What causes Green Poop?

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I dont mean to sound gross you guys, but my poop has been green for the past few months. It has also been mushy, thin, or small pieces. When i add fiber in diet such as flax seed it firms it some ....Does anyone know what could be causing this? Forgot to add, every morning i have to go first thing, sometimes once , and some days more than once. Another thing, i noticed my upper back especially left side, shoulder blades constantly aches. Dont know if they are linked. I have gastritis, gerd, (hiatal hernia) .

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    I’ve had that from time to time but not that long. I have diverticula disease, IBS, and colitis but I don’t think anyone of those specifically causes that. Have you seen a doc?
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    Please let us know, what your GI doc thinks.

    I have that sometimes, but returns to normal.

    Apparently green bile is turned into many shades of brown by bacteria. So if it moves too fast, it can't turn brown.

    (Or you are a good green leave eater, food colours are visible too)

    But with your description I think you have more a fast bowel transit.

    Let's see what your GI thinks and how to tackle or investigate.

    The other thing:

    going in the morning is GOOD.

    A healthy gut goes in the morning after getting up, it works all night.

    It is a myth, that one needs to walk and exercise to have healthy gut peristalsis.

    Yes, it is good to walk and exercise in general, but a normal gut does produce pooh in the morning without having walked during the night or day. The peristalsis is an independent movement.

    Now, if it was due to diarrhoea in your case (green colour) it might be a different thing if you haven't had that before.

    Not saying it was all fine,

    but going to the toilet in the morning first thing is generally fine and THE thing you get asked at every naturopath, 'if you have morning constipation'.....so are those called, who do not go for nr2 right after getting up. A big observation, that going in the morning is beneficial and a good sign.

    all the best!

    Maybe there are some parasites or infection lurking, I hope your GI investigates well.


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      Sanya, how interesting for you to mention parasites. Because back in August I did muscle testing with a naturopath consultant and i tested that i had parasites. At first, she could not figure out what could be wrong based on my symptons until the naturopath dr. there suggested to test me for parasites. And what do you know, it passed really strong. She said now that she thought about it her symptons are exact as mine when she had it. I do noticed some white particles specks in the bowels or floating. If i look really close i can sometimes see what looks like little fine hairs attached. I thought maybe its something im eating, like almonds . But its there when i dont eat anything of the sort. The stomach al makes rumbling noises alot. I am going through perimenopause so its difficult to know what sympton is what.

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      I would press for a stool pathogen test please. Do you have access to it?

      (I would not trust a muscle testing for gut parasites)

      --> Ova and parasite (O&P) - preferrably a collection of stool over 3 days, not a one off

      --> stool culture for pathogenic bacteria (one off)

      You can start on food grade diatomaceous earth then straight after sample to get some 'absorption' of the bad guys rolling before getting results.

      There are fecal microbiota analysis (FMA) of stool preferred by naturopathic docs, but usually very expensive and depending on 'anaerobic' transport really questionable if 'all' bacteria were able to grow once arrived at lab. 

      Sometimes tests come back negative and still a parasite from worm to single cells (like giardia) lurking, as it depends on numbers to be 'caught'.

      Best of luck!

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    Are you eating/drinking anything with blue dye?  I had green stool for a while because I was drinking blueberry pomegranate ensure drinks.  When the blue dye mixes with the yellow bile, it turns the color of your stool green.  Once I stopped drinking the ensure drinks, my stool color went back to brown.  
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    It could just be ibs. For the past 3 months I've been waking up and having to go to the bathroom right away. I've expieriencing loose poop too. I also get cramps and gas a lot. As well as belching and burping. Does this happen after u eat a large meal? Also I haven't visited a doctor about my ibs. Tbh I don't even know if it's ibs. I just think it is, could anyone help?

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      Your symptoms might be IBS, but you should not self diagnose.  Instead see your doctor to get a definitive diagnosis in case you have something else. My IBS was diagnosed by a doctor . I experrience stomach pain that moves about and bowel habit change such as constipation, loose stools or diarrhoea. Occasionally I have nausea.
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    If foods such as green vegetables are not digesting properly, it could cause green stools. Bile can also be green. Are you on any medication that is green or has a green casing? Pain between your shoulder blades can be a gallbladder symptom  if you have right sided stomach pain.  It may also be possible that your gastritis pain is radiating into your back and into your shoulders.  Your left side is where your intestines are located.

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