What Amlodipine has done to me

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Hi, I am writing to you to let you know what these Amlodipine tablets have done to me.

Now, this letter is being written while am dog tired but cannot sleep, why so? please read on; and please also excuse the fact that I am using my other non-typing hand as my right hand is now what I would term partially paralyzed, (a state beyond severely numb) along with nearly the entire of the right handside of my body and insides... and obviously I'm not feeling at all comfortable, more like death warmed up... so there will be many, MANY typo and other errors here.

I am 62 years of age... I was in perfect physical shape (until now) have never drunk alcohol or smoked... and had never taken drugs prescribed or otherwise; I am not overweight, a non car driver... instead I used to walk and cycle everywhere to keep fit travelling miles. I always ate healthily as well and have hardly ever been sick in my life; but the inevitable happened and one day recently I got ill; while using my PC I began to feel dizzy... so about a couple of weeks ago I visited the Mile Road Health Clinic, Farnborough, Hants, UK and saw a Doctor Inglis who took my blood pressure and found it to be high.

She prescribed a course of 10 miligram Amlodipine tablets for  me... (a dose which I subsequently discovered from our local chemist was probably way too high and would have been a shock to most people's system... especially 1st-timers like me; 5 mil would have been far preferable).

Anyway, I began taking these BP tablets exactly as prescribed, but after some days began to notice a tingling sensation in my fingertips, (which, according to the leaflet supplied is a common side effect of Amlodipine) so I lived with it but the symptoms worsened with more tingle, numbness and even semi-paralysis... from my foot on the right-side of the body, the calf, shin thigh etc... even my right buttock - the whole lot felt/feels what I would call DEAD.

In that list I ommitted to mention the lack of sensation in fingertips on BOTH hands - also, I could no longer get a penis errection... so I can longer have sex properly... instead I have to vigourous mastebate a semi limp penis to make myself ejaculate.... which may take up to an hour to work!

So, I phoned the surgery and told them what had happened and spoke to lady at the pharmacy there, who simply recommended me to continue taking the tablets regardless... no advise on anything I could take to sleep through the pain...zilch!

So, I did that, carried on; now I can barely put one foot in front of the other... I'm a breathless cripple practically compared to how I was until just recently; I'm lethargic, cold one minute sweating the next, I have to shuffle along dragging my right leg while using a walking stick with people staring at me, often feeling dizzy and disorientated, loss of perspective - no feeling in my hand, arm or leg... I can barely get my penis out for a wee such is the lack of feeling pain the back of my neck making it impossible to sleep... pain in my breast bone area too and have trouble defalcating due to the buttock and groin numbness.

Enough was enough so I went to see our regular GP Doctor Pal, who after seeing me stumbling about and learning of all my horrific symptoms said something along the lines of ...'I think most of these symptoms have been bought on by anxiety' exacerbating the Amplodopine side-effects; but this was 5 weeks ago and I still have all of these syptoms ... in fact they have worsened in many respects...

When people see me they may think I have had a stroke...but I haven't ...my CT scan was clear and these problems are all down the right side of me. They might even think of Motoneuron Disease or MS.. that's how bad I seem... or feel.

I now have severe psychological problems as well... I feel isolated, depressed fear going out and am becoming paranoid that people are looking at me.

I have aching limbs, dizziness unable to sleep for 2 weeks bar the odd few hours here and there.

I find it difficult to wash and shave... everything takes so much effort.

Everyday seems like an uphill struggle.

When I told my GP about all of this there was no surprise at how I was and no sympathy shown either: He then kindly put me on a different BP tablet that he assured me would have no side effects, then  aplogised for not having more time to see me and left me to wobble out of the door; (I slowly shuffled past the reception like an old man of 90, rather than the rather youthful and fit 62 year old that I was and should be still....

Before leaving the surgery I sought some reassurance that all of this paralysis would only be temporary, however he offer me no such assurance saying only that the tingle 'should' clear up, but he was unsure about the rest.

Now I am positive that this disability is permanent and I no longer want to live like the vegetable I have become so fully intend to commit suicide quite soon; I cannot live night after night without sleep in agony; can you imagine NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT WITHOUT SLEEP? Yet never once was I helped or shown how I may cope or manage with all this pain because of this trouble caused by these wretched Amlodopines.

Life at home is no longer a life for me.. I can barely get out of bed, can't sit in the settee due to discomfort... can't eat properly due to worry so all I get is acid reflux... can't concentrate...it is a living hell and several times I have said that there is no other way than to end it all.

My wife Hilary is now getting ill because of this as well, because of me moaning out in pain every night with what feels like a tourniquet around my arm, she cant sleep either and  her heart is slowing down as she already has heart complications....

Technically I was her carer because of her own condition... but now, she has become my carer... the sick looking after the sick due to Government and NHS cutbacks here in the UK, we cannot get help.

Yours, absolutely shattered and numb inside.

Kenneth John Parsons


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    Hi Kenneth, I totally recognise this. I am so sorry to hear how dreadfully you have been affected. This drug is dangerous and doctors are still prescribing it. My story has been a similar awful journey, but perhaps not quite so bad as yours. I also turned into a cripple thinking it was me 'getting older'. My GP then tried doubling the dose from 5mg to 10mg and that is when I realised it was the awful drug. I am now seeing a physiotherapist for tendonitis (for which no-one will say whether it is permanent or not). I too am kept awake very night with pain on my left shoulder where I have an enlarged bursa and pain all down my right leg where the tendons have thickened (a common side effects of (Amlodopine). After seeing my GP, she changed the drug but 4 months on, I am still left with my crippled shoulder and limping leg. The GPs often tend to brush these side effects off, but if you read patients' stories on sites such as these, you will find other people with the same experiences. I think we should campaign to get this drug banned. People can help by reported this drug to the Yellow Card Scheme (my GP would not bother despite my complaints) https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/the-yellow-card-scheme.

    ?I do not know what to suggest Kenneth in your case as I am still undergoing physiotherapy, but maybe you could ask your GP for a referral? I am thinking of trying acupuncture. I hope others on this site might make some suggestions.

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    Of all the people here ... you have reported the most severe symptoms by far ... by a mile ... and I fully sympathize with you .... If anything .. u make all are symptoms sound like whinning..

    But here is my suggestion .. stop all bp medication .. go on a salt free diet immediately for the next 30 days ..... measure yr bp every morning and evening and make sure is below 150/100.

    Your body is in severe disarray and there is nothing those doctors can do because any drug ... sedative.. pain meds etc.. Will really harm you .

    Try to take a month off and restore yr circadian rhythm and sleep and drink lots of water ...

    The mechanism of Amlodipine is very unknown so don't try to think into it .. you are not likely to find answers ...

    Try to avoid all situations of anxiety and practise simple medication to lower yr pulse and slow breathing ...

    Stay with us here and let us know how you are .. ok .?

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    Oh dear Kenneth you really are in a bad way. It's awful how you have been treated by the medical people who are meant to make you feel better. I agree with Chi 000 when they suggested you stop all medication for 30 days to clear your system. Keep a good eye on your bp though. It surely can't make you feel any worse that's for sure and l sincerely hope it improves your well being. Don't give up, there's still help and hope for you and your poor wife.

    I had a bad expirience with Amlodopine too and have been off it since 1st September last year. Side affects still bothering me but nowhere near as bad as early days(was on 10mg). I will never use them again.

    Very best wishes and please keep us updated on your progress. Am sure you'll get there in the end.

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    Hi Kenneth, 

    I can relate to some of the side affects of taking Amlodipine and other blood pressure drugs. This site has been such a tremendous help because I found it just when I thought it was all in my head because I could not get my Cardiologist to understand these side effects were real. Just knowing or reading that I was not alone gave me hope. Ive tried many of  the recommendations from members and guests on this site...especially the natural remedies.  

    My adventure with Amlodipine & other BP drugs follows:  I had been on amlodipine for over 10 years. I'm very heath conscious so exercising has always been a daily part of my routine. When I first stated taking  amlodipine my ankles became swollen but because I was so active the swelling went away and did not return. As many members/guests have mentioned, the  Amlodipine side effects slowly take over so I did not realize that the pain under my left breast was radiating from near my stomach. I also did not realize that the Dr prescribed omeprazole to counter side effects of Amlodipine.   Other symptoms I experienced were knotting in my lower and upper intestine, burning in stomach, neck/shoulder pain, burning in left arm, and in center of chest.  In fact, the pain cause my cardiologist to think it was my heart so I had a heart cath but there was no problem with my heart. I'm so thankful for this site because I decided to stop taking the amlodipine (approximately 11 months ago) and now I’m much better from the Amlodipine side effects.  

    Between my PCP and Cardiologist, they have prescribed several BP meds since stopping Amlodipine and all have caused significant side effects.  The Losartan was a very scary one for me because it affected my memory and mood. Most of the symptoms have subsided but I still struggle with recall. Ive decided after speaking with my PCP to discontinuing all BP meds.  My recent heart echocardiogram came out normal so we agreed that I could continue to work on my diet, exercise and use some supplements for now. My PCP understands that medication can cause side effects. She is very rare.  It took me some time to find her and I’m very thankful. 

    Kenneth, Im hoping you find your pathway to a better quality of life soon. Please don’t give up.


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      Hi there Mesirm

      Could you please explain why Losarten was a bad drug for you, only l am now using this and l feel unwell always on it. I also take Bisoprolol for fast regular heart rate but am weaning myself off this, with Drs permission. As was also on Amlodopine and suffered many side affects l am now starting to wonder which drug is/was causing my feeling completely ill and much worse than when l was taking these. If you could tell me your symptoms from using the Losarten l would be grateful. Thank you.

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      Hi Christine, Losartan caused depression, confusion, mood, and memory problems.  I was having difficulty recalling simple words and completing sentences. It took awhile to figure out why I was feeling so disconnected because it began slowly.  The depression and mood change is what triggered me to ask “what is happening to me” so I searched online for patient reviews about losartan side affects which confirmed my suspicions. I stopped it immediately and within a day the symptoms began to subside. I’m so thankful that I figured it out sooner than later.  My PCP has now added the problems to my records.  I hope this helps and if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me again. 
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      Hi Mesirm

      Thanks for replying. That is exactly how l feel on Losarten too,my mood is so low and l always feel jittery and doom laden. I came off Amlodopine last September but still feel l have some after affects from it. Also as I'm currently on Bisoprolol a Betta blocker this also makes me feels nervous and jittery. So l just don't know which drug is having what affect on me to be honest. I am on 25 and 12/2mg,what dose was yours? I hope you are back to your normal self again now and am pleased l can speak to someone else who has had similar problems. Thank you once again.

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      Hi Christine,

      I was on 50 mg. Agree with you that it does help to know you are not alone.  I am feeling so much better now that I’m no longer on any BP meds. It does take time for the meds to clear out of system. 

      I hope you find you path to better health. 


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    Kenneth, I don't care what the doctors say, that drug Amlo is POISON to a lot of people.  I quite (on my own) a 2.5 mg dose when I felt like I was dying.  I still suffer some of the side effects after 2 and a half years.  If you have seen any of my other posts, you know I described how my cardiologist takes that crap and loves it.  Therefore, it must be okay for everyone and I am just complaining.  BULLS**T.  I had enough of the stuff and just stopped.  I am now on 100 lmg losartan daily and consume beets in my diet.  My BP runs around 132/65.  I feel better now and am a 74 years young female.  Good luck.

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      Hi Brenda, thanks for your interesting reply.

      I agree, Amlodipine is definitely a poison to a small percentage of patients... maybe 1 or 2 in a 100.

      I have a theory that what actually happens is that this drug has the potential to trigger medical conditions and diseases that we all have genetically locked within us...

      Fir instance, we all have cancer, MS and many other problems stored in our gene code, but these are safely locked away... until that is, age or some other trigger unlocks that code and releases it to enter our system. Amlodipine and certain other drugs may act as a trigger to unlock the door to these horrors in certain unlucky people.

      Why do I think this? well, since taking these ghastly tablets, along with all the other problems I have already spoken about... I am seeing what is perhaps the early stages of dementia now coming through; forgetfulness, mood swings etc; I hope that isn't the case, but even it isn't, some severe psychological change are definitely taken place in me.

      The doctors won't help, they simply close ranks and say that this is simply me having anxiety... but what about all the physical problems... inability to walk properly etc etc? These are real, physical conditions which have manifested in me since taking Amlo.

      I really suspect that what is happening regarding these Amlodipine victims, (and the small numbers are now really beginning to add up) is that there is a huge medical cover-up; the doctors and big pharma and perhaps the media, (Masonic-backed papers, tv etc), are all wise to this, but told not to get involved; either that, or they know just what is going on but they fear litigation so stay silent on the issue... hence no media coverage.

      Yes, it could be, and very likely is a huge conspiracy; but not a conspiracy theory I suspect... real like 9/11... which everyone in their heart-of-hearts knows was an 'inside job' as it were.

      And if this is happening with Amlodipine, how many other medical cover up might there be? hundreds I bet.

      It is almost as if we are being  treated like human guinea pigs.

      I've tried complaining to Tiva Pharmacutical who make Amlodipine, my health clinic, Yellow Card, NHS Complaints, the papers CAB... but no one will even answer because at the very least, nowadays one has to be very careful what they publicly say in matters like this; because 'big pharma' etc, have the finest layers that money can buy, and chances are, if we tried to start an online petition against them for example, (as I tried to do recently on this forum, but the moderators didn't allow it), the manufacturers of this medicine would land up suing the pants us for liable and slander!

      Its the same old story... money rules in this world... and the rich always win; the poor man doesn't really stand a chance.

      All the best


      PS: Glad you are managing to stay young through all of this... I look at myself in the mirror and think I have aged 10 years in just 7 weeks.. lol.

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