Weight gain and increased appetite

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I've been on Mirtazapine (30mg) for roughly 10-11 months now after suffering with my second bout of severe depression in 2 years and although this drug has helped me overcome my depression, I cannot seem to get rid of the excess weight that I have gained whilst taking it.

I am a very active guy, I play football twice a week and do lots of cardio but it seems whatever I eat, it goes straight to my belly. This has pretty much always been the case with me throughout my life.

I think I was roughly 15.5 stone when I started on Mirtazapine in July 2014 but I now weigh roughly 17.5 stone. I am 6ft7 in height so I guess I needed to put on a few pounds (as I was quite slim previously) but 2 stone is a rather big weight gain.

For an unknown reason I always feel hungriest late at night, does anyone else get this symptom? I take the tablet every night before I go to sleep (around 10:30pm).

How long are you supposed to take this drug for before reducing the dosage? Obviously the last thing I want is to become depressed again so I don't mind taking it but I would be interested to see if my weight decreases if I was to lower the dosage to say 15mg.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    I always feel very hungry after taking the Mirtazapine, at night. I binge on crisps and sweets, even in bed. I have only returned to my natural weight, though, at eight and a half stones.
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      Thanks for your reply Ann. I feel hungry prior to taking the Mirtazapine and throughout the day I never seem to feel full up!
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    Hi Scott,

    I've been in mirtazapine for just over 3 years & gained 4 stone!!!! Mirt is definitely to blame for weightgain, I've tried the gym, slimming clubs healthy diet - nothing worked, even reducing mirt doesn't stop the constant hunger for rubbish food & once i took the pill at night I was like a woman possessed eating anything & everything I could find lol, I did come off the med as I'm well enough now & did lose weight, unfortunately the withdrawals from this drug were enough to put me back on a very small dose every other night.

    Keep staying as active as you can, you're doing great!

    I wish you well with your journey

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      Hi Brandy,

      Thank you for the reply - it is very interesting to hear other peoples stories who are also on Mirtazapine.

      Have you ever been to the doctors to see if there's something else you can take to counteract the weight gain? I am also going to a join a gym tonight and focus solely on cardio!

      It's a shame to hear about the withdrawals, I'm hoping this isn't the case for me when my doc suggests lowering the dose.

      All the best.


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      Hi Scott,

      I did go to GP about weightgain but they were reluctant to change it as it was helping me mentally, nothing was suggested as a counterbalance.

      As you've probably read through these discussions WD can be quite horrific, lower your dose when you feel ready & GP is happy for you to do so & do it slowly, my GP just stopped my mirt & I was great for 2 weeks thought I'd escaped the wd's only to be hit like lightening with them.

      Good luck gym bunny lol, keep us posted on your recovery 😊

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    Hi Scott

    You're not alone, Mirts' well known for totally putting on weight with most people on this forum, me too ggrrrrrrr AND, like yourself, once I've finished mymain meal in the evening I get so hungry ...... can't explain it, for me its a craving for junk after dinner 7 - 8 pm ish.

    Before you even attempt to withdraw from Mirt' do lots of research, look on here or ask for advice - there a right way and a very wrong way - the wrong way seems to be what more GP's/doctors expect you to do.

    I've been on 15 mg about 9 months and put on 20 lbs.  Not sure that dropping dose to 15 would help - don't drop more than 10% (mg) at a time is a rough guideline, and stick with each drop for at least 2 to 3 weeks.  i.e. don't go from 30 to 15 - too much.  You can ask for specifics or read on here when you're ready.

    Hope this help, wishing you well smile 

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      Hi Calmer,

      Thanks for the reply!

      That's exactly the same feeling I get, craving junk food late in the evening. During the day I am fine and eat very healthy (soup for lunch with fruit) and I have a healthy dinner but then after that, I'm always on the look out for something and can't control it, it's very odd!

      I just picked up my prescription for another month of Mirtazapine and my doc suggested that I speak to them first before lowering the dose so I guess this time next month I'll be able to update more on my progress.

      Now, just got to find a way of curing this late night craving!

      All the best smile

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    Yup. That's what Mirt does to you. And it always adds to the stomach (not subcutanous fat, but the kind that is deeper and surrounds your organs, which is actually worse for health).

    Anyway - whatever exercise you do and diet you keep - you wont be able to reverse the Mirt weight gain until you are off the medication. And sadly there isnt much out there that helps as well as Mirt.

    I stopped the weight gain by taking Metformin for 4 weeks and then decided to quit Mirt. WHile I was able to stop the weight gain with diet and exercise and Metformin, I wasnt able to lose any weight and that's a no go for me. I may be suffering from PTDD (Post Traumatic Diet Disorder) because every sane person would say: take the effing meds if they make you feel better.

    Just my two cents.

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      Hi Mermaid,

      Thanks for the response, although it doesn't sound too promising sad lol.

      I'm pretty sure my craving of junk food late at night is a major reason why I've put on the pounds along with the Mirtazapine.

      Is Metformin an AD or a tablet for helping with weight loss? I take T5 Black tablets which during my first bout of depression were very helpful in shifting the weight (along with a strict diet).

      I'm confident I'll be able to shift the weight with the amount of cardio I do, just need to be very careful what I eat.

      All the best to you smile

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