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Anybody on AD belive it takes 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 weeks to feel the full benefits of taking AD.. why does the internet says, 6 to 8 weeks for AD to work... hmm, does it actually means it starts to work around 6, 8 weeks then so on till you feel the full benefits around, 4, 5, 6 months...

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    It absolutely takes longer - it took me three months when I changed from Paroxetine to Sertraline and I suffered horrendous side effects.

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    It took me 12 weeks to BEGIN to feel better on Sertraline. I am finishing week 13 and I am 75% better. I still have morning anxiety, weight-gain, dry mouth (it's getting better), blurry vision, tiredness, and mild depression. However, intrusive thoughts, horrendous anxiety, and panic have greatly diminished. I will take these side effects any day over the intrusive thoughts and panic. I have faith that in time, these other side effects will fade. But even if they do not, I will stick to this medicine, which rescued me from the bowels of hell.

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      Hi Neelie

      Did you not feel any improvement in your day to day anxiety until week 12? Is this your 1st time on AD's?

      I am taking Sertraline for anxiety; I get very physical sensations of fear that cause intrusive thoughts, not the other way round . I'm 4 weeks and 4 days in, 1st 2 on 50mgs then up to100 and I'm really not seeing any noteable improvements in my anxiety, which is there all the time. Hqve been on Paroxetine and Escitalopram in the past which both worked really well but stopped working over time.

      My Psychiatrist wanted me to increase to 150 this week but I didnt as felt it was too soon but may increase to 125 next week.

      I just want my life back as I feel that it is wasting away.

      Anything you can tell me about your experience would be greatly appreciated.

      Hope you are continuing to feel better and better and are soon back to feeling 100%.


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      I am taking Sertraline for anxiety and panic disorder. In the first weeks it greatly increased intrusive thoughts and panic. This site helped me enormously, telling me that increased anxiety is very typical in the first few weeks. You are still very early in the therapy with Sertraline. In the first few weeks I was prescribed Valium. Without it I don't know what I would have done. Many psychiatrists prescribe it in the beginning days of Sertraline. For me, (and many others), it is essential, because without it people give up and quit Sertraline.

      Quitting is the last thing you want to do. It has been my experience that Sertraline takes TIME to work into your system. My doctor knows about my extreme caution with medications, and allowed me to increase my dosage

      s-l-o-w-l-y. It has been my experience that increasing the dosage in the beginning weeks does NOT make Sertraline work any faster. It takes patience, which is the last thing that a person with anxiety wants to hear.

      Ask your doctor for some type of temporary medication to calm your horrible anxiety, just for the first few months. I no longer take Valium, as the Sertraline is beginning to calm the anxiety. This is my goal. (I don't want to take Valium.)

      I am not a doctor, but it is my opinion that because you are experiencing these (typical) Sertraline side effects, that the Sertraline IS WORKING for you. You just need to give it time. At least 12-14 weeks. Then re-evaluate.

      Also keep in touch with this site, as people here are very supportive of each other. You will get there. God bless you.

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      how long did you take the valium for Nellie? ive taken it the past 5 weeks so far i wouldnt have gotten through without it! i cant wait for the time to arrive when i can cope without it! xx

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      Hi Neelie

      Thank you for your words of encouragement.

      I have some Clonazepam but I am trying not to take any today as I build a tolerance quite quickly. I have constant anxiety and it just makes life feel so strange....I cant enjoy anything anymore

      My biggest fear is that because I have been on 2 SSRI'S for the last 15 years with great success until they stopped working, nothing else will work for me. The last 7 months have been hell, and I lost the career that I had built up over those 15 years. To be honest I'm not even that bothered by that; I just want to be able to go back to enjoying life.

      I long for a time when I no longer feel anxious, and can relax and be content.

      Neelie, when you noticed the anxiety calming, was it like it was turned down a notch or did it start to come and go? In the past when I have responded to SSRI'S, I have literally woken up 1 morning and the anxiety has gone, but my Psychiatrist said that was unusual.

      I hope you continue to feel better and better

      Best wishes

      Sam xxx

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      I took the Valium through week nine. I still have plenty on stand-by, as I have a wonderful psychiatrist, who knows I (like you) am afraid of abusing it. Nevertheless, I will take it when I need it, because I can't fight that overwhelming anxiety coupled with intrusive thoughts. I do not need Valium lately, because the Sertraline is working for me. And it is working for you, too. Just keep hanging in there.

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      Hello Samantha41589

      After the first 5 weeks I experienced little windows of feeling normal again. But they did not last long. However, I hung on to those windows, and I tried to dwell on them as a promise of better days to come. At around weeks 7-8, I had days where the majority of the day I felt better, but then the next day back to anxiousness and intrusive thoughts (but not as intense as in early weeks). I WISH I had had an experience where I woke up and the anxiety was completely gone, but so far that wish has not been answered. And I currently (in week 13) wake up every day with anxiety. Every day. I think it has something to do with cortisol, which is a "wake-up" hormone in people. You are very fortunate if you are able to awaken some days without anxiety. But usually my morning anxiety passes within 30-60 minutes.

      You are only on week 4. From your side effects I would say the Sertraline IS working for you. I would not fear that it's not going to work. It sounds like it's already working for you. Just be patient. Believe me I know that's easier said than done. God bless you and I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts to you.

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    It took about a year for me to get to the point where I would forget to take my dose because I wasn't even thinking about it anymore. 6 months of that time was on 200mg. It's tough getting there, but it's worth it.

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      im only 8 weeks into new AD, but im still crying over little things.. does it ever stop...

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    The bottom line Is that everyone is different. And everyone’s bodies respond differently to medications . But I think most people who have experienced this would agree that the norm is more like 12 weeks and up. You might see some improvements at the 6 to 8 week mark but it will take much longer to be 100% better .

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      hi sandi. i think its just me worring about not getting better.. just been a couple of down days, weeping ect.. not beliving i ever stop thinking like this.. im still working full time ect, but on AL at mo.. maybe casuse im bored...

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    In the UK, they are reluctant to prescribe any anti-anxiety drugs longer than a few days. I had to take the odd beta-blocker but mostly battled through without anything as I got used to Sertraline.

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      how long did it take you to get used to it avril? im on week 5 and anxiety through the roof ive been on diazepam 5 weeks now not sure how much longer they will give me them for x

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