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Vulval Problems

New discussion Join group Also known as Itchy Vulva, Pruritus Vulvae, Vulval Intra-epithelial Neoplasia (VIN)

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  • morgan63637 1

    Vulva Problems

    Hi everyone,  I'm new to this so I'm not sure if this how you do it, but I will cut to the chase. I have had constant, itching, burning, tingling, redness, discharge, swelling, and uncomfortable feelings in my vulvar region for 3 freaking years. I have been tested for yeast OVER and OVER and OVER

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  • Fairy2506 1

    Sore during sex - please help

    When my husband enters me and during sex it is so sore inside - like I am being rubbed inside with sandpaper. I also sometimes have little sore cuts on the entrance to my vagina.  The thing is this ONLY happens if I haven’t had sex for a few weeks (because he is away) and then start having sex

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  • liz84514 2

    Itchy, raw, vulva, nothing seems to

    I suffered with vulva problems for 7 months. I promised myself that if I got to the bottom of the problem, I would share the answer with the fellow sufferers on the internet, since I myself spent hours reading in the hope I would find an answer. I hope this helps someone. My story; 7 months ago I

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  • rbxoxo 1

    I have an extremely irritated, swollen, itchy, and burning vulva

    Last Wednesday I went over to my boyfriends house and we had sex twice. It was pretty rough sex. The first time we had sex he came in my ass and then wanted to have sex again about a half hour later after wiping himself off and we did. That also may have something to do with what's going on. Before

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  • sandra79982 1

    Vaginal neuropathy

    I've had neuropathy and diabetes for about 10 years the neuropathy has gotten into my feet legs hands and I believe possibly my vaginal area has anyone had this happen to them if so is there any help out there

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  • rbxoxo 1
  • amanda00149 1

    Burnt my vagina?

    I know how it sounds but let me explain. I didn't test the shower water before aiming it straight for my lady bits and I think you can fill in the rest. The first day (day before yesterday) after my entire vagina/upper thigh was painful and angry to the touch. Last night was absolute tourtue

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  • sarah9696 1

    Cliterus irritation, among other reacurring issues.

    My cliterus starting getting sore a couple days ago, this was normal cause i dont alwats drink enough water so i regularly have female issues. But this time its intense and ONLY my citrus. The slightest touch is hurts from its sensativity. Ive been drinking water for three days so im worried its

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  • Summer999 2

    Negative clinic results. What is wrong with me?!

    A couple of weeks ago, after my period I shaved to have sex with my boyfriend (of a year - we have unprotected sex) I thought I had a little razor cut as it was sore but after a couple of days I had a look to notice the cuts weren't in a place I shaved so i ruled it out and I went to the shop and

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  • Cherish1 1
  • SB14 3

    Pink tissue inside vagina?

    hi all, this isn't technically about the vulva but it's as close as I could find to vaginal problems. Basically, when I look in a mirror down there,  I can see this pink fleshy/tissue  kind of like a 'ball' shape in my vagina hole. It looks as if it blocks my vagina, but I get my period as normal,

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  • aec95 1

    Chronic vaginal irritation

    I've been dealing with recurring vaginal irritation for about 2 years now. It started with a yeast infection, which cleared up with fluconazole. But then the itching, burning, and irritation kept coming back. Sometimes my doctor will actually find yeast, but other times they can't find anything

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  • Emily456 1

    I'm 12 and think something is wrong with my vagina please help!

    The edges of my labia or the opening to my vagina (I don't really know) it white! Also if I squeeze a certain poin in my labia/vulva it's quite sore. I've noticed no burning or inflammation but a bit of itching. I have quite a lot of discharge by I don't know if that is related. I'm too embarrass

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  • donna40100 2

    Extreme , extreme vaginal itching

    God help me already with this issue . I have been having this problem for many years , it has escalated to another level . I have tried everything from  apple cider vinegar , coconut oil , bacitracin and clobestral cream . Nothing has worked . I had a biopsy to determine if it was LS and it was not

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  • Cheetah 4

    Itching and inflammation caused by vulvitis?

    I saw my GP three months ago because of severe vulval itching and inflammation.  He initially thought it might be Lichen Sclerosus but, a biopsy result was 'chronic inflammation'.  The GP is, in effect, treating the symptoms and I've been told to continue to use Dermovate to control the itching and

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  • cdt2012 2

    Vaginal Bumps

    Since October I have been dealing with these vaginal bumps. They look like white heads. They're filled with pus (usually greenish in color), they pop, and sometimes they go away and other times they remain open and sore then heal up. In october, my gyno swabbed me for herpes, came back negative.

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  • lily16867 1

    Vulvar itching for about a year, is it herpes?

    okay so i got tested in august of 2016 and was diagnosed w gonorhea and chlamydia. i tested negative for everything else. i thought that the stds were the source of my itching but once i took my medication and got retested to see if everything was gone i was STILL itching. it seems as if ever since

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  • mary89415 1

    Itchy and blisters

    Hi, my boyfriend and I tend to have sex when I'm dry a lot and we force it in, now, I'm experiencing white blister like surfaces around my vagina which are itchy and smelly. Kind of looks like my vagina is decaying. I want to send a picture but I don't know how to. I really need help cause I'm

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  • tara28189 2

    Pain for a year following cyst incision. Please help.

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry this is going to be long, but please listen and help if you can. I am a 17 year old girl. In february of 2016 I had a mass protruding from my vagina, I went to the er, they didn't know what kind of cyst it was but they did an incision and drainage and put a word catheter in

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  • amy77968 1

    Vaginal discomfort for two years .. frustration nation

    I am 26 years old and pregnant with my first child. Some things I experience: - extreme itching during the day but intensely at night and during periods of high stress .. also once this summer I got really bad sunburn and the vaginal itching was intense - when I "flare" up (when it's at it's worse)...

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  • taylor09099 1

    New bump , clear white ?

    Hello, so the past few months I've had random itches down there but I guess I'm just now noticing maybe it meant something. ... the past few days it's been so painful to pee , I just checked this morning and seen a white bump inside my vagina but on the bottom of it , right above my anus and

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  • hunbun 2

    have small rep open sores around my vagina area. help!

    I haven't had intercourse in 2 months because of this. Its small red open sores around my vagina. Plus my vagina lips are itchy. I have been using the nothing but my usually soap. Never have had a problem with it before. But every time my period comes on it makes it worse. There is also dryness on

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  • samantha242 1

    Cluster of bumps on vulva I have no idea what it is. Help

    Im on my break week of my birthcontol and when i went to use the bathroom it was a bit itchy. im not sure if it was the widrawl period that cause it or something else because on the 3rd day of the widrawl bleeding i noticed it. So then i decided to shower and change the pad. I dont feel anything

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  • Nia ninja 2

    Vaginal bump

    Hi all I hope someone might know what this could be. I went to the doctor and got tested for herpes and that came back negative but I still don't know what it is (if anything) it use to itch but I think that might have all been in my head as an over reaction now. Trying to figure out how to post a

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  • Bronte1993 1
  • AeHd 1

    Itchy vulva/labia please help!

    Hi, I have had frequent on/off itching in my vulva/labia region for the last 3 months. I'm 18 years old and sexually active. I know it is not a yeast infection, UTI, bacterial vaginosis or an STI. I also use non-latex condoms or sometimes no condoms during sex. I also haven't shaved 'down there' in

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  • debbie83220 2

    Large black spot on labia, What could it be?

    I am 53 years old with a history of lichen sclerosus. I had a pap 2 1/2 weesk ago. Everything looked good and came back fine. Three days ago I started experiencing burning when wiping after the bathroom. So last night I looked to see what was going on down there and much to my horror discovered

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  • Mariska64 1
  • aja93431 2

    Extremely itchy vulva and anus

    Hi, For about 6 months I've been having a non stop itch on my vulva. So bad to the point that I wanna cry. I can't stop itching! I've tried everything and seen the doctor too many times where they probably think I'm crazy. At first it was a fungal infection, then a yeast infection and now my gyno

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  •  Sky678 1

    Burning Down There Sometimes

    Hi everyone! So I really need some advice on burning pain I've gotten around my vagina opening. I'm trying to figure out what it might be and how I should handle it. A couple years ago I started getting a burning pain down there. I talked to my mother and we went to a GP doctor about it. They

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  • chris2 2

    Line of itchy bumps

    Hi I'm over 20 years post menopause and suffer from soreness, itchyness and dryness. Vagifem helped but I had to discontinue due to side effects. Anyhow been getting extra itchy along a line of small white bumps beyond the outer labia. If I inadvertently scratch during the night they get extra

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  • charlie468 1

    Labia suddenly very big??

    My labia has suddenly become much bigger to the point that it's sticking out my vagina. It's really embarrassing and I feel really gross. It happened ever since I started masturbating quite intense and regularly for over 2 years now. The strange thing is is that I like to mastubate on one side and

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  • nicole29679 2

    Vulva biopsy

    Had a biopsy done on Vulva just over a week ago due to itching. She didn't not do the biopsy on the dark itchy spots, and instead did it on a small lump she found. I'm concerned that the biopsy may show nothing as she didn't do it where my symptoms are the worst. Is it possible to ask her to do

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  • raven54620 2

    Vaginal itch

    I'm really trying to avoid making a doctor's appointment when I can buy something over the counter. In the last few days I've developed a vaginal itch. I don't have an odor and there's no abnormal discharge. I've had bacterial infections in the past, the last being about 5 years ago. I am sexually

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  • bev02826 1

    Vulvar biopsy

    Had two vulvar biopsies Monday and still in awful amount of pain. Anaesthetic didnt seem to work and silver nitrate was used to stop bleeding, this has left a chemical burn near to the biopsies - actual biopsies look black, how long will it be before I can get back to normal?

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