What are your withdrawal symptoms?

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Hi guys, I've been experiencing some really weird withdrawal symptoms, and I was just wondering what everyone else's were/felt like?

I have been on 5mg of Valium for about a month now but I never took them consistently, so I'm thinking that is why I started getting withdrawal type symptoms even whilst on them.

Anyway, I'm trying to get off of them now as I've started a new medication which is a beta blocker and seems to be helping out a lot, but I am having a bad day today as I only had one 10mg tablet of my Lexapro left last night and I am on 30mg. So, without the Valium and my Lexapro tablets I feel really poorly today.

My symptoms include:

-Head/brain zaps.

-Weird feelings in my eyes, almost like I get the zaps in my eyes as well, whilst they also feel very sensitive.

-Feeling very sensitive to sudden movements or loud noises, or even just sounds that I wasn't expecting, which then creates one of the zaps.

-Feeling "fuzzy" in the head.

I guess I am looking for a bit of reassurance and wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this or even something similar.

Thank you for reading and any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    why aren't you taking the Lexapro,even antidepressants can cause symptoms if not taken?

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      I'm still taking the antidepressants I just ran out yesterday without realising and I only had 1 left but it was only 10mg and I am on 30mg but I am getting more today.

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      Yeah, I think it has! And it just feels a bit worse because I've stopped taking the Valium as well. Just took my normal dose of Lexapro then, so hoping I'll feel a bit better soon.

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      I'm tapering off a benzo,very slowly,going to be months,my doctor wants me to start a low dose antidepressant to help with anxiety,thinking of Lexapro as it has a good track record with anxiety and panic,I'm hesitant ,but think at least during withdrawal might take it,than if all goes well,will taper off that.. I so hope you feel better soon.

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      Oh okay, I wish you all the best with the tapering. I am on day three of no Valium, I don't feel too bad, just super head zappy if that makes any sense? I've been on Lexapro for years now and think it really helps me. I think it would be a good idea for you to take while you are withdrawing, it might help you feel a bit better, and it should be a lot easier to taper off of when you need/want to. I hope you feel better soon as well.

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      thanks so much,I do get some weird head sensations at times,like an icky fuzzy feeling in my head.

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    Hi Anxious,

    I guess this will all seem really bewildering for you ( as it would to most people if not familar with benzodiazepine and /or antidepressant withdrawal).

    Both can give you a huge kick when you stop and even in interdose withdrawal, especially the benzodiazepine aka valium and plenty others,even z drugs.

    Ive posted a few websites I've found useful in my withdrawal that really go into what withdrawal can be like. Please dont be too scared, withdrawal can be harsh but also for alot of people it can be mild and relatively short and a great deal of the truth is that it can be just different for everyone.

    I will stress that severity of withdrawal depends alot on a) dose b) length of time on it c) whether you tapered d) luck and personal individual biological make up.

    Im taking about benzos and z drugs in particular as Ive personally never had much of an issue with antidepressant withdrawal ( although I dont doubt it exists and maybe I was just lucky there ), But benzo withdrawal my goodness, that for me been like being kicked by a cart horse over a long long time and very very hard.

    It also doenst matter if you were prescribed it , never abused it and really its mainly about your body's physiological reaction when the drug is out of the system and the gaba receptors fire up and your body tries to get back to homeostasis.

    Id recommend the following as credible sources on the whole range of benzo withdrawal symptoms. Even though Ive lived and am living through benzo withdrawal Im still blown away by the range of symptoms in withdrawal They are strange and tick many boxes as its the brain and body wide chemistry that is thrown off in withdrawal. It can hit literally everywhere!

    Wishing you much healing and I hope this info helps you.

    p.s there are further resources within these listed websites.

    All the best

    List of info / websites



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      Hello Carol. What tapering method did you use?

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      Hello! Thank you so much for your reply. I looked at the websites you attached and it made me feel a lot better knowing that some of the symptoms I've been experiencing are normal withdrawal symptoms. It has been a bit scary and I am very knew to it, as I've only experienced minor withdrawal symptoms from antidepressants. I just keep getting these awful brain zaps and they're really getting to me. I am on day three of absolutely no Valium and although I was only on a low dose and I didn't take them everyday it's still been a bit rough. If you don't mind me asking, what are your withdrawal symptoms?You don't have to tell me if you don't wish too! Either way I wish you all the best with your withdrawing and I really appreciate your reply!!

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