What additional Questions to ask surgeon prior to my Cataract Surgery Aug 17th

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Cataract is in the Left Eye.

1) Do you already know pre surgery if you are putting in a Symfony IOL (Multifocal) or Symfony IOL Toric (Multifocal)?

2) Surgery is on my left eye is this my dominant eye?

3) You mentioned at the consultation that in the future you may put in another lens in my right eye for far-sightedness. Being I am a graphic artist & work on a computer will I be able to see a  computer screen (viewed at 26” to 30”, an iPhone with the Symfony IOL without glasses after the 1st Cataract surgery?

4) I opted for the premium Refractive Carraract: Multifocal - Near  & Farsighted Package- Any Astigmatism. Astigmatism Treatment on Cornea and/or with Toric Version of Lens.. Ora Smart Surgery Guidance. Femosecond Laser as needed. Presbyopia Treatment with Multifocal or Enhanced Depth of Focus Lens implant., As per your literature packet which of this procedures will you be doing? 

The following I will not be asking the surgeon. Showed my previous prescriptions to the surgeon... he really did not seem to be too interested. A very thorough exam was done at his office-hopefully he can use that to get my readings even though I can not see very well out of my left cataract eye.

I used 3 different glasses from a  Dec 2015 prescription.

For Reading:

OD- Sphere +3.50, Cylinder +0.75, Axis 170

OS- Sphere +2.50, Cylinder +1.50, Axis 035


OD- Sphere +4.25, Cylinder +0.75, Axis 170

OS- Sphere +3.25, Cylinder +1.50, Axis 035


OD- Sphere +1.75, Cylinder +.75, Axis 170  Add +2.50

OS- Sphere +.75, Cylinder +1.50, Axis 35?  Add +2.50

When I went for glasses in 2015 the O.D, did not want to give me that much Astigmatism Correction & made reading glasses:

R +175 - 50 x 75

L +175 -100 x 110

Add +150

To add to the confusion went for eye exam when cataract got worse Dec 2016

OD- Sphere +1.50, Cylinder +0.75, Axis 177

OS- Sphere -0,25, Cylinder +2.25, Axis 040

Had a final eye exam last month pre-surgery with Dr. Raviv… do not have any of his numbers.

Being these prescription numbers have 0 meaning to me any info or suggestions from the forum members on what to ask Dr. Raviv or for mr to know would be helpful.



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    Hi Dennis. 

    On item1 they told me after my appointment that I will have non-toric symfony after I asked them the question. 

    On item 2. You can find this at home. Make a diamond using index finger and thumb of your left and right hand. Locate a far away object in this diamond.  Now close right eye and then  left eye.   If the object remains in the diamond with one eye that is your dominant eye. 

    Good luck. Call me if you need any more info. 

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      Hi Soks,

      I thought Raviv said he was putting in a non-toric symfony but I think I have some astigmatism... maybe not enough so I want to get all my questions to send Dr Raviv in an email... not that it will make a difference since I assume he is the expert.

      How far away of a distance should object be to do dominant test? more than 10', 30', 50'? I can not see an object out of cataract eye just good eye... so I am not sure test will work as my non cataract  eye is doing all the  seeing.


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      Hi Dennis - with cataracts it may be hard to determine which eye is dominant.  Soks text is a good one - you don’t have to be an exact distance from object - across a room - 15 to 20 feet or so should do it.

      In my case the cataract was worse in my right eye and when I did that test I was certain my left eye was dominant.  After surgeries were over and eyes had healed that same test indicated I was right eye dominant.  Since eyesight with cataracts was worse in right eye the left took over and became dominant for that period of time.

      Hoping all goes well at your next consult and you feel comfortable with everything going into surgery.

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      I am not big fan of the toric lenses. The need to be in the right position to be effective and a lot of complaints appear to surface from those who get them. 

      He should be able to correct mild astigmatism with laser incisions with his femto machine. Ask him about it. 

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    We’re you looking for explanation of your prescription?

    OD is Latin term meaning right eye

    OS is left eye

    Sphere (SPH) is power measured in diopters (minus sign in front of a number indicates you are nearsighted so that is the power needed to bring you to 20/20)

    Cylinder is amount of astigmatism.

    Axis. This describes the lens meridian that contains no cylinder power to correct astigmatism. The axis is defined with a number from 1 to 180. The number 90 corresponds to the vertical meridian of the eye, and the number 180 corresponds to the horizontal meridian.

    If an eyeglass prescription includes cylinder power, it also must include an axis value, which follows the cyl power and is preceded by an "x" when written freehand.

    The axis is the lens meridian that is 90 degrees away from the meridian that contains the cylinder power.

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    Hi dennis39810, all the best on your surgery on the 17th ~ 3 more days to go.  Take care to rest well.

    I have msged you a link containing the graphic images seen through a "restor" eye and a "symfony" eye. Perhaps you can come up with better graphic images for future edifying discussions.

    The blogger also mentioned that on the night of his 1st surgery (right eye "Restor"wink, he drove to the pub to pick up 2 housemates who were to inebriated to get home on their own. On Day 8 post-Op, his eye-surgeon found that his 'right eye "Restor" lens had settled at a slightly different distance from (his) retina than they had expected and that hundredths of a millimetre make a difference.'

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      Jantje Thanks for your good wishes. I am well aware of the possibility (want to be positive so I am not saying probability) of concentric symfony circles & some other negative aspects... nothing like your own teenage eyes. I will definitely be able to render a reproduction of what I see through the synfony lens & even show a color comparison if any between my natural and IOL eyes.

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