What could this be? Advice please

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Hi All,

Well I have suffered from Health Anxiety since April 2018.

Trigger was a drop in blood pressure, side effect from this prescribed ointment I used just the once.

Well  experienced a lot of symptoms/ sensations of Anxiety, and they were not pleasant! Like you probably know your self.

Well for about a month I suffered from diarrhoea, goodness my 1-2 a day but the formation was like mushy cow pat(sorry). Lost my appetite and lost nearly a stone.

Well I’ve had blood tests & stool tests and everything come back normal 😊 

The Drs. Put it down to a viral bug that they said that probably when they tested my stools the bug might of went but basically left me with the aftermath. I was thinking also maybe Anxiety didn’t help.

Anyways the last couple of weeks I have been forming right, but have had constipation twice. And I’ve got my appetite back & weight is being gained, & anxiety symptoms/ sensations were very minimal. So happy days.

Went out with the family for a meal at the local Indian restaurant, had a medium curry(I’m used to spicy curries) but thought best play it safe. But I did dip into the green chilli sauce and onion dip. 

Also I drank 3x beers & 1 WKD. 

Well woke up this morning feeling sick, tummy turning.

So went to the loo, opened my bowels & it was formed right.

Got back into bed still feeling sick. Went back loo and opened bowels again & it was like runny porridge.

Been forwards & backwards 3/4 times and it’s like water.

What could this be?

Anxiety is starting to rise and I’m suppose to start my training tomorrow for my new job.

Can’t believe this happening!

Please any advice welcome. 

Also what tests could I ask for? To get to the bottom of this?

Take Care xx

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    Hi Jodie May,

    So sorry to hear about your health issues.

    A stool sample needs to be sent again if you’ve got watery diarrhoea to rule out infection etc. 

    However, maybe if your diarrhoea persists your Doctor might refer you for a colonoscopy

    Starting training..........Could that be worrying you and in turn triggering your diarrhoea? 

    ...........diarrhoea could be a symptom of something wrong but it’s possibly very likely to be linked to something you’ve eaten, IBS, or nervousness or something not serious. 

    I really hope so. 

    You don’t mention any sickness, pain or other symptoms, so hopefully your problem is possibly something that you’re eating causing you an upset tummy......... onions for example, or the often normal reaction to stress that causes all of us to rush to the loo sometimes. Has your Doctor ever prescribed you Imodium to stop your diarrhoea? 

    Good luck and hope you’re better soon. 

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      Thanks for your reply.

      Last night was the first time that I’ve drank alcohol & eaten spicy foods.

      I used to love a good spicy curry and a beer.

      But since April I haven’t drank. 

      I had a few issues like I mentioned regarding my B/M. All tests were clear. I had celiac, Calprotectin, and a test to see if I had a bug or parasites? I think.

      One Dr at the hospital said Acute Diarrhoea and should clear within 4 weeks, which it did.

      And My Dr said just might of been a bug but tests didn’t pick it up because everything else come back normal.

      Tbh  I get like little niggly pains that come & go lower & upper abdomen.

      My partner thinks maybe I might be what I ate & drank. . 

      Just the anxiety kicks in.

      But trying not to worry and see how I go.

      From now on no beer & spicy food.

      Take Care xx

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      Also I wasn’t prescribed anything.

      As B/M returned to normal for the last couple of weeks. And tbh I am put off taking medications , that’s what triggered my anxiety off, plus I got Gilbert Syndrome so rather not xx

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    Probably what you ate and drank disagreed with you and triggered your symptoms. Avoid spicy food and alcohol.  Do you have shifting abdominal pain? If you do, it could be IBS since you are having change of bowel habit and food untolerance.
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      Hi Pippa, Thanks or your reply.

      I think I should stay away from alcohol & spicy food.

      Before I went I just felt sick.

      Feel ok now fingers crossed 🤞.

      I get niggly pains in upper & lower abdomen that come & go but I don’t know if that’s the anxiety??

      I’ve had X-ray on lungs, 2 ultrasound on abdomen area blood tests stool tests and all fine.

      The anxiety calmed right down after finding out about the results and have had minimal symptoms apart from dry mouth (which is very slowly) getting better. But when this happened this morning bang, my mouth was so dry, panicking I think, and these little pains. Something I feel the adrenaline rush through my body for no reason but not as bad as what it was a month ago.

      I don’t know 🤔 

      Take care xx

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      IBS and anxiety are linked.  You will know if it’s anxiety if your symptoms come on when stressed.  Anxiety always sets my IBS off.  I was anxious before during and after tests. It only cleared up after my diagnosis.  IBS pain typically comes and goes or can be constant. I have had constant pain and come and go pain.
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      Sorry to hear that Pipper. I didn’t feel stressed or anything. Felt sick this morning, tummy churning which woke me up, then went Loo 4 times. 1 Normal B/M, 1 very soft , 2 watery B/M. All within 40mins.

      I felt abit Of discomfort in stomach before each B/M. But that’s it. This Anxiety malarkey really does set anything off ☹️

      Feel for everyone that suffers from this xx

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      It was my doctor who linked my anxiety to IBS.  I have always been anxious so I didn’t actually recognise it because calmness is not usual for me. 
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      Hi Pippa, to be honest I’ve always been someone who always on the go with an overactive imagination. That was the norm for me. But now since the first Anxiety attack(April) I haven’t been the same. For the first few weeks I was always so dizzy that prevented me doing things, which slowed me right down, and the over thinking/ worrying & symptoms of Anxiety, just made me slow right down & I get tired so easily ??.  Now the B/M which yes more than likely IBS but I think is it though?  And the worrying comes in 😩 I don’t know. I want to feel how I used to 😢. Xx

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    Hi again,

    I’ve just looked up Gilbert’s syndrome and wondered if the diarrhoea you’re suffering from could be connected?

    Hope you find the answer so you can put this behind you ASAP. 

    Take care and please let us know the outcome. 

    Thanks Jane 

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      Now that’s a thought Jane 🤔. 

      I think I need to see what happens and keep a food diary. I’m hoping it was just the strong food or the alcohol that probably caused abit Of IBS.

      Will keep you all updated x

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