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Im in chronic pain and chronically fatigued all the time.drs are useless.this isnt just fibromyalgia altho that in itself is horrendous.sting shooting butning crunching grinding pain all over.heavy arms and legs pins and needles all over hard just to keep head up. can hardly move at times.chronic neck and back pain.im 38 not 90.had enough.need answers if anyone has any please.really not coping.my memory is terrible and i cant get words out sometimes too

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    I feel for you so much.  I hope you can find some releif.  Just yesterday I looked up the supplement MSM (Methylsulonylmethane) because a friend told me about it.  I read reviews from people people who had taken it, and many found super-substantial pain releif.  I hope that might help.

    Have you ever consulted in the book "Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" by Dr. Murphree? His book has a lot of valuable info. I don't recommend committing to his VERY expensive program,though.  It helped me a lot when I started taking a Thyroid supplement.  But I was in his program and he recommended that specifically to me.  However, he says a lot of Fibro patients are low on Thyroid.

    Let's keep trying and hoping.

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    Hi Sharon,

    Sorry to hear you're suffering right now. I' m sure most on here would appreciate how that feels. Am wandering what support you have. Family, ftiends or even medical services? It makes a difference.

    Like you I have pain and chronic fatigue, memory issues and brain fog. Some days Its difficult to not feel down with it. What helps is allowing myself to let It all out, thinking of it as temporary and doing nice things when I can like having a bubble bath. I've got worse than I was but, think I'm able to still see I have good days.

    If you have medication for the fibromyalgia, maybe it needs changing?

    Relaxation can help but need to cut back If you're still trying to do too much. Talk to your gp to see if there are any services for cfs/me/fibro In your area.

    Hope this helps


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    Hi Sharon, so sorry you've been feeling this way.  I really feel for you, and I have been married for nearly 36 years to my husband, who has been competely disabled since 1989 with severe CFS and Fibroyalga, and you sound so much like him.  He also went through times where he wanted to end it all, and I couldn't blame him one bit, since he was in constant severe pain (both physically and emotionally) and was so weak that he couldn't even get out of bed to use the bathroom without falling down onto the floor (unless he had me at his side).  The pain was unbearable for him, and all I could do is try to comfort him, encourage him, and pray for him. 


    One thing I would suggest trying for some of the physical pain is using a heating pad.  This usually helps the back and shoulder area to feel just a bit better, especially when you either lie down on the pad, or put it behind your back and shoulders on a recliner or chair (if you're able to sit in one).  My husband used to feel sick anytime he tried to sit up at all, and so he was bedridden for many years.  The doctors tried him on many different pain medications, and none of them gave him the relief he so desperately needed, until I finally talked the doctor into giving him Morphine (extended release).  I also massaged his shoulders, neck, and back whenever I could.   Something that is very good for fibromyalgia is Magnesium.  In fact, Magnesium is good for so many of your bodily functions, including not only the muscles and fibers etc. but also for the heart and so on.  But not just any magnesium will do.  The kind that helps fibro patients the most is call Magnesium with Malic Acid or Malate.  Look it up in Google or something, and I believe it is the main ingredient in MSM.  I have my husband on three doses of it a day, and it really helps.  He's also been on a muscle relaxant for many years, because it helps those tight painful muscles to loosen up a bit and not hurt so much. What about a hot bath or a jacuzzi pool?  I know it's hard because of the overwhelming weakness, but if you can manage to try it, it could really help with the pain.  The last thing my husband ever wanted to do was use narcotic pain medicine like Morphine, but I helped him to realize that it was better to be on the medicine than it was to be in a fetal position and in tears all day.  Don't you agree?  The Morphine changed his life.  He continued to be unable to work or do much of anything, but at least he wasn't in contant torture from the unbearable pain anymore.

    Something that can help the energey levels is Coenzyme Q 10 or CoQ10 for short.  It helps the heart function better and helps the cells to produce energy (which is the main problem with CFS).  If I could afford to, I would have my husband on 400 mg. a day, but we can't.  But many CFS patients can get a little bit of help with their energy levels with 100 or 200 mg. of it a day.  You may not notice it for a while, but believe me, you will be doing your body good by taking it.  They also found that my husband had a low functioning thyroid, which made matters even worse, but then he was put on thyroid medication.  

    He also had a severe hormone imblance due to the low thyroid problem, and so he's had to have some hormone replacement therapy (which is what actually got him from being totally bedridden - to being able to get up without falling down onto the floor.  He couldn't take showers for over two decades due to severe weakness, until the hormone replacement therapy gave him enough energy to stand up long enough.  

    So although he is still unable to work and is mostly homebound (except for doctors appointments etc.) at keast now (decades later) he can get up out of bed without falling, take showers, and get around our small home.  He can now sit up without always feeling so sick that he has to lay back down again. 

    I want you to know that I'll be praying for you and thinking of you, and that you can write to me at any time and ask any questions you may have, and I will cosider it a privilege to help you in any way I can.  Hang in there, and don't be afraid to try some of these things I have mentioned, ok? Hope to hear from you soon, and that I have been able to be of some encouragement to you.  Sincerely, Sandy

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      Thank you for your comments, Sandy. I found them to be particularly helpful.    One thing that I gleaned is that I have currently been taking a very small dosage of CQ10.  I am going to try increasing that.  Do you have any other great advice?

      Let  your husband know that someone out here is rooting for the two of you, as well as for Sharon, and thanks again.  God bless you.


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