Weight gain...can you lose weight when you come off it?

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Ok. So I have been on Mirtazapine for 20 months. When I first started at the 15mg dose, in a month I gained a stone. Then dieted and lost it. I have never had a problem losing weight over the years by eating a healthy diet. Usually losing 2 stone in 3 months, Now on 30mg of mirtazapine, was on 45mg but had unusual highs so it got reduced. Since September 2012 I have gone from 10 stone to 14 stone 9 and I have dieted in between with not much luck. I dieted for 4 months and lost 4 pounds and I was eating so healthily and almost suffering. Due to being a victim of crime 6 weeks ago I come off the diet due to stress.I cannot control the hunger and cravings. i binge to the extreme between 10pm and 2am, I even eat in my sleep.

What worries me though is even on a diet I cannot lose the weight. And as I say, in the past I have lost weight when eating healthily no problem.

My doctor wants to start reducing my mirtazapine in January as I am on too much medication. I am worried about coming off it as I have gone through anti depressant withdrawal before, actually paroxetine withdrawal is the reason why I am on mirtazapine, Plus for my height and now weight I am obese so that is the other reason he wants to take me off it,

I just wondered if anyone has had weight gain and if they have lost it when they stopped mirtazapine?

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    Stardust: I also have trouble with weight. I didn’t associate it with Mirtazapine as I take 2 seizure meds and I know they cause weight gain. My Dr. says they don’t cause weight gain but web sites say they do. I’ve read that Mirt. can cause a craving for sugar. I don’t know if psychosocial after reading all the posts, but I find myself craving sugar more so than I did before. Diet drinks just don’t seem to fill the void. I use to drink beer (you shouldn’t drink alcohol on this med) and thought the beer belly would have gone away, but not with Mirt. Lack of motivation seems to be a common factor on most of these post and I suffer from it. I use to be able to force myself to go for walks and lost 10 lbs but I’ve gained it back and more. I dressed yesterday with the intention to go for a walk but the kitchen is as far as I got. I wish I could get off Mirt., I think I might lose some weight but I don’t see that happening. Good Luck. Steve
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    Mirt changes the brains chemistry and the brain controls everything...so sad to say I gained 40 pounds.

    im trying to come off it for the third time. Be careful with weaning. It's been very difficult for me to get off ...I did however lose 10 pounds in 20 days but only because I was so sick. I'm not trying to scare you, because it may not cause WD for you.

    i will say most people I have chatted with say it all comes off after discontinuation.

    the weird thing about mirt is the WD does not hit for 7 to ten days after the last pill.might want talk to your doctor and have a good plan to go off.

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    Hiya hun i was on mitazipine for 10 years and went from 7 stone to 13 stone and am now of them for 7 weeks and all though still haveing withdrawl im loseing weight i was also on citalopram for 3 weeks and that was nit nice at all iv also come of them so yes you do lose it hun when you come of them good luck liz x
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      Thanks everyone for your replies. I  have been on mirtazapine for 36 months not 20. I was half zonked out when I wrote this smile when I dropped from 45mg to 30mg 18 months ago I had withdrawal for months I became agoraphobic which was awful. Though at the time I wasn't well anyway and with the 15 mg reduction I was also put on clomipramine so could of been the 2.I've been through paroxetine withdrawal and nothing can be worse than that. I will be withdrawing slowly. As for the weight. The belly fat is horrifying. Considering I was 8 stone 12 years ago and then went up to 13 on paroxetine but then lost 3 stone and maintained it whilst still on paroxetine.  It's impossible to lose weight at all on mirtazapine. Now tipping the scales at a few lb short of 15 stone. It won't come off and at the moment I'm stuck in a given up mode.
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    ive been taking 30mg since 2005 i noticed weight gain in 2006 was 10 1/2 stone went up over the years to 15 stone, im now 13 stone and only 5 foot 6 bmi of 34 too high

    no one every told me, i dieted to no effect , yo yo as bit if i starved myself, my dose was incresed to 45mg on 2010 5 yrs ago , A recent visit in november 2014 i told my doctor about body vibrating and aware of it but just sit there as if im frozen , not even panicked, and i had skin blisters in my mouth, she said side efeects, she said most people say my vibrating syptoms relate to most people describing them as out of body experiences i never thought it might be the drug,

    so, november i reduced to 30mg, didnt notice too much of a change, exepct i became comical and more funny my spark had returned from years of not really feelling anything, then 4 weeks later to cxmas, i reduced to 15mg , i noticed my cravings for food went down and unable to eat a full meal, then only after a week on the lower dose i reduced it to under 10mg  i have craving for glasses of water in the evenings, and have a bit of a muzzy head but on the whole im ok, i hope to stop complety in 2 weeks , now im sure you read horror stories but mine isnt one of them , set you mind to the task in hand and go for it, your the one that will be aware of the syptoms of withdrawl only you know how fast or slow you can reuduce them by, i wish you the best but to re affirm my experience so far is not a bad one, i will let you know if i feel like that in 3 or 4 weeks when i fully come off this tablet, 

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    i fogot to mention the only other drawback is sleeping while taking mirt i got to sleep as my head hit the pillow, now it takes me a while to go to sleep and minor hinderance 
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      stephen ive barely slept in 2 days and have no appetite. i'm forcing myself to eat fruit and drink plenty of water...going by this forum though i have other withdrawal symptoms to come though saying that everyone is different so will keep updating my progress on here for others who can relate and for myself. reading all these comments have helped me...its all part of getting this out my system which could take a while as i was on them for 3 years
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    i was on them for 3 years, recently stopped. i was on 45mg until 17th dec when i decided i needed to get off these tabs. doctor put me down to 30mg for a few weeks then to 15mg and i stopped a few days ago...i gained 2 stone and also never had issues losing weight before but i struggled being on them though which in turn doesnt help with the depression...i havent really slept or ate since and going by this forum i have many withdrawal symptoms to come which am dreading. if i'd of known all this or done more research before taking i'd of tried something else, even if it did help me at the time....i will keep you updated on how am coping.....would never recomend mitazapine to anyone
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    I am not a big person, however I have had difficulty sleeping most of my years after I turned 50.  All of a sudden I notice this belly fat, I eat like a bird and have always maintained my weight at 105-110 pounts.  Mr. Dr. never told me that mirtazapine was an antidepressant.  I came off them years ago due to weight.  I have been on it for a few years, and did not know it was an antidepressant.  I cannot stand the weight I have gained around my stomach.  When I went for my refil I got a 3 month supply, as my other sleeping meds are only 30 days at a time and it was then he told me it was an antidepressent.  I have got to get off these now.  I also had busperone for relaxing as I am under alot of stress due to looking after my parents, Dad had dementia and Mom is very ill at times, so I am the only daughter and it really weighed on me.  I have got to sort this out as I don't want to get fat.  Anyone else out there with weight gain from mertazapine.  Stardust 78 I feel for you.  It all just hit me as to why the weight gain, I have never weighed 125 pounds in my life and I am very upset,,

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