What causes someone to feel full when they actually aren't?

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I have early satiety and a major loss of appetite. Whenever I eat, I easily feel full and rather not eat anymore. I'm trying to find what causes it because I am currently in the hospital being treated for malnourishment and they're force feeding me through an NG tube. I noticed that I feel full and lose my appetite at the beginning of a meal, but as soon as they feed me through the tube, I don't feel the fullness until the very end of the feeding when I beg to have a break, but that's mostly because I have to burp and I can't seem to voluntarily do the action. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

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    Hi. I don't have any info but have a few questions that could rule out a few things... I'm assuming the malnourishment is due to you not eating enough? So has this been going on for quite a while?

    Have the doctors done a full blood count? Is anything else off? Do you have any other symptoms?

    Are you female?

    As far as I'm aware, loss of appetite can be a symptom of many things; physical illnesses and difficulties of a more psychological nature. Are the doctors trying to get to the actual cause of this?

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    hello eaquin

    I have had a diminishing appetite sinc e 2007 and like you force myself to eat as no appetite and feel full quickly,Has you gp done any exploratory investigations?I was refused scans by my gp for two years -no consideration to symptoms,no investigation until i saw another GP who arranged endoscopy. colonoscopy and barium swallow test,.these revealed hiatus hernia ,gastritis,diverticulitis,duodenitis and dysphagia.If not I would aask about them.

    Not had any specific treatment other than omeprazole i was already prescribed,still have no appetite and feeling full,yet no one concerned.


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    your stomach is full before you have finished your meal so you can't finish the meal.

    I hope you feel more yourself soon.


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    l got that full bloated feeling after eating little on and off for 1-2yrs, seemed so odd, sometimes l might just have a snack, custard tart, and feel as if l,d eaten a 3 course meal, took hours to feel normal.  Then started with severe nausea daily along with bouts of bloatedness, belching, but which time l could hardly eat at all, tea and biscuit 2 or 3 times a day, lost 2 stone, finally saw gastrologist who did scope and diagnosed some gastritus and duoedenitus, gave me omprazole for it, which thankfully settled in 90percent, just get the odd short lived bouts now and again. Surely theyve looked in your stomach with scope before tube feeding, to see if youve gastritus, acid reflux, would hope so. But hope your situation improves soon. 
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      I agree Lynne,Cant believe they would forc efeed without investigation
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    try and eat different types of food,satiety  is usually cause by eating the same types of food everytime
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    I know it's been a year, but I wanted to update just in case anyone who happens to find this reads this. I know I didn't reply to anyone, and I have no idea why I didn't. I probably most likely just didn't get the notifications and forgot about this post because I remember just crying my heart out while I was in the hopsital last year. There, they got my vitals stable and my weight up to 87 and they discharged me without trying to find out what's wrong with me, so i ended up gaining weight because my stomach felt better in some weird miracle way, and I gained 20 pounds in 2 months. I ended up with a severe loss of appetite and I thought I'd be fine, but then my symptoms came back:

    - bloating

    - nausea

    - "early satiety" which would be relieved by burping

    - a lot of burping

    - pain in my upper middle abdomen (dull ache)

    - pain where my stomach is located (sharp)

    - indigestion

    - heartburn

    - constipation

    - feeling like the food is piling in my stomach and crawling up my chest

    And it was hard to eat again. My symptoms were so generalized that someone thought I had GERD, but I didn't think I did because I didn't really regurgitate my food. Sometimes I'd burp and some fluid from my stomach WOULD come up, but not into my mouth, only up my throat and my chest.

    Someone else thought I had high stomach acid, and when PPIs didn't work, they changed their mind and said I had low stomach acid. By the time they told me to try bitter flavors to amp up stomach acid, I got myself to the hospital.

    I got the feeding tube again after two days of getting myself ready for it because my past experience with it was traumatic, I got it and got feedings from a machine. I gained back some of my good essential fat, and the few days before I was discharged, they sent a Gastroenterologist to my room. She requested an ultrasound for me, and after many years of obsessing over what in hell I have, they told me I have Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome. Others call it Wilkie's Syndrome and other names. They explained to me that because I don't have fat between my Aortic Artery and my Mesenteric Artery, it's squeezing the last part of my duodenum so it was hard for the food to go through, making the food basically go back and forth between this small space and my stomach until all of it slides through the opening that the space allows. They said this can cause my nausea and my heartburn and etc of my other symptoms.

    Of course I was relieved, and there's no question on how I'd get rid of these symptoms. It is for me to gain the weight and the fat, which I'm struggling to do because I still feel the symptoms, but obviously to a lesser extent than before. Every day that I gain weight will be me closer to being symptom free, so I'll just keep holding on.

    I currently have alarms for when I have to eat and when to take my medicine, and I have biweekly follow ups to the hospital's clinic. I also have a future appointment for a gastric emptying study to rule out gastroparesis just in case.

    If anyone's wondering, I'm taking Miralax as needed, 2 Tums for calcium (one in morning and one at night), a multivitamin, and remeron at night (for the depression that comes with not being able to enjoy food for many years - jk - it also helps immensly for my nausea, and the doctor said it may help with my intestines). I don't know if the remeron's helping with my intestines - or my depression for that matter - but it really helps with my nausea, so I'll keep taking it, but it gives me RLS during the night, which is bareable if it means minimal to no nausea the next day.

    I know this was pretty long, but it's been a year smile

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      I also wanted to mention, because I just remembered, that there are many cases like mine, but a lot of other cases that are much worse than me that includes complete blockage of their duodenum and an awful lot of vomiting.

      I don't want to seem like I'm downplaying this condition if others have it too as well, and say that their journey will be as smooth sailing as mine.

      I'm gonna go off on a tangent here and ask how this condition is so rare, because I don't understand. I've read that 1/3 of people who have this die, and it's very rare to have. But the cause of this is the loss of fat in that particular spot between those two arteries. So since everyone who ends up getting extremely skinny loses a lot abdominal fat, wouldn't it make sense that they lose the fat between those two arteries too and end up having SMA Syndrome? Or is this specific in different people that since the arteries are positioned differently, and if fat loses in that specific spot, those arteries will end up squishing the sad duodenum like a sandwich?

      And if it's the latter, wouldn't the person just always have SMA Syndrome, but it's just hidden by the fat?

      I should really stop questioning everything, but I'd have to diminish my curiosity of everything. I seem to always be curious about everything, and it doesn't even have to be health related.

      To anyone reading, I hope you understand what I'm questioning also, lol.

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