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I'm the teaching tennis guy from Chicago. A year ago i had my rotator cuff totally repaired...

A few months later i had my hip replaced (which was the most painless surgery and recovery!)

But in 6 days...April 15th I'm going in for my TKR.

I was all confident and excited until i read about alllll the pain you all are experiencing...AND my good friend just had hers done yesterday.

I went to visit her this noon and she was "good."

But she just texted me (its almost midnight here...and she's crying and throwing up from the pain!

Then I show her this site and found myself scaring the pants off of me!


I swear i didn't feel anything on the hip replaced. But this isn't sounding good.

You're all depressed...i see some of you are in awful pain weeks and months post op.

For my friends sake, Ms Morgan, Linda, please give her your experiences as I'm going to have her read these replies!


Maybe I'll cancel and become a sheppard. Lol

David from Chicago

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    YES...it is very painful.  Consider the surgery...they are cutting bones off and then adding cemented...screwed metal parts, they cut muscle and nerves. The depression comes from constant pain and lack of sleep.  I am in the states and had my TKR February 11.  The first three weeks were the worse for the pain for me.  It gets better and then different too.  I just started having terrible throbbing at night while still on pain meds.  Surgeon changed pain meds for bedtime...that has worked do me.  I am at 130 degree bend and straight is no problem.  Yes I still have pain....swelling.  At least the pain now can be controlled and will subside with time.  I was bone on bone for over a year prior and that pain was constant and severe.  It takes time for the healing...and determination to exercise and rebuild the muscle, but all in all I am glad I had it done and am looking forward to the future.

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      Omg Pam...

      Hang on...I've gotta to throw up now! Lol

      You're scaring the cr*p outta me.

      Hey I've been bone on bone for 20 years and still teaching tennis 40+ hours a week.

      Every few months they aspirate and shoot me up with cortisone.

      That's pain...isn't it. Or is this worse?

      5 months ago the cut my hip open, tore threw muscle, then the doc said it took all his might to saw my hip off and replace it.

      I NEVER felt pain from day one to now.

      The doc DID say, "David...don't expect the knee to be as easy as the hip...it will be painful"

      But come on...is it THAT bad?

      I'm shaking now...i was going into this coming week with a positive attitude.

      But i do want the truth...soo why with all that "sawing and cutting and hammering and nailing ...why didn't my hip hurt?"

      This Friday....come on...give me all the heads up you can before then.



      Ohh btw...how old are you?

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      C'mon David......just imagine hitting a soft lob and then charging the net for a put away shot only to have a crushing return hitting you square in the n*tz........well.....maybe a little more painful. Just give it a few days and things will start to improvem At least you have a Dr that is honest with you and with that you can expect high quality care and pain relief. Its the guy who cuts and whacks one day and acts like he never saw you before the nextbthats hard to deal with. Like I told you before, I started this journey at age 66 and still working on it at 79....11 surgeries later.......all due to a rare benign tumor. You're lucky you will be able to take your recovery to the streets and warm weather instead of being homebound in the ice and snow. Stay on here...mweve had whiners on here before and will help you work through it one day at a time. Its just like learning the game you love....it's a process and you have to stay with it. Just like tennis....you have to hit so many practice shots a day now matter how tired you get or how much pain your feet and hands are feeling. Just make sure you have enough balls to last the full practi's session
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      That's the funniest analogy I've ever heard

      Thanks for the laugh out loud!!!

      I'll keep it in mind!

      Talk to you all Sunday afterwards

      David lolololol

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      Hi, my name is Linda and my friend "Dave the Tennis Guy" from Chicago told me to look you up. He said that you are really funny and that I would enjoy your posts.  HOW Are you doing?
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      Hello MASUGGA LINDA (ML) which for those gentiles out there means CRAZYLINDA in Yiddish. Lol At least that's what i call her.

      Do you guys know that MASUGGALINDA (ML) and her cohorts were going to try to sue my dearest doctor and surgeon 😮 All because she wanted to finagle her way into a hoity toity rehab/nursing facility 😮😄

      And there she sits at this moment getting waited on hand over foot while I tough it out ALONE!

      So yes my dear ML. You'll have hours and hours of fun telling your story about how the TKR surgery almost killed you had you not gone to the ER.

      Have fun my dear! Lolol

      Btw everyone...she just got thru yelling at me over the tele about the fact that she thinks im not taking care of myself! 😮 It was traumatizing. Lololol

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      Glad to hear David is up and running....so to speak. I've found that humor is a pretty good remedy for pain up to a certain extent and as long as you don't use it to ignore real misery. I'm slowly moving forward.I've had 11 surgeries including 5 complete rehabs so every time means a little more work I've a longer period of time. I had physical therapy today and had the bend measured.....I picked up another 2 and I'm up to 117. My surgeon was going to be happy with 115. Age isn't the kindest ally in all this. I started at 65 and now I'm 79. I'm was assuming you have gone through this yourself. One thing you have going your way, the warmth/heat helps avoid the discomfort that those of us in the midwest go through with cold, damp and ever changing barometers.

      Let me know where you are in your process and if I can be of help. This is a great site and you get a feeling of being family.......albeit a family of cripples who are totally immersed in pain and uncertainty of their future. Many like David who was almost paralyzed with fear for 2 or 3 months and now is a poster boy for TKR.

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      Lol...paralyzed because OFG said it hurts like 2 acres...do u know what 2 acres feels like? Well step on the metal end of a rake, and you'll get your n**z whacked! 😄😄😄
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      Hi, thanks for the warm welcome. As much as I hate to admit it, I was thrilled  that Dave told me about this site. Honestly, only another person who has had this can really understand the pain and other "lovely" repercussions associated with having a TKR.  Right now my evening pain med is kicking in so I wish everyone a good night and (hopefully) a good sleep!   I will check in again tomorrow.  
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    I am 54 and very physically active no fit prior to surgery.  I actually had an IT band issue at 3 weeks post op and muscle spasms....surgeon had told me it was possible due to being so active.  Knee replacement surgery is more complicated than knee surgery.  Hip replacement new joint fits in socket....knee replacement, cut, drilled, and new metal pieces are cemented  to your bones.

    cortisone shots...no comparison...really.  Pain is way more intense after this surgery.

    sent you a private message also.



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    Not trying to scare you. I have no idea what the surgery would be like without complications. I did everything the told me to: a aseptic showers before surgery, clean sheets on my bed every night after antiseptic shower.....but then I got infected with pseudomonas in the OR. Unimaginable pain for 6 months straight ( the surgeon kept telling me it wasn't infected for 3 months). 2nd surgery ....took everything back out, groin to ankle immobilized and IV antibiotics at home for three months....the 3rd surgery and I got a knee. In the process, my MCL was torn putting in the new knee and I had femoral and saphenous nerve damage. I'm 2 years and 3 months out from surgery....take Lyrica for the neuropathy. I feel like myself. Minimal pain with the second knee replacement.....so much easier. We all write because ours didn't go well.....we are the minority. It's good to know things can go wrong because you'll make an educated decision. Pain wasn't bad with my 2nd knee. YOU CAN DO IT!
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      Pseudomonionieosiss???? 😮😮😮

      I like CHERYLS story better!!!


      Thanks wink

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      Sorry I scared you! BUT after a 6 month infection when they put in my final knee, within 24 hours I was walking ALL over the unit with my trusty walker. It was so fun to walk on both legs. Chance of infection is very low....<1%. but although i am a nurse practitioner with 38 years of experience, i had no idea what would happen if got infected. i listened, "take it out, picc line for iv antibiotics"........but it was pretty terrible.

      i see friends have the surgery, no problem. you'll likely be in that crowd. ice is your best friend.....never forget that. but="" although="" i="" am="" a="" nurse="" practitioner="" with="" 38="" years="" of="" experience,="" i="" had="" no="" idea="" what="" would="" happen="" if="" got="" infected.="" i="" listened,="" "take="" it="" out,="" picc="" line="" for="" iv="" antibiotics"........but="" it="" was="" pretty="" terrible.="" i="" see="" friends="" have="" the="" surgery,="" no="" problem.="" you'll="" likely="" be="" in="" that="" crowd.="" ice="" is="" your="" best="" friend.....never="" forget="">

      i see friends have the surgery, no problem. you'll likely be in that crowd. ice is your best friend.....never forget that.>

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      Thanks Jean...my hip went well...so i hope this does too. Although everyone, even the doctor says it's "gonna hurt" more than the hip.

      Ahhh big deal...lol

      I've been running on this bone on bone leg for soo long i know pain.

      I'm most afraid of having to take my baby 120lb pitbull to a stranger to watch her while I'm gone.

      See...my stomach is hurting now just thinking about it..lol as she looks me in the eyes with her giant olive shaped gorgeous eyessad

      Well i hope all is well with you...and maybe I'll write a note to you all Sat morn after surgery as i try to slip out of the hospital! wink

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    Hi David!

    First of all...RELAX!

    Take some deep breaths in and let all that worried air right out!

    I'm 64 and had my left knee replaced last June. Yes, I had swelling and YES, YES, YES my leg felt like a tree trunk filled with CEMENT for several days, BUT I have to say that with the nerve block while in the hospital I wasn't NEARLY in the PAIN I HAD been experiencing for the previous five BONE-ON-BONE years. Also the nurses kept me quite comfortable with additional pain medication. There was this white board that let me know when I could request additional pain medication. They came right away and were VERY helpful and understanding.

    I had some difficulty with the first physical therapy that evening because when I tried to stand I got very dizzy and faint. My great nurse, Cassie, intervened, got me laying down and took my blood pressure. It was 80/60. Of COURSE I was light-headed! She took my temperature, gave me ice water and a cold cloth on my head. She monitored me and sent the physical therapists away. I was fine after that.

    I busied myself that night by reading, writing in my journal, texting everyone to let them know I was OK, and drank ice water to flush out my anesthesia. I ended up getting PLENTY of exercise going to the bathroom every 20-30 minutes all night long. It was HYSTERICAL with two nurses, each holding one of my arms and an aide manning the pole of IV fluids, antibiotics and the medication for my nerve block! Four of us in a tiny bathroom to get me situated was even MORE crazy! It was like something Lucy and Ethel would get into!

    Anyway, by morning I felt much better and with all my walking back and forth to the bathroom all night, I felt a lot stronger, too. Physical therapy was interesting as I attempted to lift my tree trunk leg. I managed to move my TOES. That was all for THAT session! At least I didn't feel faint or dizzy.

    I found that I kept drifting off to sleep. Pain wasn't bad. My next PT session went better. I walked out of the room a bit and back. I also sat in a chair for awhile.

    I was released after three days. Crutches worked good to go up stairs. I learned how to loop a belt and place it around my foot so that I could hoist my Tree Trunk wherever I wanted it to go. Gave myself my blood thinner shots. Got help from my husband in placing ice packs then covering me with blankets.

    I quit the PAIN meds after my blood thinner shots were done because the Oxycodone was making me pretty LOOPY and not helping much with pain. Ibuprofen worked A LOT better for me.

    My husband cooked for a couple days, but then I was feeling well enough to get busy on making good myself. I tried to walk around every hour and iced and rested in between.

    I felt pretty good after week three and was ready to trade in my homebound status for outpatient PT. I was very fortunate to have wonderful therapists who guided me gently and taught me many helpful exercises.

    I tried to grab naps as often as I could throughout the day and night. Finally around nine weeks I managed to flip over to my stomach and got my first straight four hours of sleep in about eight years. Ahhhhh!

    Twelve weeks was another breakthrough time. I began to feel more human and less robotic. I was doing better at STRAIGHTENING MY legs and walking better.

    That's when I had my next appointment with my surgeon. I scheduled KNEE#2 surgery for several weeks later! (My SURGICAL leg was doing good. My OTHER Leg was really holding me back!)

    Fast forward to October. I had Knee#2 done. Minimal swelling and no Tree Trunk leg this time! All my PT must have helped me be more ready for THIS surgery. I was discharged after two days.

    I knew the drill, so things were easier. I found I kept leaving my walker in different rooms, so I chucked it and just used my CANE. After awhile I decided to practice walking around the house without my CANE. I used it when we went out. Then I did away with it altogether.

    I hope this helps you to see that although there is some discomfort and annoying aspects of getting new knees, it isn't all horrible. I can now shop without being in agony. I can shovel the walkway and driveway with only my back and shoulders hurting. My knees feel great!

    I am SO HAPPY I had both surgeries. The inconvenience and the pain and even my Tree Trunk was worth it.

    You will be fine.

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      NOW....THAT'S WHAT I WANNA HEAR!!! biggrin)

      Thank you

      Thank you

      Thank you Cheryl!!!

      Sounds like a nice little vacation!!!

      Tytytyty xoxo Cheryl biggrin

      (seeee Pam, i told ya!) wink

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      You are very welcome!😁

      I can honestly say that I was in SUCH TERRIBLE PAIN prior to my surgeries I was just ready to be DONE with that awfulness! The PAIN and discomfort I felt following surgery was a kind of HEALING pain. I never focused on how I would feel following surgery. I focused on the FUTURE and how by going through this WHATEVER would eventually lead me to some peace and some pain-free moments.

      I should also add that I did a lot of praying. I tried to stay positive. I tried to look for the HUMOR in each event (like the HILLARIOUS bathroom ESCAPADES every 20-30 minutes those first couple nights in the hospital!)

      Once home I kept my thermometer nearby so I could check my temperature every few hours. I was DETERMINED to stay on top of any spike in temperature because I did NOT want to be blindsided by a fever which could indicate an infection. I knew FOR SURE that I did NOT want an infection!

      In keeping a journal I could do any complaining TO THE JOURNAL and not be annoying to my husband who suffers from diabetes and pheripheral neuropathy and has his own physical crosses to bear. Also, my journal, which I CONTINUE to keep ten months later, really provides me with a measure of how far I have come since my Tree Trunk Days.

      Every person is different.

      Every KNEE has its own story.

      Every surgery has its own set of circumstances which determine outcomes that may or may not match the OTHER LEG or what another surgery entails.

      Throughout I tried to listen to my body. If I was tired, I rested (or at least TRIED to!). If an exercise hurt, I stopped DOING IT. If I got achy, I walked around a bit to loosen up and eliminate stiffness.

      I didn't find this site until several months after my first surgery. The people here provided me with my very own KNEE FAMILY! It was comforting to read their stories and hear that although recovery is challenging, it is also POSSIBLE.

      Wishing you much success with your upcoming surgery! Stay in touch so we will know how you are doing!

      Many of us have posted not long after surgery. It is nice to wake up from a hospital nappy to find "mail" from your fellow KNEE FAMILY!🙌😁😊🙋

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      Another Cheryl lol

      That's what i like to hear...HEALING PAIN'!

      Thank you soo much for that!

      And i think you should publish your journal biggrin

      Many many thanks to both my Cheryls!

      David in Chicago

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      you ou asked if it hurt...I said yes.  The first three weeks was the worse for me.  Yes the pain is healing pain as Cheryl has said after that for me.  It is better than before surgery, but I have my days too.  Remember everyone is different, every surgery is different.

      i was just being upfront with my experience.  Good luck!  Will say prayers for you and your surgeon on Friday.


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      Awee Pam...i wasn't poo poo'ing your helpful comments.

      Unfortunately texting and messaging is the best way to lose friends and misunderstand each other...you have no idea of the person's tone and personality.

      Me...I'm a CLOWN...LOL

      I'm always joking around. My humor is dry and if u didn't know me you'd think i was angry when I'm really joking.

      I know everyone's different. Everyone experiences pain differently.

      This forum is good and bad.

      U could scare yourself to death or you could pick out the stuff that makes you feel better.

      Take what you like and leave the rest biggrin

      Pam your comments were as helpful as everyone else's!

      THANK YOU!

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      I did not take it wrong.  I am like a duck...everything rolls right off.  I am a very confident person and either you like me or not...I do not care..LOL.  Agreed....this could scare you to death....glad I did not find it till after surgery.  I had already watched a video of the surgery prior.  Call me a nut...but I wanted to know what they were going to do.

      i remember being rolled into surgery room and getting on table....room was so big...and there were at least 12 people and the surgeon wasn't there yet, but I knew why.

      it will be worth it in the long run....chin up...smile.  It will be OK!

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      OMG...YOU YOU-TUBED the surgery LOLOLOL

      THAT'S A RIOT!

      Id FAINT if i did that!! Lol

      And you're right..i felt the same way when they rolled me into the OR!

      It looked like a cross between a butcher shop and a carpenters workshop with drills and saws and hammers and nails all hanging from the ceiling...lolol

      No doctor yet but like you said 15 people dressed up in their green lab/butcher coats.

      I thought i was taken prisoner by the Russian mafia and they were going to slice and dice me...then roast me over a fire drinking vodka!!!!!


      OMG....IT'S CRAZY biggrin

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      Yes, I YOU-TUBED the surgery.  My hubby thought I was crazy.  But I wanted to know.  He watched an animated version...said he could not watch the real thing....HA.  I said, come on...you hunt and gut your kill...what's up??....LOL. 

      ​Well u know what to expect when they roll you in.  

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      Hi David,

      that was my fathers name, so I like u already!

      unlike a lot of the other peeps on here, I was not in excruciating pain previous to surgery. It certainly kept me from running around as much as I like and the mall missed me!😀Lol

      i had my surgery - left TKR on December 10, so I'm at about 17 weeks post op.

      i am a 71 yr. old female who was fairly active pre op.

      yes, there was pain and there still is. But it has always been manageable for me.

      like Cheryl says, everyone and every knee is different. I never saw the op. Room, I asked for a spinal and they also sedated me, I was out by the time I hit the op. Room.!! Thank god! I went this route as I did not want to deal w/ the nausea from anthesiasia in addition to pain. I was on codeine and Tylenol, again because I didn't want the heavy narcotics that could make u sick , as well. I did well on this pain regiment for the 1st 4 weeks, and now take the occasional Advil or Aleve. 

      I did not cook or do much of anything during that time. Friends brought food, hubby shopped and brought me food and drink and ICE. 

      Just do ur pt and ice and u should be ok. Also, keep up w/ the pain meds and keep hydrated.

      good luck and let us know how u do.

      Btw, I am fascinated by the fact that u say u experienced zero pain after hip surgery, my husband had his hip done and his recovery was much easier than my knee. Sounds like you'll do well.


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      Dude, do not YouTube the surgery. My husband and daughter did and were completely freaked out.. You'll never know what happened.
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      I'm with you 100%. A good friend of mine has a brother in law that is a retired orthopedic surgeon. After retirement he needed a TKR and wanted to stay completely awake while it was being done. Of course his colleagues were much wiser than he and wouldn't allow it. The only thing I could think of was he had left his brain at the office when he retired. Kind of like watching hot dogs being made...what you dont see won't bother you.

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