Weird pain 2 months after surgery

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Hello I had my gallbladder taken out on 12/11/15 and and I had been doing well until now. On Thursday out of nowhere I started having pain around my belly button to the right side, specially when I pressed down right above it and I felt it when I walked, when I Stood up or twisted my upper body. I did not eat anything out of the ordinary. I took naproxen on Friday morning and night and then it felt better but then today out of nowhere again I started feeling pain on the left side of the belly button. Specially when I pressed down and it seemed to start on the top of the belly button again but it is a little different than the other pain. The pain is not necessarily sharp but it is uncomfortable and it is only if I touched hard or when I stand up. Has anyone felt something like this before? This does not sound to me like any of the side effects that I have read about here. Please let me know what you think because I am very worried

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    Sorry to hear you are having pain.  I'm not a doctor and so it goes without saying my opinion should be taken lightly and you should see a professional.

    One of the things I have heard about post-op is adhesions, where the body builds fibourous bridges between structures and organs especially around areas of scarring, such as when you have had an operation.

    Generally this is nothing to worry about at all, but will result in 'twinges' with certain movements but if you are worried or the pain is uncomfortable, get it checked out with a doctor.

    All the best smile

    Here's some blurb:

    >> Abdominal and pelvic adhesions

    An adhesion is scar tissue that can make your tissues or organs inside your body stick together. They often form after you have an operation on your tummy (abdomen) or pelvis. Most of the time, adhesions don’t cause problems, so you may not even know you have them.

    >> Treatment of adhesions

    Most people who have adhesions don’t need treatment for them as they don’t often cause problems. But if your doctor thinks that you have a bowel obstruction or pain because of an adhesion, you may be referred to hospital for treatment. 


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    hi carolina

    i just thought i should warn you about  naproxen. they can cause stomach pains and even bleeding and can affect the intestines. especailly us with stomach problems are best to avoid them. as you are supposed to take them with food and not on an empty stomach. i wouldnt take them at all with the conditions that we have with our gallbladder and digestive conditions. they are a class of drug known as NSAIDS. and definately not for stomach pains.. taking them can cause damage to the lining of the stomach. you can always google naproxen and read for yourself what it says about them. as im not a doctor and would definitley not like to be telling people what medications to take. but im talking through experience as i got naproxen for arthritis in the neck but i cant take them now at they affect the stomach lining. i know thats not the pain your having at the moment but thought i should take the chance to let you know about any NSAIDS they are all harmfull to the stomach especailly if they are used often.

    im not a doctor and i think we are always best to go there to get a diagnosis.its easy to say try not to worry but i know how hard that is to put into practise.there are so  many different things and little aches and pains i'v read about since coming on this forum, and from what i'v suffered myself. its mind blowing. i hope you dont mind me saying this but it doesnt sound to serious as the pain is on pressing moving and touching,its not there all the time so that sounds quite good. i would get it checked out for peace of mind.and get some good pain killers that dont affect the stomach lining. it really sounds like some sort of healing pain so dont press on it to often as you dont want to make it worse, the gp is your best bet.good luck and keep us posted. as all the information we can get the better. thinking of you. god bless.💐

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      Hi Cheeky87, yes I know that ibufrofen and naproxen are not good for the stomach and I always try to avoid those. I took it thinking that something was inflamed and that is the only thing to reduce inflammation that I know of. I do not feel any pain at this moment but that was very weird and I am worried about the so called adhesions, because that is not fun at all
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    Hi.I had my gallbladder removed in December.. In January I started to have tenderness behind belly button and on right handmade especially painful when pressed on...had scan last week and they have found nothing to explain my pain..but when you think about it we can't see the internal healing that's happening considering like in my case the belly button has been cut open and had a gallbladder removed through it..because the pain comes and goes I put it down to myself perhaps having lifted something a bit too heavy or even having done to much housework 😀 my doctor reminded me I have had an organ removed from the body and this will take time to fully heal... Hope your better soon
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    Sorry you are having problems.

    I had my gallbladder removed at end of April last year.

    Although I am better than I was I have now been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia.

    It is also possible that I have IBS.

    However, all this is liveable with.

    I would go back to your GP and try not to worry. If this is IBS then stress asnd worry will only make it worse.

    Take care and keep in touch


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      Hi. Interesting to note your new problems. I am scheduled for gall bladder removal for 20% functioning one. However I have also been complaining of a left sided pain and definitely once experienced my stomach moving into my chest, very strange experience which I thought was classis hernia symptom. However they have not really identified anything after a CT MRI ULTRASOUND etc other than some mild diverticulosis which I think is lower down anyway.What symptoms of these other new problems have you had if you dont mind me asking?


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      constipation can cause pain in back passage. i get that and its very very annoying and uncomfortable. and have noticed that even if i manage to pass a tiny bit from back passage i get immediate relief. is your pain the same do you get relief if your not constipated or manage to pass a stool.i never realized just what pain constipation could cause.headaches as well as its toxic and needs to be passed from the body.
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