Weird abstract Nightmares that I keep getting

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After looking on the Internet for this for about 2 weeks ive decided to post it myself.

Since I've been small I sometimes get these "abstract Nightmares". I recently had one when I had a high temperature. But as I just mentioned I've been getting them from time to time since I was small so they are NOT some weird fever thing.

Before you read the description I would like to add this info about me:

- I'm 14 years old (don't be discouraged)

- My IQ is a little above average (130)

- I USED to have epilepsy, not the typical epilepsy in which people faint but an epilepsy in which I would wake up in the night shaking as if I was receiving an electric shock (which I found out later was sort of the cause of the "attacks" because when they measured me having them(by making me fall asleep under rapidly flashing lights) my brain activity would be very high so it's a sort of overload)

- I suspect myself of having Generalized Anxiety Disorder

These nightmares, I can't find a better word even though these are just abstract thoughts and sometimes (not even sure if there are actually some) image. So these nightmares are one of the worst thing that your mind alone can do to you. I don't even clearly know what they are myself but I just know I have them. They are fear, a direct dose of fear injected into every part of your body. Your brain starts to have an overload and you start falling backwards. Somehow you find yourself thinking of a race. A number of some kind that you haven't done something too... I can't describe it. What I think it is and I'm not even sure I think this is what I think (this is how currupt I am). People inexplicably are angry at me, now this part I'm very confused about because I'm a normal person who is not excessively shouted at (I'm not so arrogant as to suggest that I lead a miserable life). Another thing that I also experience is these weights in some places (I'm not sure where). And during the day when I for example hold something with my hands i get like a weird déjà vu feeling and think to these "Nightmares". This is a brief description of what I get. I'd love to discover what these are and if I'm a looney who psychiatrists will look at me with round eyes. As this description must look weird to some person who is normal (or less weird than me). Im also wondering whether or not its linked to my suspected GAD (parents don't really take me seriously about it).

I hope you read this seriously and I really hope that you could add a comment below with you suggestions/ideas. I even welcome comments like "OMG this is exactly what I get" (even though I doubt that)

Thanks for your attention,


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    As I was reading your descriptin of those nightmares I thought I was reading my own journal!!! You're not alone in this. I too had this type of nightmare in the past, especially as a kid. Everytime I would wake up I remembered everything but couldn't find the words to actually describe what my mind "saw" in those dreams. Sometimes the closest thing to a "real" descriptino that I could give my mom was that "some type of wheels were running down a hill and they were very angry at me" and I was feeling fear like never before, a sort of fear that, as you said, filled my entire body. And everytime I had those dreams, before falling asleep I felt that "weigh" - I felt it somewhere in the back of my "mind" - can't actually describe it using words. And many other times, as you said, I would do something throughout the day and I would have that sensation of "weight" and I too would instantly remember my dreams - still can't describe those nightmares, although I'm now 23 and I had them between the age of 4 and 10. I also remember everytime I had them, when I could finally "wake up to reality", it would be very difficult to fal asleep without having those thoughts and images rush through my mind like crazy, while I would be shaking and shivering for 30 minutes (in spite of the room being warm). I had them "checked out" by doctors and psychologists and they couldn't find anything 'wrong' with me, but I am so glad I found someone else who can relate... I'm sorry to hear you're going through those nightmare again. As you mentioned, you recently had high fever, I remeber once feeling very sick because of the dinner I had prior to going to bed, as a kid, and I woke up having the same nightmare but it kind of continued after I woke up, like a halucination. I am still researching this thing and I hope to one day find out the reason.

    What I do fight with recently is GAD. Having panic attacks several times a day is now a normal thing for me and I hate being like this. I've had panic attacks in 2010 for a year and after a lot of personal struggling and trying to change the way I was thinking about my "fake symptoms", I finally started getting better and for 5 years nothing similar has happened, until April 2015 when I had a panic attack again and ever since then, they keep happening. It's interesting that you think there's a connection between those nightmares and GAD. I am currently trying to practice mindfulness and positive self-talk (it might sound crazy or funny, but this is what has helped me in 2010) and applying some cognitive-behavioral therapy to help change my thinking and attitude towards life so I can stop feeling anxious.

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    I had abstract Nightmares when I had a high temperature too! In the last one i saw some kind a infinity puzzle, i tried to fix it piece by piece all night long but it was endless.

    Maybe you should give your parents read your post to understand that nightmares really worrying you?

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