What can these symptoms be? Nausea/fatigue/headache after eating

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For 8 months I've been suffering with varying symptoms. There was no catalyst a other than my father dying, though that was not unexpected or particularly traumatic in its nature.

Nobody can work out what the cause is:

- An hour after eating I sometimes feel awful fatigue, weakness, light-headedness, nausea, dizziness, tightness in chest, like I'm going to pass out

- I'm never actually sick not pass out

- When I can check my pulse it's normal (60-80)

- Tension type headaches particularly in the temporallis (above ear) and frontalis (upper temple)

- Jaw tension at times

- Nausea (sometimes without the headaches) sometimes with reflux

- Some days I have headaches, no nausea

- Some days I have nausea, no headaches

- ?Just feeling unwell

- Sometimes my vision is 1% fuzzy

- Dizziness on motion

- Light-headedness on standing

- Severe malaise, weakness

- Brain fog

- Aches behind the eyes when I have a headache

- A buzzing foggy facial feeling


- Symptoms come on an hour after waking (30 mins after breakfast), possibly food related

- ?If I skip breakfast they wait and then can come on an hour after lunch

- ?Some days I have no symptoms but the same routine

- ?It comes on during about 30 mins, stays all day, and can disappear just as fast

- ?When it disappears I feel wonderful and very healthy, 30 mins after feeling terrible

- They sometimes remain for 4-8 hours

- They can be relieved by eating lunch (so it seems they can be caused by eating and somehow also cured by eating)

- They usually fade after sundown but not always

I've seen:

- Primary

- Neurologist

- Maxillofacial specialist

- Physiotherapist

- Chiropractor

- ?Brain scan for sinusitis

I've been misdiagnosed then ruled out:

- Chronic Sinusitis

- Migraines


Still under investigation:

- Tension headaches from stress

Treatments that haven't worked:

- Botox in jaw for TMJ myalgia

- Occipital nerve block

- Chiropractic treatment

Slightly helps:

- Ibuprofen

- Tylenol

- Zofran

My suspicions:

- Postprandial Hypotension

- ?Postural/orthostatic issues

- ?Hypotensive disorders (trying salt)

- ?Iron deficiency (trying supplements)

- ?Cardiomyopathy

- ?AFib

- ?Adrenal disorder

Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Since your symptoms started after your father died, it may be a stress response.  Stress can cause inflamnatory responses in the body. Try a food diary to see if a particular food(s) is to blame since symptoms tend to appear after eating.  Try concentrating on hobbies and light exercise to help you relax. Soothing music and meditation may alao help. 

    With me, stress and anxiety triggered costochondritis and IBS and when I had exam stress as a student, I developed chronic acid reflux.  I don’t know what you will be diagnosed with but diet and relaxation techniques may be a good place to start.

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    Well, myself, my colleague and a friend of hers have been suffering something slightly similar for the past 6 months. It started with an upset stomach (diarrhoea), then bouts of nausea, indigestion, heartburn, feeling ill, headaches and muscle aches, aching glands. The stomach symptoms have improved and now if we feel nauseous it’s from these pressure headaches. Between the three of us we’ve had extensive investigations. All blood tests clear, mri clear, ultrasound, colonoscopy, endoscopy all clear. I have seen two infectious diseases doctors and they have put it down to a virus/infection. They can’t find any evidence of one but they have said I’m most likely suffering with post viral syndrome. Yes, we too can feel absolutely fine, then half an hour later feel dreadful; I’ve never had an illness like it. I feel strongly too that it’s linked to my digestion and my stomach as that’s where it started. Sometimes eating helps, sometimes it doesn’t! Very frustrating trying to communicate to Doctors that I’m not stressed, depressed or anxious, and that I’m not perpetuating the symptoms myself. Obviously I’m relieved there’s nothing seriously wrong but we all feel like our lives are on hold. Interesting that you mention TMJ. We have had neuralgia and weird shooting pains all over, pains in mouth, jaw, face. My colleague has had more visual disturbances. Overall we are better than we were, but we seem to be in this constant cycle of improving and then relapsing. I still feel that the ‘virus’ is lurking. Tests for Lyme , ebv, cmv were negative. I’m taking tons of supplements and vitamins to help boost immunity. Acupuncture, Bowen, chiropractic etc. Doctors basically just don’t know, even if they pinpointed it then couldn’t even treat it anyway and will most likely clear up on its own. Past 2 weeks I’ve been taking keffir to boost gut health. 

    So, I really sympathise with your chronic symptoms. I guess because my colleague came down with this at the EXACT same time, then that supports the virus theory as it must have passed between us some how. Have you had your gall bladder checked?

    I am a 40 year old woman (teacher), in UK. Best wishes.

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      Sorry to hear that.

      I forgot to mention everything started for me a week after the worst sore throat I had ever had. It tested not strep. I had nausea one night, then these symptoms once a week, now increasing in frequency.

      My bilirubin and other such tests were normal, re gallbladder.

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    And yes also to the general malaise, weakness and fatigue. Not so much of the brain fog (I think!). I tried going gluten free, dairy free, sugar free but it didn’t seem to make much difference so I’m just eating normally but have lost weight. My appetite just isn’t what it was. My stomach can be very noisy and gurgly. Tests for colitis, crohns, IBD all negative. 
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      What about IBS?  This can run similar to colitis without the infection.  A friend of mine has this, she is usually in the washroom 30 after eating foods that trigger the IBS symptoms.  This is also autoimmune, comes on with food triggers and stress.
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    hi beepatient,

    ?I am so sorry to hear of all your symptoms and malaise.

    ?It sounds like you might be suffering from stress and depression due to your father's passing.

    ?Please see if you can get some "Talk Therapy" or try a short course of some anti depressants to raise your Serotine levels.

    I amcertain that both therapies will help.

    Good luck and God's blessing to you.


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      This is so important.  I was able to seek talk therapy through Hospice for free, all family members were offered this, when my mom passed away a year this past January.  Hospice is within the hospitals here (Canada).  It helped a lot.
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    Yes I had a bout of tonsilitis during all this and all three of us report a fullness/pressure in our ears. I also tested negative for h.pylori. I find it bizarre that all three of us would have the same virus but then all go on to be post viral, I just still think it’s the actual virus hanging around. And yes, our symptoms started gradually and then became worse and more frequent. I take it you’ve probably seen a gastroenterologist by now. Not sure what else to suggest really other than looking after yourself, healthy diet, sleep, supplements, patience etc. It sure gets depressing being chronically ill for so long and I know a lot of people have FAR worse conditions, but this has been miserable for me. I guess you could ask your doctor about a virus/post viral syndrome especially as it started with a sore throat. Also, most posts on these websites just make you feel worse as no one ever posts back when they recover! But we’re just desperate for an answer. 

    Stay positive!

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      It certainly makes sense. A gastroenterologist is about the only specialist I haven't yet seen.

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      Do you specifically get symptoms within an hour of eating?
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    Hi, it all comes from your GI tract.. probably disfunction of your adrenals and gallbladder because of the wrong diet, stress and lack of sleep and exercise plus your are probably not drinking enough water?

    I have the same symptoms for 2 years now. My only relief is when I eat a healthy diet and work out..

    You body needs certain nutrients to work properly.. water (2.7 l) plus healthy carbs, protein, lipids (these three give you energy) and vitamins and minerals for the proper function of organs and digestion. And all these in the right ratio.. check DRI on gov sites. 

    Health comes from your gut! 

    So try to stay away from empty calories and also meds since they ruin your stomach and intestinal lining that helps your body to absorb all the nutrients.

    The body is such a complex system and depending on us giving it the right nutrients. 

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      Thanks for the ideas.

      I sleep 8 hours peacefully every night.

      I eat healthily, with a few treats now and then. No red meat, minimal dairy, rare alcohol, I don't smoke, lots of fish, sushi, chicken.

      I take a good quality multivitamin every day.

      I have a 90 minute workout with a personal trainer once a week.

      I drink a lot of water.

      My only meds are beta blockers for anxiety.

      It just doesn't feel like this fits with what you're saying.

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      It sounds as though you’re still able to get on with most normal activities... are you able to do a 90 minute work out currently? Are you working? My colleague and I have been off work since September we’ve felt so ill although I’m currently attempting to return part time. Yes I too consider myself to have a good balanced diet, lots of water, no coffee/alcohol. Before I got ill I was running every week. 

      My colleague and I have racked our brains to find a pattern to this but the symptoms seem to come and go so randomly.  But yes, I seem to mostly be ok first thing  and then the symptoms creep in during the day and then I’m usually not too bad at bed time. I have a herbalist that I see who suggested that we do an adrenal test. 

      I’m taking heart in that some symptoms have improved and some things have got better. I don’t take any current medications, just vit d, zinc, magnesium and herbal tinctures. You could consider seeing a naturopath or herbalist but it can be pricey going down that road and I have no idea if any of it has really helped! I try and do a bit of swimming and walking when I feel up to it. 

      I have also read about entero viruses that effect the stomach that can linger for a long long time. 

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      Are you eating enough carbs (healthy carbs from vegetables)? That was one of my main problems. I had too much protein but rarely healthy carbs and your body needs mostly carbs. As I said. I am almost 100 % sure your symptoms come from a wrong diet. And don’t take me wrong also a ‘healthy’ diet can be wrong when not giving your body the right amount of each nutrient. Read the Science of Nutrition and you will be stunned. 

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      Oh and one thing helped me very much as well with my headaches and nausea attacks. It was cutting out added sugar from my diet.. 

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      I think there is a lot to be said for cutting out sugar, I do try and not have too much but I think I will try even harder. There is so much conflicting advice out there about diet and so many possible routes to try. But cutting out sugar is a good place to start. Thanks for the advice.
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      Thanks. The symptoms seem so severe, and came on so suddenly, that I just don't feel it's "diet". But I'll keep it in mind.

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      One other thing came to my mind..

      Some self checks..

      How does your tongue look like (if milky white it could say you have a bacteria imbalance in your gut)

      How does your tongue feel. Flat or bumpy, dry.. (dry, then you are definitely dehydrated) 

      How is your stool (if always constipated you are definitely missing something).. what color is your stool (if light brown that could be a problem of bile production- so gallbladder)

      How are your fingernails? If always broken then you are missing minerals..

      Just answer these things for yourself and that might give you a hint.

      Plus have you had the docs check on your bacteria levels in stool? Maybe that could cause it. That’s why I stopped eating sugar. Bad bacteria feeds from sugar..

      Just some thoughts..

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      Thanks! all the above are normal, though I have not had the final test you mention.
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      Yes when I have no Symptoms I could do a 3 hour workout.

      I am working but occasionally have to call out because I know it's going to be "one of those days".

      I bought a glucose monitor. All normal so far.

      I feel it is blood pressure related as it happens an hour after food, upon exterion.

      I'm experimenting with more water, more salt, to raise blood pressure.

      Does postprandial Hypotension match your symptoms?

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