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has anyone ever felt weakness in one limb more than the other? ANYONE?

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    oh yeah my right side from face to foot had it for a while only on the outside of arm and leg

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    Forgive me as my mind has been everywhere. I thought I was the only one.

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    its seems like it is just never ending. I better hang on because my situation just got underway.

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    At different times I did feel specific areas of pain maybe in one limb over the other Jorge, it can be normal during mono to feel all sorts of weird aches and pains, I remember I had a horrible phase of muscle and joint pain / aches and even bruising which really frightened me, but again with God's help only it did pass.

    Hoping these awful pains can settle down Jorge, thinking of you and hoping this can be a more settled and better week.


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      I hope they settle down as well Craig. My mind just feels overworked dealing with these symptoms. I will continue to keep this forum close to me as it is all I have. Thank you

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    hi Jorge,

    some days when i wake, i am scared so i comb through pages of this forum to find familiar symptoms as others - so then i can go about my day without fear and anxiety

    even though its difficult to do~

    i had weakness in hands/arms a little in beginning -and now i have it equally in arms-all over really

    legs have been jelly to for months*


    here's an old post i found-

    "I clearly remember the weakness in my legs and in my left arm because I got terrified I had MS and demanded an MRI (it was before I got my mono-diagnosis"

    hope that helps!

    take care

    healing prayers to you and all on this forum

    like i said before

    we're all here to help e/o

    Craig is our rock here-

    he has the best most comforting words-

    you'll make it through ok


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      Starr how far along are you and what percent recovery do you feel i am 6 months at least and am starting a new job going from an ironworker to working at the mill ive worked at for 8 years and though the job will be easier its kind of scary transitioning while i still feel ill.

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      Thats what I do exactly, Star. I get on here and look through all the posts. The last few days I've been on here just scrolling through the various posts. Thank you very much for sending me that older post. It has helped a bit. I'll tell you what Star. I'm going to be sticking around for quite sometime.

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      Thanks for your kind words Starr, it means a lot as I've been going through a very tough time this last few days over some worrying news I received and just don't know what to do, really need God's help. If you could keep me in your prayers just now it would mean a lot, that God would protect and strengthen me and my loved ones.

      I hope you are doing okay today, I just pray for the Lord's grace, mercy and healing hand in your life today Starr, in Jesus name. Praying for His divine intervention, all things are possible with God and to us who believe. Praise God for that.

      Thinking about you and thanks as always for being so supportive of me - you have supported and lifted up me and others so much on the forum Starr, don't underestimate how much good you have been doing through that, God sees that and is pleased with you I truly believe that.


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      It's definitely a really good forum Jayce as Starr says, so many people who are kind, compassionate, supporting and truly understand how painful and awful it is to go through mono / glandular fever and how deeply it can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.

      You will get through it Jayce, it's a horrible virus but it does get better with time, it can be so intense and draining and take so much out of you and away from you, but your health and resilience and strength will come back with time Jayce, truly it will - just so frustrating it can take a bit of time with this, but with time and God of course you will get there - hang in there and thinking about you - you WILL get better and be back to fully health again, I TRULY believe that.


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      sorry Josh for my late late response^*

      I got hit hard overnight, 8/14/18

      One day went to work, that night did yoga-

      next day woke up

      sick sick

      no easing into this for me

      just been very hard the whole way through.

      percent of recovery

      maybe: 50% if that-?

      still feel like i have a ways to go.....?

      Im almost at month 10

      some symptoms have come/gone/while others persist and seem stuck

      it changes from hour to hour/week to week/month to month at times-

      the latest right arm super weak


      almost limp feeling at times?

      very nervous about it

      as typically my weakness is systemic and not localized?!


      headaches/off balance/

      legs got hit hard too

      low back


      muscle weakness......


      body just feels unwell at times.....

      seems relentless at this point-

      its all very overwhelming.....

      im doing ok but havnt had a symptom free day yet***?

      im confused about the whole process-of healing

      waiting for a symptom free day so i then know im in the recovery phase i guess?

      maybe im healing but seems like one symptoms goes/gets traded off for another?

      i hope you are ok working

      how are you feeling

      and what percentage are you at?

      healing prayers to you!

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      thank u Craig!!!

      again thank u for your kind words and encouragement

      i hope you are ok

      and im praying for all here!

      im trying to stay calm

      but am having right arm weakness


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      this forum is of far more use than any DR who has not been through this

      no one knows the terror we feel/face daily

      its crazy there is no cure/pill no research or support for this dreadful thing!?!?!

      i hope you are doing well

      how is your arm?

      my right arm two days ago started going weak/a little jelly feeling?!


      and im 10 mos in almost

      its sore when i use it and feels limp almost

      i went and got a brain MRI because of it

      rule out the scary stuff

      waiting on that-

      this is like standing on a cliff daily and wondering if youre going to plummet


      the fluctuations in sypmtoms and the persistant ones keep me guessing no control or wondering whats next its tough to hit cruise control and heal on up

      how are you feeling?

      did your arm get better or even out?

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      Hi Starr,

      It's always good to see posts from you, still hoping and praying for you to be well and I believe God is going to complete the healing work He's already started in, hang in there.

      Thanks so much for praying for me too, I've had a tough couple of weeks myself with a headache on one side of my head that seems to have come out of nowhere and struggling to get rid of, went to the hospital last weekend and seen the doctor a couple of times but they can't seem to do much other than give me painkillers which not really been helping much. So your prayers are always appreciated Starr, they really are!

      It's so hard to stay calm when getting all these symptoms you are getting, I hope that the right arm weakness settles down, your body has taken a real beating with this thing but it will recover Starr, I am convinced of this - remember my experience and the experience of quite a few others on here when talking about Year 2 - it was like a walk in the park compared to the horrors of Year 1 with mono, truly it was Starr, don't get me wrong I was still fragile and just had to watch what I was doing and be wise, but generally I was able to live well and healthily through that second year - I am praying that it will be the same for you and I have faith that a breakthrough is on its way from God.

      Thinking about you and keep the head up!


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