Weird Stomach Issues For Years

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Hi everyone, I am new to this community. So I have had this issue off and on since my early 20's and it would go away after a period of time so I never really tried to do anything about it, but it's been really bothering me in the last year or so. I basically narrowed it down to this pattern-

So every time I go on any type of weight loss program, whether it's diet, diet and exercise, low carb, low calorie, intermittent fasting, fasting.... it doesn't really seem to matter, it always happens. I'll do really well losing weight and then I'll return to just eating a healthy balanced diet to maintain the weight loss. When I start eating somewhat in a non calorie deficit any more I start getting these horrible sour stomach pains, I get in this really low depressed doomy mental state accompanied by anxiety. I feel absolutely awful. So I'll fast for a day or two and it will completely go away, but once I start eating again it comes right back. I really noticed it when I would do cheat days the worst. It doesn't matter the type of foods I eat either, whether it's low carb, high carb, high fiber, vegan, vegetarian, dairy, no dairy you name it any type of food over a certain amount of calories would cause this, it did seem to be a little more worse with processed foods and foods with lots additives to it like yeast extract or loaded with flavors which is a given.

There are a few things that have helped me in the past. Ranitidine would help the most, but I would start to feel weird if I took it too often, so I would only take it once a week. Now they don't even sell it on the market any more, so it's extremely hard to get a hold of. An antihistamine like benadryl would help a little, but would feel super groggy and hung over the next day after awhile, and if my stomach felt really sour, drinking a can of coca cola would help a little bit, I know that is super strange, but it worked.

I have been tested for h-pylori when doing check ups with my primary care doctors, which always came back negative, and they just gave me stuff like PPI's to take. I feel like it has to be some type of allergy or just my body can't process a certain amount of food after going on any type of diet. It will usually go away after about 3-4 months of eating in a non restrictive state, but it's super painful and the accompanying depression and anxiety is super uncomfortable and just makes you want to stay in bed all day. I am 43 now, 5'10 and about 170 pounds. My highest weight was about 270 pounds about 18 years ago.

Not sure where to start, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Did you try very high strain probiotics. You can check amazon for various probiotics available, and checking reviews. I have heard people got some relief taking them. In case it may help you too.

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      I have tried some probiotic products before over the years, no real notice of improvement, but maybe I do need to try a very high strain. I'll look into it. Thank you for the suggestion!

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    Hi jasonguitar

    What is the problem you are having? What is it that happens you don't really explain..

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    Hi, a suggestion is to keep a food diary and record exactly what you are eating and its ingredients, it sounds to me like you may have a sensitivity to something in your diet and when you go back to eating normally this is eaten again. In the gut there are many receptors just like in the brain. They deal with serotonin and dopamine as well. With some types of food sensitives it can affect your moods etc. as well as your gut itself. yes, it can be time consuming to do this, but once you list one food and the ingredients once, then all you have it list next is if you ate it again and how you felt after you ate that. Try to limit your foods to one type a day to see if that one is causing issues. Eat alot of good foods and only one of the ones you go back to a day, so you can tell if it is that food or not. I cant tell you if this will work or not, but if you find the offending food it will make a huge different in how you feel. Many foods have effects on our brain receptors, comfort foods increase the serotonin in the brain and the gut as well. Good Luck.

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    I also suggest you nix the diets and maintain just a healthy eating plan, fruits, veggies, and the proteins that don't bother you, eggs, nuts beans etc, meat may be a factor, alot of stuff is added to meat, steroids, growth hormones, anti biotics get the picture. If you want to lose weight the best way is being more active, try a tread mill, fast walking is good for you and will also shed the pounds, if you are at work walk for lunch after an apple and a few nuts. Always mix any kind of sugar/carbs with a protein, it slows the absorption of sugar down so you don't get a crash later. good luck.

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    wow i M exactly the same. except i feel super shaky and hungry after each meal ! been 5 months after doing fasting diet for a month, ! i destroyed my self . i cant eat without acid i belive issues and the brain foggggv is horrendous! i dunno what to do any more

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      Oh wow, sounds exactly what I'm going through including fasting as well! I have some ideas and sent you a message.

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