Week 8, blood test normal, still feel sick! Vertigo & Mono

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Hi All, just an update on where I’m at.

I was diagnosed with Mono 7 weeks ago and since then have had an up and down recovery with various symptoms, mainly night sweat, loss of appetite and general illness feeling.

Over this time I have tried to manage stress because it seemed to impact my recovery. I have been off work but also moving countries. I have now left New York and I’m back home in Sydney. 

I saw my doctor this week and he did a blood test and said that the blood test was completely normal, normal inflation markers, blood count, kidney and liver test and vitamins all normal.

In general for the past 2 weeks I have been feeling fine aswell. Although for the last 5 days I have had bad vertigo and nausea, this is a symptom I never had before with the mono. My doctor said it could just be viral but now I’m Paranoid after being sick so long.

Has anyone had vertigo as a symptom or mono?

Is it normal to still feel sick even though blood work is showing normal?

Trying to calm my thoughts as I always think worse case and worry that it is fine thing else. Booked in again to see the doctor next week but just wanted some insight from any first hand experience.

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    Yes it is normal. Try not to panic. Remember your immune system and glands have just been on a marathon and it takes a very long time to recover. You just have to take it easy and think that one day you will be over all this. I'm in month 7 and don't feel great...but each week I can see a slight improvement. Hang in there...we will all get through this together.

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      Vertigo, nausea, anxiety, extreme tiredness, headaches, glands acheing, and body aches is all part of the symptoms that everyone has to go through. There is some other symptoms but I think it's just mainly your body reacting to that part of the virus you are fighting

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      Yes I agree, coming back to this site always reassures me. At times it feels like it’s never ending. Then when you think your better it gets worse, that’s when I get paranoid that something else is wrong with me.

      This nausea and vertigo is just lingering so long. Not having a proper appetite my wife is starting to think I am making it up because the blood test showed normal levels 

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      Hey Thomas,

      It's totally understandable to feel how you have been feeling, I felt that way during the virus as well, mentally it is so tough as well as physically because of the longevity and the constant battering your body takes over a sustained period.

      But as Dodge says most definitely you WILL get better! Totally agree Dodge that it is a marathon, it just takes time for your body to draw breath and get back to strength and stability again after this. So don't panic if it takes a little while, because that can be normal and in no way does it mean anything else is going on or that you won't recovery fully - I truly believe you will and just hang in there for now and focus on getting through each day when not feeling great, that's the hardest part and know that God is looking after the bigger picture and is going to pull you through, I have faith in that!

      Thinking about you too Dodge, and also just want to reassure and encourage that there is hope and that you will get there with this - it took me a few months longer than the stage you are at just now but I did get there thanks to God - you will get that breakthrough and it will come - hoping and praying for that to come soon and God willing praying that you have weathered the worst of this now and that things will improve from here on in.


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      Hi Craig,

      Sorry to jump into this conversation but I have seen your responses on many posts & would value your opinion. I've had glandular fever since mid Sept & I'm starting to feel a lot better than I was. My main symptoms now are stomach pain & occasional liver pain (my liver enzymes were massively elevated & are now returning to normal levels). Did you suffer with any stomach pain & if so, do you have any tips on how to relieve it? I'm guessing this is maybe a result of inflammation.

      Also I've had 2 complete blood counts since Sept (last one was mid Oct) how often did you have your blood checked & is it something I should have regularly?

      Lastly, I'm still having mild night sweats, is this something you suffered with & if so, did they subside or last the duration of your illness?

      Hope you don't mind me asking for some general advice. There's a lot of scare mongering on the internet so after advice from genuine people who understand & have recovered.

      Best wishes


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      Hi Gill,

      So sorry to hear you've been going through such a hard few months with glandular fever, really empathising having been through a hard time myself with it many years again. Of course don't mind you messaging at all! I'm no medical or glandular fever expert of anything though do remember just someone who was touched deeply by his own experience of going through and wants to let others know there is hope and recovery from this horrible virus!

      It's hard to remember everything that went on when I went through it, I do remember the initial months and phase you are in right now being BY FAR the hardest and just want to reassure you that this will pass Gill and you will get through this and get better again. I had aches and pains in the kind of mid-chest-stomach area which I know is very common due to the glands in there, and have read a lot of other folk saying they have had actual stomach / digestive issues when going through the virus so I do think this can be a symptom for sure. Of course it's always worth checking in with the doc about it all though, and don't feel bad if you have to keep knocking at their door although I know it can be so wearying and frustrating especially if you feel the doctors are not fully grasping how hard this virus can be go to through.

      I had some night sweats too, it wasn't total drenching or anything but I remember having some and I do think this can be normal especially when bothered with low grade fever, which was symptom which really wiped me out and made me feel horrible and drained all the time.

      In terms of things to help, vitamins and herbs did help me during recovery. Not an overnight cure or anything of course but certainly can help your immune system cope with things much better and just strengthen your system during this tough time. A good strong multi-vitamin per day (Immunace Extra is the one I have taken here in the UK and find good), higher doses of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day), a B complex vitamin per day and/or Co-enzyme Q10 (very good for energy levels and nervous system) and immune boosting herbs like siberian ginseng and echinacea. Vitamin D especially in the winter also good. But again all this just from my own experience of it helping me, and always worth looking into yourself of course based on your own medical history etc.

      Whilst I don't think it's essential or anything to have blood tests done, I do think it's wise if possible to get one done every 2 or 3 months if possible when feeling unwell, as much for reassurance as anything when feeling unwell because it is so worrying when it goes on for a while and you start to wonder what's going on. I was the same as you Gill my liver enzymes were elevated at one point during the virus, but it did return to normal again and most blood tests I had after the inital one which diagnosed me showed normal, which was good of course but frustrating in a sense that I still felt so unwell - this is normal with glandular fever Gill and want to reassure you that you will recovery and get through this!

      The night sweats and all the symptoms did subside for me over time - as I say it did take me a while to get there and went through the same kind of stresses and worries and 'googling' that I think most people do when they try to understand what's going on when this thing hits them - and remember Gill it's only the scare stories you read on there, the VAST VAST majority of people make a FULL recovery from this thing - and remember to try and not panic if it takes a little while, this is normal too but absolutely you will get there, and this phase right now the first 2-3 months I remember were so awful, so just cope with each day at a time right now and remember the intensity will lessen and even if recovery isn't overnight or immediate, absolutely you WILL get back to full health again. Take it from me as someone who at one stage was very unsure as to whether would live a normal life again, just grateful that God brought recovery with time and I believe He is going to pull you through this too and you will get there Gill!

      Message any time and do let us know how you are doing, and the guys on the forum here are so encouraging and do understand what it's like it's such a supportive place to be, would recommend this forum rather than any general googling when feeling down or worried about anything to do with the virus (and of course seeing the doc!)

      Thinking about you and remember you are going to get through this and get well again, it's so hard to go through Gill and just be kind to yourself and get as much rest and reduce as much stress as possible - even if means taking extended time out of work or responsibilities or whatever - absolutely do put your health first right now your body needs that time and space to recover from this (and you will recover with time!).


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      Thank you Craig. I visited the nurse at my local surgery today & she did a few checks on me & believes I'm over the worst stage. Had good news that my liver enzymes have returned to normal range & latest full blood count looks good.

      Remaining positive that I'm over the worst & hopefully the night sweats & occasional stomach pains subside soon. I will look into the supplements you've mentioned, I haven't taken any up to now as was conscious of ongoing liver tests & wasn't sure how they may impact. Will obviously get advice on this too.

      Thank you Craig for your lovely response & personal experience. I've seen some of your other responses on this forum & you are a good person offering your reassurance & advice to others. This virus is awful & can make you feel down & scared, it's people like you that bring people affected by this back up again.

      Best wishes & take care


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      Hi Gill,

      Thanks so much for your kind words, I do appreciate them! Been going through tough time with various things too this last year or so, so any encouraging words helps me greatly and the people on the forum have been so kind and supportive to me!

      Absolutely Gill this virus is so awful and I remember how terrible it made me feel physically and mentally over a period of longevity. It really is a draining and exhausting thing to go through, but remember you will get through it Gill and no matter how tough things might seem now please know there is hope and is recovery from this thing - take it from me as someone who was unsure at times if there ever would be - but God brought me through just grateful for that and I do believe you will get through this and over it I truly believe that! It just takes time which is so hard to deal with mentally too I know, but you absolutely will get FULLY over it with time I truly believe that in Jesus name.

      Hoping that the blood tests can help reassure and put your mind at rest, it is good to hear that the liver enzymes are more settled that is excellent news. Hoping so much these night sweats and stomach symptoms and everything causing difficulty right now calms down and remember everything will get better with time.

      Keep in touch Gill let us know how things are going and remember there is a great network of kind and supportive people on the forum here who know exactly what it's like to go through glandular fever and I believe that everyone on here is going to get their breakthrough with recovery thanks to God. Hang in there Gill, take care and remember gets lots of rest and don't put pressure on yourself! Thinking about you!


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    HI Thomas,

    Sorry to hear that you've been going through such a tough time with mono. I went through the virus 12 years ago and it was an awful experience, and I want to reassure you that what you're experiencing is normal and will get better with time. 

    Definitely avoiding stress is very wise, there is a real link there for sure. Giving yourself and your body time and space to rest and recovery is important. Taking vitamins and herbs helped me too, a good strong multi-vitamin per day, higher doses of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day), B complex vitamin each day and immune boosting herbs like oregano, siberian ginseng and echinicea. Of course do check that nothing overlaps too much with the multi-vitamin and not exceeding any daily recommended doses though. 

    When I had mono, after my initial blood test at the start when it showed mono, all my blood tests after that showed normal, even though I was still unwell with the effects of the virus. This is very normal Thomas, and take it as a good sign that it is just the mono and not anything else causing this. I remember having strange kind of spells of feeling 'stunted', as if I wasn't really there and included in that was some dizziness if I remember rightly. 

    Hang in there Thomas, this is the worst phase you are going through right now, I know how hard it is just to get through a single day when in that phase of the virus - so just take one day at a time, and remember you WILL get better - don't panic if it recovery doesn't come right away, sometimes it can take a little time to get over this fully - but please know absolutely you WILL get fully better from this - God is the great healer, He brought me through that time in my life and I believe He will for you too Thomas. Thinking of you!



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    Yes Vertigo, nausea, anxiety, extreme tiredness, and not being able to sleep well has been the symptoms for me. I’m 8 months in and it’s slowly getting better. What I have learned is EBV is a slow sickness. It comes on slow and lingers forever it feels. You will start to feel better and it comes back. You will go through this cycle of up and down. Hanged in their it does slowly get better. That’s how it’s been for me anyhow. Rest ,rest ,and rest some more. Good luck. 
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      Definitely good advice David and wise words. I know for sure I really found going through the experience of mono life changing, it made me appreciate things more when God helped me to get better. I still believe you're going to get better and get through this tough time in your life David, hang in there and thinking about you.


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      Thanks Craig and David for your reassurance,

      I definitely feel like it’s getting the better of me this week. The vertigo has stopped which is good. But now I have all flu symptoms, fever, nausea, aches, cough. It’s never ending. Now I’m freaking out thinking it’s all relapsing again. Or maybe my immune system is shot and and I have just caught a bug. It’s just finished winter here in Australia and everyone around me is either sick or recovering from some type of bug.

      I just need to remind myself to think logically and not jump to worse case every time I feel any symptom with my body.

      It’s driving me crazy. It’s been 2 months for me. I don’t know how either of you did it for longer. 

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      Hi Thomas,

      So sorry you're having to deal with all these awful symptoms at the moment, really hoping they settle down soon and things can be at least more stable and bearable in the present until full recovery comes (which it will Thomas). Hoping that going into the spring / summer can help too and brighten things up, we're at the opposite end going into winter again here in the UK, I dread it as find it such a hard time to get through. 

      It's so understandable to get so uptight and panicked when you feel a new or strange symptom coming on. I have been going through the same thing because I've had a time where health and certain things not went the right way and it just panics you and worries you when you feel something new and think it's something else that is going to be there and linger - even though most of the time it isn't, it's hard not to think or feel that way when it first comes on, I do understand Thomas. With this virus there is no logic, best thing is to not try to figure it out in your head because there is no reason to it really, the up and down and zig-zag nature of it all and the longevity and everything - just living in the present and coping with each day is key, knowing that this virus does burn itself out and get better eventually, and that there will be healthy and happy days again in the future when this is all over. I know it's much easier to say that than do it though and the emotions and symptoms are often overwhelming. Thinking about you Thomas and hang in there, hoping for a settled day and weekend and coming week and time ahead.



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