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Hi all. Im 29 years old and in recovery from an ED. I was put on Zoplicone last October because of my anxuety around weight gain and im still taking them.

Problem is i still havnt gained much weight and my sleep isnt good unless

I take a tablet. I know my Gp will stop prescribing them to me, we had a plan to only take 1_2 a week but i find myself taking more if i feel anxious about my weight.

I dont think i have a great routine of an evening as i exercise alot(using the stairs constantly) and find myself going to bed when im not tired. Around 1130.pm.

Though this seems late to me and if i go to bed any later i eorry i wont get up. My husband goes to bed at 11pm so if i dont go with him i feel guilty as he likes to have a cuddle in bed.

Maube i could try and get up earlier of a morning. I get up at 730am but maybe i could adjust it an hour back and do sone yoga.

What do people do when they get up..... I would love for people to share there evening and morning routines.

Im a support worker to so my shifts can be a bit inconsistent. But with a positive attitude and the right plan im sure i can beat these tablets.

Please help. Xxxx

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    Hey Sam. My doc gave me zopliclone for a sleep problem but I have recently quit them cause I didn't want to continuously increase the dosage to get the same effect. It seems you have things that are bothering you and therefore the sleep issue comes into play. When I quit the zoo, I went without sleep for a week or so but what helped me was I started taking melatonin 5mg at night about an hour before I hit the hay and it seems to work for me. I also had to train myself to shut off the daily issues in my life and concentrate on happy things or simply read a book for awhile cause reading pretty much bores me to death and it puts me to sleep. I would like to add different things work for different people so u need not give up, u will find what works for you. Also melatonin s a over the counter pill, no prescription required

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    Hi Sam.

    i suggest you stop running up and down the stairs at nighttime.

    maybe try some meditation which might be more useful.

    I have taken one 7.5 mg Zopiclone for many years now, and find a regular bedtime routine helps. i.e. Cup of camomile tea, a good read in bed, then, hopefully, some sleep. It maybe only five or six hours, but I reckon it's better than no sleep at all. Occasionally, I sleep in a little longer, which is a bonus.

    all I know is that I can't sleep without them. I am now resigned to that fact.

    i have tried in the past to give up.

    also, I usually don't fall asleep until early hours of morning, but I don't beat myself up,about it.

    try not to panic if you don't fall asleep right away, if you relax your body and mind it usually happens.

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      It's sad when you think about this. Melitonjn is a proven sleep aid that helps readjust a persons sleep cycle. The reason they don't prescribe it is that it is a over the counter med here in Canada . The reason why I quit zopliclone is that with time 7.5 wont work so you increase to two tablets, then three and it doesn't end. There are people that have written in saying they actually have to take it during the waking hours cause if they don't the nasty withdrawals kick in . So I quit and I'm glad I did. I got my life back and now I am not looking for the pill bottle anymore and will never go back to that lifestyle

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      Congratulations on coming off the zopiclone. I came off my sleeping tablets which was a benzo. Benzo's are hell to come off. It took me my 3rd attempt and I have now been benzo and prescribed drug free for over 3 years now. Sleep is hit and miss but so glad that I am off these drugs. smile 

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      What's the difference between benzos and zoplicone? Do any if you suffer with difestive problems due to minimal gourd of sleep?

      Even with the tablets u find I wake up refreshed afree 5-6 hours sleep so maybe this is all my body needs atm. I'm hoping to staymet a family next year and know how important my health wI'll need to be .

      Thanks all for your reassuring comments xx

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      What is the difference between benzos and zopiclone.

      They are both addictive and in time one needs more and more because 

      they have stopped working.

      Can I suggest that you google and look for yourself at what harm these

      drugs do you long term.


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      I think how we were able to quit was we remember who we were before becoming addicted to sleeping pills. Also I think we researched the hell out of the drugs and became aware of the inevitable living hell we would be in if we continued to take them. I am free from any addictive drug now and have informed my doc of this and he has agreed not to ever again prescribe an addictive drug to me again. I think back amto my days of addiction and who I am now and it sometimes brings me to tears thinking that so actually was close to the point of no return. I was also a oxicontin addict as well and was able to quit those with the help of Our almighty father who was the only one that never gave up on me. Those of you just starting your journey to freedom, never give up, and remember every day gets s little easier and the prize at the end ....... is your life back..... God bless everyone
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      Congratulations on becoming drug free .If only I was able to research before I took my sleeping tablets I would never have taken them. I did not have access to the internet then. It wassn't until I became tolerant and realised what was going on. Then I knew I had to come off them. I also have a understanding new doctor who respects my wishes regarding these drugs and other drugs . I echo your words Karl never give up. Keep going and take each day at a time. 

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      Remember one important thing. In your darkest and weakest times of withdrawals, you are never alone. All you need to do is ask our Heavenly Father to be there beside you . I certainly did and my prayers got answered . It was then and only then that I knew I wasn't alone. It pretty much has changed my life. I now see things differently , I have the old me back again. You take care and be kind to yourself first, then to others. God bless

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