearing is wearing down my insides and also my teeth!

any help would be appreciated

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    I would ask for a CT scan with contrast, it is the most accurate of the stomach scans. I assume you have had a full set of bloods including liver and kidney, is everything ok there?

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      yeah everything ok only thing thats came up is B12 low. ive currently vomited 12 times this afternoon and have a 12 hour night shift ahead of me!

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      I am surprised B12 is the only thing you are deficient in if you are vomiting so much. Take a high dose b12 spray, it is absorbed much better than tablets. Also have you been offered anti sickness tablets? I used to vomit a lot when I was younger and I think it is why I have so many problems with my stomach now. It can be painful vomiting as well, I often used to have a bruised feeling in my chest afterwards.

      Have you lost a lot of weight?

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    Hi kevin13938

    Are you having B12 injections to bring your levels up. You should be having regular injections for 2 weeks of Hydroxycobalamin and then every 3 months to keep your B12 topped up. If your B12 is low you will get gut problems and get very sick...

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      hi it only came back as low B12 once and they put that down to the medication i was taking (lanzaparole) ive stopped taking that a while back now as it was not doing anything to help

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      Hi kevin13938

      Ah right! yes ppi's will block B12 absorption, perhaps it would be a good idea to have a re-check on your B12 levels to make sure they are at a normal level now you have stopped the ppi's...

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      i have had about 3 or 4 bloods since then and nothings flagged up. my mum has b12 deficiancy thats what made me wonder, but must of been the lanzaparole. just really weird how i can be sick for almost half a year, every day now. its really strange. just hoping they find something that can be sorted when i have my MRI and endoscopy

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      Hi kevin13938

      B12 is not checked on a routine blood count it has to be specifically ordered by your doctor for the lab to check. I do hope a diagnosis can be found for you it's not much fun living from day to day feeling as you do and all scans etc., showing 'Normal.'

      Keep pushing, don't give up because what you are going through is anything but 'Normal'

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    I really feel for you. I went through a similar experience and after so many times being told everything was normal I quit even bothering to go to the Doctor. Huge mistake on my part, but you do get exhausted, mentally after they keep saying they can't figure it out.

    I lost all my teeth due to the stomach acids, so please do continue seeing the Doctor.

    My problem ended up being my gallbladder after all. It just seemed I was not presenting as a "normal" case. My gallbladder actually burst and I got sepsis, me being stubborn not wanting to go in again after having been told so many times nothing was wrong I felt like they thought I was crazy.

    So don't give up. It might take a multitude of different tests at different times before they get it right.

    I know its hard to live with some mysterious illness and not feel discouraged.

    Seems like our body gets accustomed to being ill so it might take a while to be sorted out. i know its disheartening, but I do hope you get better.

    I pretty much existed on bicarb of soda until the episode that hospitalized me. .

    I had even taken my vomit to them and said look this is whats coming out. Gross I know!

    So basically my advice is hang in there and don't give up. And I hope they get you sorted out.

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      thanks for your reply, yes it is hard to manage at times especially when its non stop. weve got a 2 year old aswell so its horrible and i worry he may get some germs off me (hasnt up until now thankfully). i did get checked for gallstones and it was normal but i did a lot of stretching in work the other day and my upper right abdomen was burning and aching which made me think about gallbladder again or even liver. just hoping this coming week brings some answers. sepsis is bad i hope you ok now my uncle unfortunately passed away with sepsis/brain haemeridge in may this year

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      That is so sad. its definitely scary. I was more scared when they told me I had sepsis than anything else. My younger brother and my Uncle both passed away from sepsis. Thank you for your kind words.

      As far as your child, oddly enough they develop a stronger immunity i think.

      I worried about passing my germs to family as well. Kind of reinforces you to try to find answers. It may sound strange but I have heard of a few people whose gallbladder was so full of stones that they could nit tell until they had it removed. One lady I knew showed me hers she had kept. They looked like round river rocks, kind of like a tigers eye stone! I could see how they would hurt so badly. Another thing that happens is if one gets stuck in the "neck" it can't be easily seen on xrays. And if it happens a few times the pain and nausea will happen every time the same way. I am no expert but our bodies do some weird things, don't they?

      Good luck to you.

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    what you are having might be cyclic vomiting syndrome, have you gotten checked for this?

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