Week #3 on 30mg Mirt*

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Seriously tho, are these crazy vivid dreams necessary!!!? I havent slept a thorough night since I started Mirt, I dream ALLLLL night long, talk in my sleep as well, freaked my teenage daughter right out the other morning she was coming to wake me in the morning and I could here my own self talking in my dream and I snapped awake and saw her standing there, scared her to hear me talking in my sleep. but really, if this is considered a bad side effect then should I be taken off the Mirt*? recuced?...increased?...holy frig I cant imagine being increased, maybe then I will start acting out in my dreams>

I am not normally an avid dreamer at all. so this is like I am going to the friggin MOVIES every single night!!!

I wake every single hour or 1.5 hours all night long until about 3 , sometimes 4 am when i have had ENOUGH and I get up for the day...thats crazy, Ive been getting up at 3 or 4am every day for the last 3 weeks , no joke.

I do not like this medicine much...it is doing things like this to my brain , its dangerous i think. It has worked well for my anxiety yes, very well...but as far as the rest goes...i think its for the roosters man.

It does not even state in the information panphlet its proof of use...

Its exact words are this:

*The way Mirtazapine works the treat depression is UNKNOWN, it is THOUGHT to have an effect in the brain on chemicals called seratonin and norepinephrine.*

now this is kind of scary to me, the words, THOUGHT and UNKNOWN.

thats pretty F****D.

I will get some definate answers or come of this crazy sh*t

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    I was on this a while ago 45mg they do give you crazy dreams at first it does settle down I came off them due to weight gain and sleep apnea although they are brilliant for anxiety and depression and I have it bad as I'm diagnosed with GAD I recently went back onto them and still have me sleep apnea very frightening it's gone now I've stopped although they do effect people in different ways doc said this is rare but you need to be on them for at least 8 weeks
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    Hi, I wouldn't worry too much about the pamphlet wording, my psychiatrist has said the exact same thing, no one really knows how antidepressants work, just that they do in most circumstances.

    I too had some severe dreams/nightmares when I started mirtazapine and stopped taking it because of this.  It wasn't until I stopped that I realised just how much it helped my anxiety and sleep so I restarted it (although it doesn't help my depression).

    The vivid dreams came back but soon reduced once I'd been on 30mg for a few weeks.

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      thanks for your input.... i dont know but the dreams are getting out of hand, all night every night for 3 weeks straight...i can handle the anxiety more than this to be honest,

      i will bring it up to my doc and will go through  the 8 weeks but really, this is just rediculous!!!!

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    quick update....tho I still dream BIG crazy dreams, Last night I only got out of bed once for my usual god damn chocolate fudge cookies , and that was at midnight....I went back to bed and the next time I opened my eyes was at 530 this morning!!

    That is success in my eyes....Maybe the Mirt* is taking a little break from annoying me all night long lol

    But I feel absolutely wonderful this morning.!! about 6 hours of straight dreamland sleep.

    I damn well deserve it!

    As a recovering alcoholic and now a non smoker, a single mother of 6 amazing kids, I have not the simplest little life , its quite busy and I am ever greatful for my sleep when I get it.

    I have much faith in Mirtazapine at the moment... smile

    Feeling great!



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    Hi Guys

    Yes, they do know how medication works..The structure and binding of each and every medication can be explained if requested from the doctor, or other sources such as the internet.You will see the little "hexagon diagrams" that represent the dynamnics regarding all medication.Keep in mind when you ask a doctor for information, you will be given a detailed print out but  general verbal information in regards to depression.Doctors are not "speacilised" in Mental health, their information, though sufficent enough to prescribe medication is done so based on "symptoms" .A Psychiatrist is a doctor who further goes to study Psychology and the brain,and unlike a Psychologist, they are able to prescribe medication because of their prior MD..There are many grey areas in mental health and regardless of factual information many diagnoses and relative mental health is theory based. Anti depresents work on the chemicals in the brain.Mirtz works also on Dopamine, Dompamine is the chemical that is responsible for hallucinations and such effects you would get when smoking Marijuana..Marijuana increases Dopamine.Mitrz is also considered a Hypnotic..I had the ocassional vivd dream when on Dopamine, which went away in respectable time.However I personaly think if the dreams are extreme , fearful and remain for an unhealthy period of time, I would be looking at other possibilties.A fact to consider is the Mirtz is not responsible for creating "dreams" it is only using the information that is already in the brain..A chemical imbalance, be it an increase or decrease would make your cognitions impared, aswell as your sensation and perception.This also goes for the endocrine system..What causes the imbalance is another subject..Many mental "disorders" have similar symptons.Increasing some chemicals would be detremental to some pathological diagnoses.Such as Schizophrenia, which is viewed as the "umberella" for other pathological disorders, such as BI-polar..Mirtz is also said to increase dopamine release in the prefrontal cortex...From what you explain regarding your sleep, I wouldnt be to concerned about " acting" out your dreams.You enter REM sleep stage approximately 90 mins after falling asleep and dreams are likely to occur  at REM stage.REM sleep is also referred to as paradoxical sleep because while the brain and other body systems become more active, muscles become more relaxed. Dreaming occurs due because of increased brain activity, but voluntary muscles become paralyzed....

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      Hi Autralia

      That was an interesting and informative read...thank you.!

      Oddly enough, since writing my last post , I have slept 6 hours the last 2 nights in a row, and my dreaming has minimized. by minimized I mean, the dreams are still occuring but they are not so intense as to boly me upright out of my sleep every hour during the night.

      I guess after the 3rd week on 30mg of Mirt, the side effects are changing, like they should be... I am hopeful, and not giving up on this wonder drug... thank you for your very helpful information, I absolutely get intrigued by knowledge...


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