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Hi Not sure if Iv posted in the right Forum but I'l just start here'. 

Iv been feeling like vomitting for the past two weeks, for the past two weeks Iv been feeling really sick - Vomitting or feel like vomitting but nothing comes out, Iv already had a blood test done on me and an Ecg but it come back with nothing which was 4 days ago , still have ongoing vomitting pain, feels like Im at the toilet gagging when nothing is actually coming out, Im not sure if it has anything to do with the medication Im taking which is omeprazole, gaviscon the liquid form and paracetamol ,Iv never felt so sick, I feel like its taking a toll on my daily activities, and I get really upset with it all, First time I went up to the doctors she said oh its a viral infection then three days after that without the even checking me thoroughly the doctor said influenza, then another doctor said oh its to do with your spine, Im not pregnant they tested for that as well, please if anyone can help it would be much appreciated, everytime I eat I just feel like vomitting - its taking over my life my partners life and my families, please help sad

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    I am so glad to see that I can totally relate to what you are going through sorry about the circumstances, I have been like this for almost a year the Doctors and specialists are still trying to find out what wrong with me. I had blood tests after bold tests and given in samples and all but still no real answer, I don't want to worry you but at the moment i am concentrating on gaining all the weight I have lost over the months.

    I'm sorry I could not answer you question but if you find out what it is please if it's okay with you to let me know.

    Your sincerely,


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    Hi:  I have a problem with naseau too.  I take promethazine which is also called Phenergan.  It helps a lot.  But I was told to take it as an "as needed' basis and I wonder if I took it regularly if it would work better.  It says that you shouldn't take it for more than 2 months (?)
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      Hi Ive been on Omeprazole for a while now , it doesnt seem to be doing me any good. I still have that feeling of something stuck inside my throat, its horrible . I have seen 3 doctors already all of which dont know what they are talking about. everytime I press against my esophagus I feel like vomiting. This never use to happen at all before. I also feel like there is something stuck in my esophagus. its horrible. so just asking if youve felt the same i feel this vomiting and nauseated 24/7 everyday when I wake, when I go to bed, when I dont eat, when I do eat it doesnt matter what time during the day I feel all of this' its just really not Good.
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      I just checked and Omeprazole is not the same as promethazine or Phenegren.  The ones I mentioned are just for naseau.  Maybe you can check it out
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    l,m another, being living with frequent nausea since october, off my food, small plain snack daily, lost a bit of weight, mine worse on movement, so restricting, frustrating, lve seen gastrologist had scan scope, bit of inflammation seen, but no real cause known, l avoid lactose, take probiotics, Given omporazole, also use gaviscon, probiotics, lactose free diet, ginger, limited help for me. , lve also bladder probs, re frequency ic  inflammation, tiring physically and mentally, yet so many on mbs  with symptoms and neg test results. Many take omprazole, not heard of promathazine, wonder if thats a ppi, a gp mentioned anti emetics to me, but not given easily or for long, either side affects or addictive l guess.  Sorry l cant give solution, looking for one, some on gastro threads advice on things to help.
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      Hi Lynne do you feel like it could be coming from esophagus . I find that everytime I press on that area I feel like vomiting or something is stuck in my throatand Im gagging to get it out ' . Its horrible and awful, I feel so fatigued and just extremely exhausted. and tired like I havent slept in days. because of this I feel so tired and fatigued' etc.and just completely weak. its horrible Iv never felt so damn weak . and its on its third week now . and I just dont have any answers and these so called doctors Im seeing dont really know they just think Im making things up . .... all that stuff;.
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    l honestly dont know where or what is causing it for me, strangely l can tell the difference between my nausea and feeling as if l want to be sick, which is rare, just feeling of nausea is horrible and draining when its so often . l wasnt diagnosed with inflammation of oseophogas, but some on gastritus thread have been and get same feelings as you.  l really do relate to your feelings of fatigue, tiredness, l could sleep often, do sometimes, but have to battle it off, you dont want to spend your days sleeping, but to do just a few minor jobs for half hour and shattered, even my eyes feel heavy sore with it. l also think my docs think l,m exagerating, l cant get through to them. Also know reading many posts on here that the posters are genuine in what theyre experiencing.

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