Was diagnosed with endometriosis got pregnant now my period is even worse than before

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Hello all!

A little background on myself got my period at the age of 12 at 17 years old I would get severe stomach aches and would go several days even weeks without a bowel movement. My parents took me to GI doctors who informed I had IBS as the years went on saw several family doctors and GIs they told me the same thing. I have had a few colonoscopies and endoscopies as well. Nothing ever resulted. Few times even went to the ER for blood in my stool and just severe pain. They would say eat healthier, exercise more and take Miralax or this medication or that. I did everything nothing ever worked!

Forward a couple years my husband and I decided after being married for a few years let's try to have kids. After four years of trying and still being miserable with stomach aches and terrible periods. I started seeing an OBGYN told her my symptoms and that we were trying to get pregnant. She gave me a couple suggestions and they didn't work. She referred us to a Reproductive Specialist and when I sat down with her and listed my symptoms she looked me square in the face and said I bet you have endometriosis but I won't know for sure unless we do surgery! So we scheduled surgery after about 2.5-3 hrs in surgery I was diagnosed with stage 2 borderline stage 3 endometriosis. After surgery I felt amazing no stomach aches I was able to go to the bathroom felt like a million bucks. Then we got pregnant a month after surgery which was amazing ( since I was told we had less than a 5% chance) no issues at all during my pregnancy! Still feeling like a million bucks. Had our little girl in October of 2016 and a couple months later the period was back and with a vengeance! It is so bad I have it now for about 2 weeks at a time I'm so tired irritable in pain and bleed so much I almost get sick. Last period I was playing with my daughter stood up and seriously felt like I wet myself so go into the bathroom blood soaked underwear and the toilet had so much blood I didn't know what to do.

I don't know if it is too soon to have another laparoscopy done to help since I had to have an emergency c section in October or what to do? I have read about ladies being diagnosed with endometrial cancer not sure what to do. Any insight would be wonderful!

Ps I no longer live relatively close to my doctor who diagnosed me we moved back closer to family once we found out we were expecting!!

Thank you jenni

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    I'm so glad you've got your baby!

    For sure, you need to see a doctor, soon. Not because I think it's cancer, but because you shouldn't be losing that much blood. I'm not a doctor so I don't know what's wrong any more than anyone else here.

    It's human nature for our thoughts to go straight to cancer when a big new symptom shows up, and looking up symptoms online pretty much always tells us that if we can inhale, we have cancer. My suggestion is that you call your old doc 1st thing in the morning and ask for her suggestions. Perhaps she even knows a good doc in your area. If not, ask her if she'll contact the doc in your area & share your history.

    If you can't reach her, try to get in to see someone else this week. Meanwhile tho it's gross, take pictures of any blood -- in the toilet, on your clothes, etc. It will help docs understand what's going on.

    If they cleaned endo off your bowel before, it could be there again. When you cycle, that blood can come through the intestinal wall & end up in your stool. Be sure to check.

    Hope you get some help soon.

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      Thank you! She is definitely a wonderful blessing!

      So I was able to get an appointment with a fertility doctor who specializes in endometriosis but my appointment is not until August 30. In the meantime I am just going to document everything and if need be I will take pictures! I also lucked out and found all of my medical records from my doctor; should be good to go!

      I have a good feeling it's not cancer but I always have to be a little Leary as I had an aunt pass away from ovarian cancer. Cancer does run in my family so I'm just a little more cautious. My husband was diagnosed with cancer 3 months after we got engaged so when it comes to our health we are very good at listening to our bodies and going in if something doesn't seem right.

      Thanks again for replying!!


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      Oh my, Jenni, you do have more reason than just our instinctive fear-response to be thinking about cancer. If things get really bad -- and that bleeding incident qualified to my mind as Really Bad -- go to the ER, please.

      While keeping records, make note of the shade of any blood passed rectally, with or without stool. If it's bright, it's more apt to be coming from something close to the anus; if dark, it's more apt to come from further up. Sorry I can't be more (grossly) specific than that, but it helps the docs to know and a photo may or may not give enough contrast for them to see more than just "heck yeah, lady, that's some blood!"

      I am glad about everything with the docs and your records save that you have to wait so long. Why docs think they need vacations like ordinary folk is beyond me! Just yesterday I was in ER for pinched nerve in hip & leg. Should've accepted admission that was offered, only allowed out because I promised to see either of 2 ortho guys or my neurosurgeon soon ... and that's impossible because it's summertime. My case of course is only about a pain that will pass with time, unlike your situation tho we can always hope & pray. If they have a wait list for cancellations I hope that you put yourself on it.

      We are always here, Jenni.

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      Thank you so much for your caring thoughts it truly means a lot to me!

      I wish you the best of luck with your pinched nerve that is never a fun thing to deal with! Hope you can get an answer and have a speedy recovery!

      I told my husband that I am a little relieved that my appointment is a month away that will give me more time to document stuff as I failed miserably to write stuff or take pictures this month as I have been busy.

      Thanks again and Best of Luck to you!!

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