Weakness in legs

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Just wondering what I can do as my legs feel like marshmallow after Christmas shopping today, I can hardly walk.

I can't take ibuprofen cos it upsets my tummy.

Doctors are sick of seeing me too and I still have five weeks till my neuro appointment.

Worried I'm going to wake up tomorrow and not be able to move rolleyes

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    I know exactly how you feel!

    I've dealt with the weak "heavy" sensation in my legs for a few years now!

    I am in very good physical shape and really hate the leg weakness that I go through everyday!

    I have L-5 S-1 bulging discs but that is not what is causing this!

    It took me 3 years to find out I have what is called an annular tear in my spine, I'm told this is what is causing it!

    Kinda sick and tired of being told to take opiates and doing steroid shots!

    They do 0,nothing,nada for the tear!

    You have to jump through insurance hoops and concede to all of these treatments that do not help!

    From what I've researched this annular tear can be repaired fairly easy but insurance won't pay for it,they call it "elective"!

    You're only going to get as well as insurance will let you! Ridiculous!

    Anyway be sure to ask about annular tears and if you may have that too!

    Good luck!

    Let me know how it goes!

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    Hi Essexgirlinpain,

    Do you have any idea which levels of your spine may be affecting your walking? I have c/s at levels c4,5,6,7 c6-7 are the worst and are responsible for spinal cord being trapped by osteophytes, bony spurs, that have pushed some way into the spinal cord. I have bladder and bowel problems along with the usual loss of strength in fingers, hands, arms and shoulders and spasmodic jerking. Interestingly within the last 6 months I have started to get weakness of my legs, much more than before but I keep being told that c/s does not cause leg problems, I BEG TO DIFFER.

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      Hi, no not sure where the problem is yet as my stupid gp won't send me for an mri, I've been told to wait and see a neurologist in January.

      Another gp set that appointment up as she thinks I have ms.

      After my legs went two weeks ago a locum gp requested an xray of my neck and back .Only the neck was done (where they noticed an issue) and the radiologist requested that the gp order an mri for my back instead of an xray, but they won't do it.

      I'm now today in the process of changing gp surgeries as I'm so sick of being ignored. According to yet another gp , my dizziness is high blood pressure, despite me arguing the dizziness only comes on with head movement rolleyes

      I've had so many antidepressants thrown at me for dizziness and agoraphobia (as dizziness was most prevalent in a supermarket) with no investigation into anything until someone mentioned ms. But ms doesn't come with symptoms in this way from my understanding, it comes in chunks of time, not depending on how you move or sit.

      Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm going with the locums diagnosis at the moment of cs./csm

      I'm just frightened I'm going to wake up one day and not be able to move at all sad

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      Absolutely time to find a new Dr.

      I went through similar things with trying to get diagnosed correctly!

      I went through humiliating female tests just to prove them wrong!

      (Ya,they always blame the "female parts" )

      It took me over 3 years and moving to another state to get answers!

      Why a DR in this day and age wouldn't order a simple MRI is reprehensible! I was actually tested for MS also...I cannot tell you how many tests and being probed,prodded and handed drugs,even though they where absolutely clueless!

      My primary Dr had the nerve to tell me she was putting in my history that I was uncooperative! (I told her to do just that, so when I prove her wrong I'll sue her butt!

      Fire the whole bunch you've dealt with and find a new resource if at all possible!

      (My horrible experience was in Conway Arkansas )....

      Not sure of your location but don't take NO for an answer!

      I didnt,I was right!

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      I'm in the UK, and as far as being poked and prodded, yep that's me too.

      My blood pressure is high, but I found one gp that was willing to do it five times whilst asking me to relax, so she said she thinks it was white coat syndrome, but will any other gp in that stupid surgery listen... No!

      I too have had specific lady poking too, I've ended up with a mirena as well which from day three after I've had really awful heart palpitations from as well.

      I'm beginning to think I only have anxiety due to that retched doctors surgery!

      I've filled out my forms tonight for the new surgery tomorrow, here's hoping they aren't all awful too.

      Now I'm just trying to decide whether to order myself a walking stick of eBay, my god I'm 40 years old and needing a walking stick cos I look like I'm drunk when walking rolleyes

      Oh hum thus is life eh

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      Hi I had the same problem my gp would not listen I kept telling them to mri my left side sholder but they kept doing the bottem of my back and when they finally did do one on my sholder they found cevical spondiosis I have leg weakness and all that I changed gp u have to put your foot down xx
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    Not you, but reading your post infuriates me only because I have been there. I had to BEG my doctor to get an MRI only to get the results that night and sent off to a neurologist and surgery literally the next Monday.

    Sit down and document all of your feelings, sensations and whatever else pertains to how you feel. Then literally, go to the hospital and insist on seeing an ER doctor and DO NOT leave until they take an MRI. 

    I was in a position where I was almost a quadriplegic. In fact, my doctor would not tell me if I would get back to half the way I was prior to this surgery. 

    Go now ... !

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