vp or hpv????

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hey guys. so i discovered these little bumps like growth around my vulva and i came up here to see similar pictures . i got tested a week ago and my doctor said its warts. i still feel like it might have been misdiagnosed or im in denial cus the last time i had sex was this time last year and we used protection or . anyways i just want to be sure . itll be really nice to get replies from yallimage

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    Are you referring to the large bump or the small whitish one and the 3 skin-coloured ones on the right?

    There are so many varieties of warts, one cannot know without testing for sure, but it is not the high-risk or low-risk type even if it is an hpv (the small ones I'm referring to). Did your doctor mention the strain of HPV?

    I have something similar and even in more numbers but on a more sensitive area in the middle of small labias and in another country they said it is warts and now I'm living in Australia they say it is normal papillomas and they even don't test for it because they say it is going to hurt and we are sure it is not hpv!

    I have found comfort thinking that even if it is hpv, since it is not the more serious type, it should be fine and some say your body will clean it out by itself in 1-2 years.

    I hope that helps your worry. Also in which country do you live Kay? you might be able to get your hands on Immunace supplement, a doctor friend of mine recommended using for improving immune system just in case it is hpv it can help clear the virus. Also sleep well and stress less to boost your immune system.

    It is pretty frustrating I agree. I've been monogamous for life, only been with my husband... So really confused how something like this could have happened... Seems like there is not much information out there about non-threatening strains of HPV.

    What did the doctor recommend you to do?

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      its really sad because i became sexually active a year ago and i noticed these bumps about a month ago when i had a yeast infection. im still convinced it isnt warts but then the doc said it is. it doesnt itch , it doesnt hurt. the large pink one is giving me concern tho . and the doc said i have to burn it off or something . i dont know what the whitish ones are. its really messing up my emotions. ive even consulted different experts and they all said its warts. what women go through is really tough .

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      I definitely agree, sadly it is so tough being a woman..., me too I have been going through this for a year now and it has caused a great deal of anxiety and depression. Mine was also developed on a base of candida/tinea I'm not sure which. But that might be it, - that the virus was in our body and then when the body was weak fighting off something else it manifested.

      It is really unfair, and I think there is not enough info about these non serious types out there. I am so sure neither me nor my husband have slept with anyone else in our lives. So the fact that they are transmitted via direct intimacy seems not to fit here... The other day I searched and found that some say HPV is a persistent virus able to stay on hard surfaces (e.g. ultrasound probes!) for long and no disinfectant strong enough to remove them; just UV as far as I read.

      One never knows ... I started thinking about getting Gardasil9 vaccine as this virus is still prevalent and I recommend you get it too to protect yourself against high-risk types and a range of other warts in your future; as you have just started your sex life and you never know who might have a high-risk HPV (high-risk HPVs don't show up as warts and they are the serious cancer-causing ones)

      You can freeze the big wart if the experts recommended and then it should be gone and you can't give it to someone else and afterwards keep close eye on enhancing your immunity so it won't come back. My doc did freeze some plantar warts on my foot and the warts never came back but for the genital small ones they didn't touch them because it is in a bad area, however in your case if your doc proposed freezing, it is probably possible. I think it is best to consult with your doc as to what to do next.

      Anyways so many people get HPVs and clear them out without knowing so - maybe we shouldn't worry that much and just try ways to do whatever the docs say and increase immunity.

      Wish you get rid of them

      and everyone else who's going through this...

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    Also the virus might be in your body for years, but not show any symptoms and only show up as warts when your body's immune system is down. For example someone might get it at birth (chances are very low, but still possible) and then years later the virus manifests as warts when the body's weak. And condoms don't provide full protection. If there are visible warts, they can infect another person's skin.

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