Waiting for a PIP decision can anyone help?

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Hi I'm currently waiting for a pip decision that's been going on since December for depression and agrophobia has any one had similar that's qualified? Basically 5 years ago I watched a love one be stabbed to death in front of me...as anyone can imagine it's effected me really badly I suffer panic attacks and I have depression because of this..I don't go out for fear I struggle to communicate in person with anyone and stay in all the time..it's also effected my eating I put alot of weight on after and now binge eat and have bulimia which has definitely been brought on by what I whitnessed ..I had a face to face where they came out to me 2 weeks ago and still waiting for a decision..I have a support worker who was with me at the time to help me explain as I applied early last year and was declined it I didn't appeal because I caould not be bothered to get worked up again so my support worker re applied a few months later and now I feel like o have been waiting for so long ..any advice?? Sorry to go on .. thank you

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    I feel for you, as I also suffer with ptsd, agoraphobia and depression. I didn't win straight away, and had to go through it all incl the appeal. I finally won and got my award letter this morning after starting the process back in April last year. It is a long slog, but very worth it.

    So whilst I'd say good luck, I would also encourage you to stay strong and get ready to fight for the decision you deserve.

    The appeal process isn't actually too scary in my experience, and the fact that you have a support worker in your corner too should help your case.

    Best of luck anyway & let me know which way the decision goes. I'm more than happy to offer a listening ear & help in anyway I can ?

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      Ok thank you I feel that they apply the pressure so you will just give up like I did the first time it wasn't until my support worker pushed for me to do it again that I did if you don't mind me asking how much have you been awarded? Don't feel you have to say just curious for myself x

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      I've been awarded standard on both living and mobility, which is exactly what I was aiming for.

      As for the amount, taking into account that they owe me over a years worth I'm getting over £4k as my back payment and £319 every 4 weeks until 2020.

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      I see yes that's wat I am aiming for now nice bit of money finally coming your way then x

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      Yeah, that's what I mean by a slog, but worth it. Gets my car on the road after 2 years of not having one, so that gives me my independence back & not have to worry about panic attacks on public transport getting to and from therapy mainly.

      But yeah, if there's anything you need or just an ear to vent to, I'm never far from the forum 😉

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      Hi lozz hope ur well...so they haven't made a decision yet but I have had the report through and I'm not to please tbh..so its worked out that I have 2 points for daily living and 10 points for the mobility although they haven't made a decision I have looked up how they score it.. and also alot of what I explained like how some days I feel so low I can't get out of bed because I suffer from flash backs etc that isn't in the report! I know I just have to wait for the decision but can already tell that it's not going to be what I am hoping for although I am now having therapy once a week starting today I can tell them that when I know what they decide... wat do you think from your experience I should do? X

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      Hi Hannah,

      You will have to wait for the decision before you can do anything, even though they usually go with the report. It's very rare for them to go against it. Once you have the decision then you have 28 days to request the Mandatory Reconsideration (MR) you'll need to put the request on writing stating what you disagree with, putting in the letter where you think you should have scored those points and why.

      Your therapy will only score you extra points if it's done at your own home. If you go outside for the appointment then it's not counted and won't score you any further points unfortunately. This descriptor is managing therapy.

      What you need to do is look at the PIP descriptors to see where exactly you think you can score those extra points.

      For example, can you prepare a simple meal from scratch. This means can you prepare your vegetables, and cook them on cooker. It doesn't mean microwave use. Washing and dressing...are you able to wash yourself, maybe you need prompting to do this because you don't feel like it, or you simply can't be bothered (sorry, don't mean anything by that) Dressing and undressing.... do you need prompting to dress because if you didn't then you'll stay in your PJ's everyday? Maybe a family member or friend has to remind you that dressing each day will make you feel better?

      Engaging with other people face to face....do you need prompting to be able to talk to others, or are you able to do that without help from another person. Also remember that PIP is also about the help you need but maybe you don't have anyone to help you with daily things. It's also about not being able to do something 50% of the time.

      These are the things you need to consider when looking at the descriptors.

      If you do ask for the MR they will look at the whole award again so you do risk losing everything you already have. Most MR decisions remain the same, so it's highly likely to come back the same award as before. Taking it to Tribunal will give you your best chance of an award going in your favour BUT appearing in person will give you the best chance of all. Doing this you will be able to explain to them exactly how your condition affects you daily. They will want to see how you are and exactly how your condition affects you.

      I'll be honest, it's a very long process but always better to take it all the way to Tribunal rather than to keep on re-applying. Good luck.

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    People do claim for depression and anxiety etc but you can't compare 2 people when it comes to PIP because it's not awarded based on a diagnosis. It's awarded purely on how your condition affects you daily on it's all based on the PIP descriptors. You can ring DWP and ask for a copy of the assessment report to be sent to you, this will give you some idea what the decision is likely to be because they mostly go with that report.

    If the decision doesn't go in your favour this time then i strongly advice you to appeal the decision by asking for the Mandatory Reconsideration, then Tribunal if needed. This is because a lot of the time once you have been refused, if you keep re-applying then you'll continue to be refused. The best route is always to appeal a decision if you're not happy.

    Did you send in evidence to support your claim? They very rarely contact anyone for evidence, the onus is on you to make sure it's sent with the claim form.

    Decision times vary wildly across the country and will depend on backlog in your area. Good luck.

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      Hi yes my doctor wrote a letter explaining my agrophobia and PTSD also my depression I'm on 150 mg of sertraline I must say the fist time I had an assessment it was terrible I had a man and he was really blunt and rude and made me cry! But this time it was a woman and she totally put me at ease she was lovely and could see how it effected me but I guess you just never know. Thanks x

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      Hi Hannah I hope your award is successful without having to fight it.

      Like Denise said you cannot compare one claim against another, their all completely different and that's what can cause upset when someone here's that another claimant has been successful with exactly the same illness.

      I waited two weeks for my decision so your not far off, like Denise said ring and ask for a copy of the report.

      I didn't get mine till after.

      Only one minor discrepancy

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