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want to wean off suboxone

OK here goes.. hope I get some responses. ...took percocet from Dr for a few years for chronic pain..10 5mg daily.. they stopped working and I was sick and tired of being sick..I didn't want to take more and more the story goes...anyways I was given suboxone from Dr. ..started at 2mg but that was terrible..up to 8 MG now on third day felt no withdraws just real crabby and very achy from arthritis...I've been on for 7 days but question...can I start to lower dose just a little now so I can get off these ASAP. ..Please help

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  • sherry49203

    Yes, its never to early to start tapering off and you can taper fairly quickly. I'm not sure if you are aware but you have replaced one opiate with another? The downer (and your doctor should have known this) is that by swapping to subutex you have actually made things a little worse as subutex binds to all three opiate receptors in the brain where as oxy only strongly binds to one which makes it physically more difficult to get off. Dont freek out I just want to give as much info as poss. My choice would have been to taper off the oxy then drop to dyhydrocodine and taper that further. Taper as quickly as you feel comfortable if you start feeling withdrawal syndrome take one step back and slow down a little.

    If you have problems with the final step off, as subutex is quite strong, and you cant go back to something like dyhydrocodine something that may help you depending where you are, it may be worth asking your Dr for some pregabalin, I found it stops the nastiest of the withdrawal syndrome (itchy bones, joints and the jerks), its off label usage in most countries, dosage is dependent on you and your opiate usage level and your weight but once you have tapered as much as you can it should be fairly low, I ( I'm a big fella at 160kg) needed 900mg every 3hours once I had dropped to 120mg of dyhydrocodine per day (could have dropped to 30mg but as my gp was prepaird to give me pregabalin I figured there was no time like the present. It took 5 days till the worst had past. It won't help with the diarrhea that will hit but that doesn't last long, a few days, and also you will feel like you have a touch of flu but all should be over within 10 days max.

    You will still "want" and for some that is the hard bit but if your not in with people who supply illicit drugs then it is somewhat easier, oh and give your Dr strict instructions not to let you go back as they will. (Though that could bite you if you decide you can't cope with the pain)

    One last thing you will feel a bit low for a few weeks (post opiate depression is normal) especially as your pain will get worse as your body needs time to start producing its own natural opiates, if you weren't in pain this would manifest mainly as joint and muscle pain, but as another pain sufferer it usually isn't that noticeable next to your primary pain.

    You may find you can't deal with your primary pain and need some help with it. Unfortunately for some pain opiates are your only choice but there are ways of taking them to keep low dosages useful and there are some drugs that ar'nt addictive that OK won't give you the same relief but may help, just post back here if you have any further questions or worries.

    Just one last thing don't go back to your full prescribed dose after tapering off for a while, just go back up to the next step as it were.

    I wish you all the very best and hope you beat your dependency.

    • Guest

      thank you for taking the time to's nice to know I'm not doing this...alone .so if I'm doing 8mg on today is 10the day tomorrow should I do 8mg for a few days that correct friend....I'm kinda glad to know that feeling a little achy is normal even while on suboxone...I just want a life..a normal one as much as possible..these perch have wrecked my whole took my personality and trying to take my soul and that's not happening...please if you can when you have time ...please keep in touch with me so I feel I'm on the right track...God bless you for helping me...

  • sherry49203

    Hiya, you are welcome, its not easy on your own. Yes aches and pains are normal. Regarding tapering you just want to try and avoid the full blown withdrawal, only you will know how much is right for you but as long as you are moving in the right direction. I don't have any personal experience with subutex, the switch terrifies me, so always preferred stepping down a standard opiate. If you start feeling uncomfortable maybe go back up by half what you reduced by, I'm just not sure how bigger step 1mg is unfortunately. But at 10% i am guessing it will be ok. But bare in mind its all about percentages, you will be able to take larger steps to begin with but as you reach lower levels you may find that the step between say 2mg and 1mg too much being a 50% drop. Do you have anything else to help with the arthritis? If you don't mind me asking, which country are you in (or time zone would do) ? I am in the UK. I have this thread marked so will do my best to reply quickly but its just my phone so data isn't on all the time.

    • Guest

      hey.....thanks for info. ...suboxone is a partial opiate not like subtext. my Dr recommends to go slow so for sure that's what I will do. ..I know I'm going to suffer a little but it's better than being on pain med forever..I'm a pretty strong person but only time will tell..I'm a little stressed about the whole thing but I have your try one day at a time...I'm from Canada. ..ty for your is very appreciated

  • sherry49203

    Hi sherry49203, I am also tapering from Oxycontin, I work full time so need to be able to function at the same time. I have gone down from 350-400mg per day for over the past few years to now being on 180mg per day. I am only 5ft 2 and 7 stone, so it was a lot for my body. However even at 400mg a day I didn't feel as if it was enough. It has taken me 4 month to get here and I have had so many days where I have slipped and took more than I'm suppose to. I have 2 chronic pain diseases and require surgery under general anaesthetic every 6-8 weeks. So it is very hard to stop completely. However I am trying. I hate that they rule my life. I can't go more than 3 hours without craving them. I'm doing a lot of yoga and meditation which has really helped. Every time I feel really anxious I either do 10-30 mins of yoga, or meditate for just 5 minutes sometimes. But I still get the cravings and the aches and pains. I also get really depressed and anxious.

    I used to be prescribed Tramadol and managed to stop that cold turkey when I fell pregnant after taking it for 5 years. It was hellish for about a month and then I just felt fine. I don't think theres any chance I could do that now. The best incentive for m before was being pregnant, but right now I don't really have as much incentives. 

    But as you cut down its all worth it because you feel such a weight has been lifted. It gives you motivation o keep going. I also find that keeping an hourly diary helps. I write up what I've taken and how I feel every hour. Even just a few words like, feeling v. depressed or not as sweaty as normal. It sounds stupid but it helps to look back on and see how far you've come. 

    I am more than happy to message and see how you are getting on. I am finding some days extremely difficult just now. I am in hospital for surgery tomorrow. I'll be back out on Wednesday. Keep going with it and I'll try and help if I can. 

    Take care. 

    • Inkypinky

      thank you for responding..I'm happy to hear your progress and you are doing so well.I understand it's easy to say and everyday is one day more of making us better...I'm here for you also..please let me know how your surgery went...I'm down to 4mg of suboxone and it's been 12 days percocet free and I know I still have a way to go but I already feel the demon leaving..I did get the percocet from Dr for chronic pain..he is a wonderful Dr and tried to wean me down from percs but I couldn't do it on my own...I'm going to do this and will never take them again .they wreck so many lives..addiction wether it's this or smoking eating fumbling or anything...only we can stop it it we really are determined...I pray for any one reading this is to know you are the boss and it's not easy but it can be accomplished if you truly want to...thank you to you that posted a response. .I truly pray for you all...

    • sherry49203

      Surgery went ok thanks. I was in a lot of pain in recovery so they had to give me a rather large dose of Fentynal. For 2 days post surgery I took a lot more Oxy than normal and the odd thing was the more I took the more anxious I became. Yesterday I cut back down and was sweating and depressed most of the day. But actually feel better today. I'm just really struggling with the anxiety and lack of motivation from withdrawal. Going to try hard though to keep going.

      How are you getting on? Still on the right track?

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