What CAN you eat?

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I'm wasting away just eating nothing but raw green veg and pinapple, plus all the usual tinctures, anti parasitic veg and fruit and other hebs, but does anyone else know if I can eat fish? Or anything else?

If I have to stick with the above I will, but can I sustain myself long term on this? Any advice would be most welcome from thos who are winning the battle.

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    Do not waste yourself whatsoever! In fact I ate more so that I could get it out of my system. Foods high in fibre and carbohydrate are usually good if what I learnt in school is accurate. Bread? Pasta? Biscuits? Etc I would also include meat eg fish in your diet as you will probably need all the iron. The only thing you should be aware of is your sugar intake as they feed on sugar. So cut out chocolate, fizzy drinks, sweets (extrinsic sugar not intrinsic).
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    As they survive on absorbing glucose you could try eating anything you want that doesn't contain sugar so I would cut out the fruit.  I wouldn't eat the obvious like cakes and biscuits and sweets but also any processed foods like canned foods, bread and cereals.  It is amazing how much of what we eat contains sugar.  That said, I'm still suffering so I don't know if that is the answer.  
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      Seeing that it's important that sugar still is essential for survival I wouldn't recommend eliminating it completely. Just eliminate the extrinsic sugar (bad sugar).
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    Well I only use creamer in my coffee now instead of sugar. Rice n beans I heard is good so I eat a lot of Mexican. I'm down to cloves 3x morning n evening with pumpkin seeds same. Papaya seeds 2x morn n eve. I don't feel then at night hardly at all anymore so just once in awhile off n on. Yeah I'm not completely sure because in still feeling something every so often. But not everyday now, thank God.
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    Hi all, 

    Thanks for your replies, just thought I'd share some information which might be helpful, my 'wriggles' are down from 5 in the evening to 1 in the evening and nothing on waking, I can't tell you what relief it is to to wake up without them crawling all over me down there! But I can still feel isolated  'wriggles' which I think might be eggs hatching out on my bottom which I think might have got there after my toilet visits, I'm using wet wipes each time I go, but I have also started using rubber gloves as well, as I think the eggs are being flushed out with my fluid bowel movements.

    I think my extreme diet has also helped, but can not be sustained, otherwise I might get ill.

    I have been eating only raw green veg and pinapple, but I have now introduced boiled white fish as this contains no sugar or starch, I haven't had a bad reaction to that so far.

    I don't want to introduce carbohydrates yet like potatoes, as I have read the starch converts into sugar, I know these are small amounts, but I'm at war with these things and I don't want to give then anything which will help them survive.

    It's all so time consuming and depressing to do this, and my husband and I had an argument about it this morning, as he thinks I'm having psychotic delusions again like I had before, and was proven to be true, by eliminating the symptoms by taking antidepressants, but I have since had them again and got rid of them again whilst on this medication, and my efforts this time seem to be working, I understand it's alarming to him to see me eating such a resricted diet, but unless you actually have them, it's easy to think it can be solved by a visit to the doctor prescribing mebenzadole, and my years long experience with this has proved that to be ineffective.

    Also what I think is effective is taking a teaspoonful of crushed papaya seeds and freshly ground dried cloves first thing in the morning, cloves are supposed to help break down the shell on the eggs, and papaya is supposed to kill them.

    I follow it up half an hour later with a tincture of green black walnut and wormwood drink, it all tastes really bitter and horrible, but I figured if I hate it, the worms would too, then I reward myself with freshly chopped pinaple, dessicated coconut, and if I have freshly ground up the papaya seeds then I eat the flesh along with the pinapple, it's all SUCH a pain, but better than having worms, and I wil NEVER Ever stroke an animal and eat with my fingers ever again!

    I hope you found this useful, but I needed to get it off my chest anyway as I'm feeling really miserable today.

    I'll keep you posted if my symptoms improve anymore.

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      Thank you for the info on the cloves and papaya as I take them every morn & evening. Getting tired of taking them-didn't know they did that to them. I also take pumpkin seeds 1800mg 3 pills every morn & evening started recently. Saw on a discussion here. I used the black walnut tincture & wormwood pills 6 times on the schedule they sent as a parasite cleanse then off a month and once more so that helped where I didn't feel then at all. Kept on the cloves pumpkin and papaya. Some pineapple once in awhile. Gloves all time in cleaning toilets everyday abd washing sheets daily. New underwear morn & after eve shower. Scrubbing nails daily. Gets so so so so tiring but I'm booty feeling them at night. Crawling once in awhile maybe once every two days. Daytime-go figure so at least I'm clean and my house is clean. Ugh. Last doctor didn't believe me so keep cleaning ahh
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    Hi Prancer,

    I've been doing the same routine as you, but I can't face washing and changing my sheets daily, so I remove my underwear in the shower with gloves on, put them in a sealed bag carefully then shower, I wear tight clean knickers and clean pyjamas and wrap an elastic band round the ankles so my bottom is totally isolated, repeat a.m with tight trousers, if it weren't so sad it would be comical, but life is a military manoever with this problem, and so wearing as you say, however it has yeilded results! I have had a blissful 2 days and nights without any wriggles! I relaxed my regime because I am getting dizzy spells due to being malnourished and diarhea, and I got 1 wriggle today.

    I really need to eat more as I have a physically active job, so can I ask you what you ate on your month off? as your routine seems to have worked for you long term.

    I'm SO wary of undoing all my strenuous efforts with a thoughtless slip up, and so depressed at not knowing what's going on inside me, except taking time off means allowing more of the eggs to hatch, ugh! It's SO disgusting! But I'll start the heavy stuff in a week or so's time again to catch all the little wriggly horrors, any advice appreciated, by the way prancer, I read that the caffine in coffee gees them up, have you had any reactions? I'm only drinking herb tea now, but it's hard to tell what works and what doesn't when you don't do isolated tests.

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      On my month off I really slipped. It was Christmas & I had a few sweets. I hadn't eaten sweets in months but with family& holidays. After that month felt then so that's why I did the wormwood again but I know it's nut good for you. I know the cloves kills eggs maybe that's what keeps living. Usually I eat cereal. Mexican. I love Mexican and I read rice and beans are good to get them gone so that was easy. Been a few days and I'm not feeling them so keeping yo the cloves pumpkin & papaya. And gloves & underwear& cleaning toilet everyday and I spray my shower just in case. I don't vacuum like everyone on here so they won't fly. I shampoo my carpets instead that cost $100. But it's worth it. $100 to buy a shampooer.Using a tooth brush on my nails daily. Good luck. I need to eat pineapple again. I take the pills early 1-2 hours to digest before I eat anything. Maybe they with better that way??
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    Hi Cured_14,

    For the past week I've been struggling with threadworms. I've took ovex and on day 4 of a no-sugar diet (basically Atkins minus the dairy), eating lots of raw garlic and pumpkin seeds. The wriggles have improved dramatically over the 4 days but last night I woke up and I could feel them.

    I was just wondering how long did it take you to eat "normally" again? Did you gradually introduce carbs back into your diet?

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    hi- i have just found threadworms for the first time ever and i am horrified! my family have taken ovex but i am in early pregnancy so cant take anything. i ate pineapple amd a lot of raw garlic yesterday and trying not to eat sugar or starch. any idea how long it will take to go naturally? im washing eveeything and showering before bed and when i wale up. i also tried the vasaline and crushed garlic but got me so down . thanks

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    hi- i have just found threadworms for the first time ever and i am horrified! my family have taken ovex but i am in early pregnancy so cant take anything. i ate pineapple amd a lot of raw garlic yesterday and trying not to eat sugar or starch. any idea how long it will take to go naturally? im washing eveeything and showering before bed and when i wale up. i also tried the vasaline and crushed garlic but got me so down . thanks

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