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Lynda79 The label says 0.3? not 3.0 ?

It is the only Wet One's I could find. Art they the right ones? Thank you.

Henry (Harry)

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    I use wipes calles Supranettes. They come in a packet of 20 individual sachets and cost £4.05 from Millmans the Chemist. Other pharmacies are more expensive.

     have found them very helpful indeed. I use them first thing in the morning. NOTHING else!!

    Hope this may be of help

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    . If any Ann Thank you but I am in the USA and I do not think we have Supranettes

    I'll check Amazon, they have mostly everthing. Does Supranettes contain the same stuff as Wet Ones? Thank you for getting back to me



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    Hi, Henry. If you are in US! Why have you not had the procedure called BlepEX done. It expholiats your eyelids and eyelashes. It , as usual, has not arrived here. Think they do it in New York and Paris. I'm on this forum, but no one is interested in maybe joining me on travel. All these drops and wipes are beginning to bore me. Nothing works., but this BlepEX sounds interesting.
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    Hi Mary In the USA it is called LipiFlo or LipiFlow, The machine costs a fortune. only 5 doctors in NYC have it. I did the procedure, takes 12 minutes. cost $1600.00 US Dollars, no insurance payment. Supposed to last at least 6 months, lasted 4 weeks. Wanted me to do it again at "reduced" rate. Doctor at leading hopsital says results have not been good and doctors are tryiing to get patients to do it monthly so they can pay off the investment in the machine. My money is on Wet Ones, Tried every Steroid , bathed my eyes in Tobradex, works but elevates eye pressure to the point of being dangerous
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      Hi. This is very confusing. Think the doctors name is Ryman! One procedure is 130 dollars and repeat 2 or 3 times a year. If you google BlepHex, I would be interested in what you think.

      At the moment I'm using Wet Ones. Large blue packet , the original  ones.

      my problem is my top eyelids are swollen, bottom not too bad. Had Catarac last August and two weeks later, yeah! Would you believe it.!

      theres very few people will accept there is no solution for this crap of a complaint. Sorry, but I'm so frustrated .  Check Google. Thanks.

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      Hi Mary  please try vagisal feminine wash on face and eyelids i have been using this for around 3weeks and this is the best my face and eyelids have been since may this year, my eyelids were red raw and swollen and also my face use to swell.  I had no luck finding the wet ones with the red lid the blue packet made my eyes worse but the vagisal has the ingriedient in that the wet ones (red lid ones) has.  Let me know how you get on.
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      Hi Mary I just heard from Docor Ryreson , he gave me list of doctors in NYC that do it. Called Mt Sinai Hosp NYC and they have 19 doctors in their Optamology dept so woman will call me back. Want to do it at Hospital rather than doctor with private practice, think it will be cheaper, may even take my insurance
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      Hi, Tammy.

      are you in UK or USA. Can I buy this product in Boots? I, like everyone else will try just about anything to cool these eyelids! Thanks so much for info.

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      Hi Henry. So glad you gathered some info regarding BlepEx. Watching their video, was so impressive. Hope this is not another Scam. The wet Ones I use have no percentage of anything in it. Blue pack, original  with Benzalkonium, that's why, with Linda's replies, I'm slightly confused. Maybe she is in the USA. I'll get in touch later. Thanks, and more info would be great.
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      Hi Mary,  for years i had seen this product in boots and superdrug but typical because i wanted it they didnt have it, but i found it in a small chemist if not i bet you can get it on amazon.  I am in the uk by the way i hope this helps, they may welll have this in boots now look by the sanitary products.  Let me know how you get on with it?
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    Dear Henry,

    Sorry if I put it on wrong. It is .3%Benzethonium Chloride in the US.

    Here is a Tox report I found.

    International Journal of Toxicology


    3 Final Report on the Safety Assessment of Benzethonium Chloride and Methylbenzethonium Chloride


    Benzethonium Chloride and Methylbenzethonium Chloride are quaternary ammonium salts used in cosmetics primarily as preservatives and secondarily as cationic surfactants, usually at concentrations below 1 percent. They can be irritating to the skin at concentrations of greater than 5 percent. Chronic and subchronic feeding studies indicated little or no toxic effects for both ingredients. Benzethonium Chloride was nonmutagenic in microbial systems and shown to be noncarcinogenic in rodent studies.

    In clinical studies, Benzethonium Chloride produced mild skin irritation at 5 percent but not at lower concentration. Neither ingredient is considered to be a sensitizer.

    It is concluded that both compounds are safe at concentrations of 0.5 percent in cosmetics applied to the skin. A maximum concentration of 0.02 percent is safe for cosmetics used in the eye area.

    Now this is if a person is not allergic to the shampoos, detergents, handwipes, fabric softeners or lanolin. A report said that 16.5% of 959 people are allergic to these Quats.

    Sorry about the mistake I should proof read more carefully.

    Hope this info helps.



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      LYNDA No Apologies necessary. Your time, research and sharing re Wet One have given so many people renewed hope. I am on the program as of 8/16. Many Thanks
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    Hello- I have only been on this site/thread for less than two weeks and have gained some valuable advice particularly the advice pertaining tol Wet Ones and BlephEx. Mt Sinai Hospital is getting back to me, they are not sure if they are doing it or not although they are noted as a provider on the BlephEx site also waiing for another BlephEx provider to return my call. Doing the Wet Ones at least 2 times a day. I have a question regarding the Hot Compress Routine. Two doctors I have seen recommended that I get rid  of the eye crust by taking hot showers morning and night and using eithter tea tree oil shampoo or dandruff shampoo to keep away demodex mites. Regardless of whether I use the shower or the compress all that I seem to do is loosen up the old crust to make way for the next crust to be  generated. The new stuff is softer and more like paste. It hardens up as the day goes on and I use eye drops and eye wipes to wipe it away.  Bottom line is there is always some crust being generated.  Sometimes harder than others, sometimes very much like paste. There are days I think pollen makes it worse?  Anyone have any other remedy to keep the crust/paste at bay? Thank you 
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    My mom lives in  Lake Charles, LA and  have been suffering from blepharitis for years...( I think we have it in our genetics)

    After seeing blephEX procedure on the news there she had it done. It was really quick and tolerable and her eyes felt better immediately, no more stickiness and heavy lids.

    I see that people say it is for mites but she didn't have any mites and the doctor told her that it is not true. They just use a different soap with blephEX when treating mites.

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