Vulvodynia and herpes

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Does any one out there have vulvodynia pluse herpes2? I am interested in your insight and experience.

I got the dreaded vulvodynia diagnosis recently and i wonder if its herpes related.

I have chronic nerve pain in the vulva area. It feels like yeast or bacteria burning but i am negative for everything except hsv2. It sort of moves around, sometimes its the labia, sometimes the vaginal opening.

I am told its nerve damage (vulvodynia) from chronic infections.

I dont know how long i have had hsv2 but i suspect a long time. I have either never had an outbreak or i get internal lesions only. I have never had a bump or lesion, but was diagnosed by blood test.I cant help but wonder if the vulvodynia is an atypical expression of hsv since they are both nerve disorders

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    20 years ago I was diagnosed with Vulvodynia.  I had had Herpes Simplex II for many years at the time.  The Vulvodynia just means vulvar pain of which no cause can be identified.  Many years later treating with other specialists I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, that being the cause of my pain.  I had to sit on a donut cushion at work and in my car, I sitz bathed 3 times a day for releif (temporary) and finally had Laser surgery to my entire vulva, inside my urethra. I had 2 surgeries 6 months apart and was on tricyclic antidepressants that would tell my brain I wasn't feeling such pain.  I am tolerable now but the least little upset in the vaginal, vulvar or bladder region will make me hurt like I did in the beginning.  It all started after having intercourse after no being sexually active for 4 years. Hope this helps.   

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    Thanks for your reply jacqueline,

    It does help as i try to put these pieces together.

    I have been reading about post herpetic neuralga.

    It typically follows shingles, but it seems like the concept of nerve pain following a herpitic outbreak ought to translate. In shingles it apoears to resolve after a few months.

    I hope that is the case for me

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    Yes, I had Herpes II for quite a few years and then my husband and I separated and I was sexually inactive for 4 years.  I met someone and became active again and right away got a UTI which was actually diagnosed Vulvodynia.  I had all the bad pain you talk of and ended up going to a specialist and had 2 laser surgeries to the vulva and inside the urethra.  They were done 6 months apart as it took that long to see if the surgery would help.  It was the worst thing I have ever experienced and I have had a lot of surgeries and a broken leg with a pin for my hinge in my knee and the tibial plateau broken in 50 pieces.  None of those things compared to the hurt that I experienced in the vulva area.  Good luck to you and I hope you get relief.  I can't help but think they are connected.
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    Hi, is this the same as your experience aand are you still the same or has it resolved? I started with strange tingling on my pubic area on and off and mainly on my buttocks 4 month ago it came and went along with a cold numb feeling in my lower back and right hip. I had had a back injury 6 months ago pulled muscles ans collapsed with the pain. A week after the strange coming and going tinglings started i developed a red area at the opening to my vagina, it was not sore but irritated, not itchy, no pain on urination no spots blisters etc just a red tiny area of inflammation. I had no yeast infections and 3 GPs and 2 GUMED droctors all said not herpes(as i had been on google and fightened myself to death thinking i had herpes). This problem has been the same for 4 months i feel constantly hot on my pubic area and anus my inflammed area has never gone away and i have been prescribed various steroid creams  for it which as yet have not worked. i have been seen by a dermatologist who prescribed clob. My lower back cold feeling and  numbness persists as too on my right hip and thigh ocassionally. i have no pain its is just a constant sensation all over my pubic region. i tingle when i open my bowels sometimes not always. My thight sometimes are hot. My underwear makes my pubic hair feel like it is sticking in me. I sometimes feel sharpe pains in my lower abdomen. Some GPs suggested it was in my head im just being anxious about my symptoms and causing them to be worse. Yes im worried i want answers , i have asked for a hospital appointment for my back to see if it is from my back injury but still waiting. I dont go back to dermatology for  3 months. Im going mad, im not in pain its the irritation, and constant feeling of burning and irritation in my pubic region and numbness of my back andhip that is worrying me. What do you think?
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