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Does anyone expirence the same things I do? I am a 19 year old male and I struggle with incontinence.. A few months ago I gave in and went to the Urologist because I constantly leak after the I use the bathroom. It first started around 5 years ago I would wear protective underwear to bed all the time because I would wake up wet or wake up as my bladder was empyting.. I took it in my own hands and instead of telling anyone about my problem I began to just by pullups and wear them in the night.. As a year or two passed it stopped and I was living normal again.. and about nearly two years ago it came back.. this time it was diffrent.. It wasn't the same as it was before.. I would go to the gentlemans room with random urges like I was gonna explode and I would only pee a little.. As time went on after I would go I would feel wet once I would pull my pants up.. I didn't notice it too much and as a few months past I got wetter and wetter.. I started from a dribble to pulling my pants up walking, moving, or doing anything my bladder would spasm and I would pee myself little at a time.. I decided to buy really big guards to put in my underwear and it just got heavier and more frequent and the protection always felt wet all the time and I just felt uncomfortable.. so I bought my first pull on underwear by depend.. it was the cheaper kind and it would ride up and make me feel uncomfortable.. I live a very active life so running with those was like running with a pillow between my legs.. I bought overnight underwear by tranquillity and those didnt work I would just feel hot and uncomfortable all the time and I disliked it.. So I told my dad and stayed as far as I could from my mother and sister becasue some females just don't understand guy problems and many believe woman are the ones who have the periods and the problems and if a guy is wearing anything but regular underwear he will get noticed and subtly judged.. So knowing the guettosness and nonchalantness of my female family members after they discovered pads in my room and assuing I was gaining pleasure from them which was not the case.. I resorted to tell my dad what was really happening.. After I told him.. We set up a private guy appointment with the urologist and unknowlingly what to expect I went in to get checked up.. It was by far one of the worst expirences I ever had.. She gave me a prostate check which wasnt too bad but the problem I had was she forced medication on me and wanted to due a bladder preassure test and I said no to that because It freaked me out.. I tried the meds and It was a miserable expirence I was peeing constantly I would pee soo much.. I felt nausous and wet and I wasn't comfortable so I dumped the medicine and told the doctor that I wanted to opt out.. She wasn't happy she was trying to force another one with reported alike side effects I told her no and she cut all ties with me.. The diagnoses she gave me was Stress Incontinence and Urge incontinence and i will have it for life eventually getting worser and worser every time I have a bowel or apply any preassure.. I will eventually becom total incontinent.. Right now I am happy and healthy.. I am indiapers all the time.. I find tape ups to be more proactive when I go to bed which having to get up 4 times a night every 2 hours to pee has made me adjust to the circumatances and learn to get used to the constant wetness.. I pee an average of 6 to 8 times a day and wear a pull up all the time to remain dry and comfortable.. I am wearing depend real fit and soon to be switching to somethign that fits my more active approach in live and am considering Prevail underwear for men because it carries the best features on the market so I can stay dry, fresh and comfortable.. all the time.. I am living a med free life.. trying to stay away from caffine because I pee more than usual and feel wetter most of the times.. I mainly stick to a coffee every now and then to cut my cravings and no longer drink pop only juice.. The question I have for you all is has everyone expirenced what I expirenced? The uncontrollable leaking of urine, The spasms of the penis or vagina resulting in more than just leaking but a small flow of urine.. And every move or movement after going pee you leak or spurt a flow as well.. And did anyone have the same expirences as I did? I noticed orgasms and sex before bed slowed the amount of times I had to get up but began to go back to normal the next day.. What have you guys expirenced?

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    I'm much older than you, but I know exactly what you're dealing with with incontinence, as I live the same life.  Mine began the with GreenLight Laser on March 10, 2016 to create a a channel through the enlarged median lobe (BPH).  I've been incontinent ever since, living in Depend pull-ups, heavy pads, or condom catheters with a leg bag.  I've only been on a bike (I have two) once or twice since then.   I had Nocturia before the GreenLight procedure, and am still awakened multiple times each night to empty the bladder, which can fill while I'm sleeping on my back.  I had never had a blockage, but my flow was low before the GL.  I'd never had an STD or UTI.

    I was going to have an artificial sphincter installed, but an attempted scoping found strictures. ( I know they were not there before March 10, 2016, as a cystoscopy was done some weeks before through the urethra and into the bladder, and everything was clear.)  

    Several weeks ago, I had imaging studies done with contrast.  They found a long area of strictures near the prostate.  The imaging is not a long procedure, it's not painful at all.  The push a small amount of contrast fluid up the urethra, and then take some xray images.   I think you may ask about having this done, as something like strictures could be related to your problem.  I think you may have to have the urodynamics too to help understand what your bladder is doing, and what your flow looks like.  It was not that bad for me when I had it done.

    A friend related something to me this week that I had never heard, and I think it's important for this board.    He had TURP many years ago, had slept well for many years, and then developed what he thought was nocturia.  He went to a young urologist, and told him that his bladder was waking him up at nights, making him go to the bathroom.  The Dr. then said, it may another process: you may be waking up first due to sleep disturbance, and then you get the bladder sensation.  My friend starting taking some mild medication, and found that he was sleeping longer and getting up infrequently during the night.  My friend asked the young urologist why no other urologist had ever suggested that sleep interruption, rather than the baldder, was the root cause of his nocturia.  The answer was that older docters were never taught this in medical school, so they just stick to what they learned "way back when." 

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      Thank you for your story I appreciate it.. I too Have Nocturia. 24/7 I am constantly having the urge to pee.. And than after I go I leak and spurt urine.. I try and pull up my protection as quickly as possible but I am not always quick enough.. I have not had a catheter bag at all or any of that.. When the doctor checked my prostate he did say that I had large varicose veins which could eventually effect my ability to have kids.. It is level 1 which is not severe.. I have been monitoring it as closely as I can.. I did have a testicular ultrasound and they found a small water filled cyst that could change everything.. I also believe that I gained my incontinence by being constipated due to lactose intolerance and taking multiple adhd medications as a child.. I believe forcing constantly to go may have destroyed both my sphincter walls and ruined my bladder wall sensors.. From it.. It has been 8 months in diapers already.. and about a month ago I lost the ability to know when I leak.. I no longer feel my leaking occurring in my diaper.. My body had completely subsided and feelings of leaking.. Any spurts or leaks I have I don't notice unless I sit down than I feel wet.. It's like my urethra has became paralyzed.. I have noticed it is getting worse and worse.. and it's a matter of time before my brain forgets to eake me up and I start wetting the bed and wettiing myself in general.. I feel like any surgical procedures are not necessary any medication catheters aren't either.. They are just gonna make my life worse.. Right now I am focused on getting people especially woman that I like or am attracted too. To understand that I have a weakness.. I also noticed that my seminary regions are normal. No unwanted ejaculation or fluid.. No blood.. Just normal light colored urine and when I wake up It is dark but that is expected.. I leak every day but my leakage amount varies also based on what I eat as well..

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    I had a similar. problem at age 20. I leaked a little and then alot. Has cystoscopirs and found out I had strictures in my penis. But after they were removed, I still had leakage. Then I had a TUIP transurethral incision of the prostate. There were scattered pieces of prostate so those were removed. But I still leaked. So the doctor thought I had an enlarged prostate,and I was given medication. But it didn't help. I still leaked. I started to wear padding but it became to uncomfortable to wear, so now I don't use any padding because of the circumstances below

    Caffeine drinks and carbonated sodas cause more leakage especially at night.

    At 65, I still leak. But I keep a leak proof urinal under my bed when I need to go immediately. Mainly because I can't get up and go to the toilet like normal men because I have to put on my prosthetic leg and my partial foot shoes to go to the toilet and by that time, I would wet myself.

    I also have a commode nearby in case I need it, if the urinal fills up.

    The urinal has a long tube to stick your penis in because some urinals that you get at a hospital are too sharp at the edges.

    However, I drink less water now because I am on dialysis and I only drink about 32 ounces of liquid per day. But I still leak.

    My doctors never discovered why I leak back in the 1980's or 90's.

    I don't know if it has to do with my 47 chromosomes or not.

    But you would be surprised that men and women have the same leakage problem especially in this forum. You are not alone.

    What you have --

    It is usually called overactive bladder on this forum. If you look it up some men have the artificial sphincter.called AMS.800. But there are other devices that can be found on this forum from men older than you.

    Someone told me to get a penis clamp or practice kegel evercises. for men as indicated on the internet

    Don't be discouraged. Eventually I hope you find the correct method in stopping your leakage. Modern medicine has improved since I had my first cystoscopy. Good luck

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      Thank you sir for you story it means alot coming from you.. I hold alot of sincerity for what you have to face in your every day life and I am sorry for that... I myself believe strongly in self improvement.. As long as I don't feel pain while dealing with my incontinece.. I believe I will be okay.. God never gives us something we can't handle without a lesson or a reason for it.. It's hard to believe that I potty trained myself on accident when I was a kid.. But little did I know I would be back to where I started because my body isn't ready to give up the special treatment every kid received when they were little.. Knowing that I am among the hand full of people that are teens that are experiencing this chronic condition.. I have fait that no matter what I do or where I go.. I still have a full and interesting life ahead of me and I know I can face this on my own and find someone who will face this problem with me.. I know everything will fall into place.. Wetting my self all the time is no o be a ideal lifestyle.. But things dont just happen the happen because they were suppose too and we will never face something we can't handle..

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