Weird abdominal problems, bacterias? allergies? HELP!

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Hi there!

Im a 29 years old 3d graphical designer from Poland.

The reasons i write this post is something weird and seroius, that happened to me 2 years ago.

I go to the gym, I eat healthy, not drinking a lot.

Two years ago i started to have very strong constipations. This was very weird to me, because I really know how to eat healthy etc. About month later I started to have strong and painful tachycardias. Then few weeks later some breathing issues appeared. It was caused by almost everything, gym, coffe, even eating. I asked for help many doctors, but the only answers i got were that i have neurosis. I didnt want to believe that, but i started taking pills, like xanax or hydroxizine. But didnt helped at all, constipations were even stronger, like week, or 2 without going to toilet. That lasted about a year, and then I almost fainted after eating an oatmeal. Then I found a solution, avoiding gluten / cereals helped me for few months. It was a total relief. Few months later everything started again. But this time my stool had weird colors, like green, or almost white. I found out that dairy products were the reason. And avoiding it helped again.

The weird part is the same happened to my mother, she started this illness same month i did, and she suffered same as me, but even stronger. She got asthma, pancreatitis, and also had problems with tahycardia and constipations.

She stopped to eat gluten etc. And it also helped. After 3 weeks without milk she had no sings of asthma.

But now I starting to have constipations again, and weird things are happening to me. Week ago after a bench press i got very strong headache. It was so painful, that I had to lay on the floor for 20 minutes before i could move. From that time Im too afraid to go to the gym again. last friday, when I was at work, I started to have tachycardia and breathing issues. It lasted about 30 minutes, then... I had to go to toilet. After that I was just very tired and sleepy.

This sunday I drunk a coffe with my friend, and then, about 30 minutes ago I felt like Ive had a very high blood pressure and tachycardia. I took some meds and it helped a bit, but I was feeling really bad for almost 24 hours. During the night i woke up, with red face and really sweaty. But the blood pressure was 120/80, and my heart ratio was 57.

There are some weird facts about this:

- My and my mother started to have same symptoms same time (I visit her 3 - 4 times a month, for a dinner),

- during constipations I have really terrible sweet taste in my mouth.

- those food allergies / intolerances are getting stronger all the time

- sometimes eating a lot of pumpkin seeds helps me a lot

- anti histamine meds helps me almost every time i had attacks like i wrote above. But not the last time, this was really strong.

And also:

- Ive made many tests for parasites, all were negative,

- Ive had Abdominal ultrasonography, colonoscopy, Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, and everythings fine...

I Hope anyone can help me even a bit. I am really worried, my mom is getting worse and worse, and we cant find any answer.

Best regards.


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    Hi thomas,

    This sounds very worrying for you and your mum, your symptoms sound alot like Coeliac Disease this is where the body doesnt like gluten which u mentioned you have been avoiding It and its helped, this is Ań auto immune disease i beleive wich means Both you and your mother could Both have It Through genetics however some of the symptoms Sound not related this is alarming and you should arrange to see a doctor and have your Bloods re evaluated. Your mum should also seek medical Help to ensure theres no underlying issues. Im not a doctor so please see a gp as soon as possible.

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    Ho thomas3d

    Going by what you said regarding meals with your mum' seems something you are both eating may be the cause of your problems. Keep a diary each time you go to your mums for a meal, note what you both eat and drink and see if you get symptoms as you've described.....note if there is a correlation with what you eat and drink and your symptoms. Note if you get symptoms after eating at your mum's. Also, do you do intense exercise as this can give you adrenal fatigue and cause gastric very best wishes to you and your mum...

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    Hi thomas3d

    I have no idea why my reply was moderated i will try and send a private message..

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    Hi, I would try to avoid sugar, caffeine, tea, white bread, meds, pasta (if possible no gluten at all), dairy - so everything that could possibly constipate yo and change your diet to mostly vegetables, brown rice,potatoes, lots of pure water - other fluids don't work (at least 1/2 gallon/day) - most importantly start your day with a large glass of water. Also add a spoon of coconut oil to your diet and magnesium. 

    I hope this helps. 

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    Have you been tested for celiac since avoiding gluten improved your symptoms?
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    Hi ever try stool softeners. And almond milk. I got off dairy a year ago it's bad or you. No cheese. It is very. Bad too. I have no more problems with it. Eat veggies I had to stop meats too. Hope you and mum gets help. What is wrong with your Drs. Seems. Like they don't care about you or the don't know what they are doing. Get another opinion please. Sorry for you pal. Good Luck too you friend.

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