Weird head sensations...brain tumor or anxiety?

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Hi, I have been freaking out recently about this weird sensation that I feel in my head. I can't really describe it, it's hard to explain. I first felt it when I was trying to go to sleep and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it ever since. I'll try to put it into words:

-kinda like an pulse,electric surge-ish feeling (sorry, terrible explanation)

-lasts like two seconds

-happens the most at night but sometimes during the day

-happens randomly

-i get a panic attack after the sensation

That's really all I can say to describe this. I'm so scared because it keeps happening everyday and night. I dread going to sleep because of it. I don't get headaches, seizures, trouble walking, dizziness, or anything. It's just this sensation. I don't expect a doctor to reply to me or anything, but if anyone knows what this is or gets the same thing, please say if I should be concerned or if it's cancer. (by the way i'm 15 and obviously have really bad hypochondria)cry


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    Oh Nina, how's your breathing? Sometimes when you breathe shallow breaths, your body sometimes thinks it's in a flight or fight situation hence the numbing, tingling sensation.

    ?Have you spoken to your parents about this? Have you seen a doctor?

    ?I don't think it's cancer. I believe you are suffering from anxiety. Anxiety makes us think weird thoughts.

    ?Talk to your parents. Make an appointment with your doctor. Tell them what you are experiencing. Remember, you are not alone. Keep posting. We are all here to listen.

    ?Sending you positive vibes. Take care.

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      Thanks for replying, I think my breathing is ok. I also haven't told my parents because i'm too scared they'll call me crazy and scold me :\

      thanks again, you take care as well

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    Hi Nina, I had that weird feeling in my head too, except it was constant for about a week. I also thought I had a brain tumour, but they are extremely rare. I told my doctor who assured me it's all stress/anxiety. I'd recommend telling your parents, I told my mother and she already knew something was wrong!! I also think you should go to your doctor. Whatever you do, DONT GOOGLE YOUR SYMPTOMS. I did that and it was the worse thing I ever could've done. Your doctor has years of training and medical knowledge. They can do quick and easy tests to see if there is anything wrong ( which I'd say there isn't). Hope this helped,


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    I believe what ur describing is a "BRAIN ZAP". I have had them before. It's the weirdest thing to experience. I thought I had a brain tumor that had ruptured when it happened. But I did some research and spoke to my dr and came to the conclusion that it was a brain zap. Brain zaps can be a symptom of anxiety, a very uncomfortable symptom. Here is the exact definition of a brain zap: "Anxiety head and brain zaps anxiety symptom description. It feels as if ur brain, head or both, have experienced a sudden shake, vibration, tremor, jolt, electric shock or zap. Some people describe the head and brain zap symptoms as if the brain has been suddenly jolted by electricity or strong electric charge". There is no need to be scared or be worried because they are completely unharmful!!!!! Brain zaps are known to happen when somebody is going through drug withdrawal. More commonly with anti depressants. The first time I experienced one I also went straight into panic mode. I haven't had one lately but like I said I know exactly how u feel. It's a very, very scary thing to experience. Hope this helps!!!!!!

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    Just remember that it's ur ANXIETY doing this to you. And ive heard of alot of people experiencing this only when they lay down at night to go to sleep. So it is normal and just remember that please. Try ur hardest not to work urself up over it, as hard as that may be.

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    Oh my,so sorry  you are experiencing this at such a young age. Have you been a nervous child,and do you worry. I was alway's a nervous child,probably because of my home life. It followed me into adult hood. Yes,I have had the head zaps,and a 100 other symptom's. You are suffering from anxiety, and panic. So scary. You need to talk to your mom,and you can even show her these posts. Were not crazy,and we all suffer,or have suffered from this. I am glad you are not dizzy,or have tension headaches,or migraines. I suffered with migraines since the age of 4. Anxiety has followed me through life. Not fun,but I am on a antidepressant,and will be for life. I know all about the head zaps,and it is your nerves,anxiety. Please tell your parents,and go see your family doc,cause this is no joke,and it will get worse,with a ton more symptom's. Take care  sweetie,and tell you parents. xxo

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