What could this be? HIV?

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It is approximately 4 weeks since exposure, and on the 3rd week I experienced the following:

  1. Night Sweats
  2. Dry cough (started before exposure, but got progressively worse afterwards)
  3. Blood in semen
  4. Blood in urine (can't see it, but was found in urine test)
  5. Hemorrhoid flare up (not sure if this is related)
  6. Random shoulder ache
  7. Frequent urination at night (about 3 to 4 times)

I still have the night sweats. The coughs calmed down a bit, but still coughing, lungs feel congested. There's no more blood in my semen (only lasted 3 days). Hemorrhoid lasted for 1 week. Never had a fever or rash. It does not hurt to pee or ejaculate. I got tested for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and UTI, but those came back negative; the test did say that bacteria and blood was found in my urine (UA-Bact +1). I'm going to a urologist next week, and an ENT this week for the coughs.

Could this be the early stages of HIV or Genital Herpes? What type of infection would cause my symptoms?

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    Do not be panic first, lets have a look.

    HIV infection could cause the symptoms you mentioned, but it DOES NOT means the symptoms indicate that you infected by HIV.

    Night Sweats: Too many reason could cause night sweat, one of the reason could be stressful.

    Dry cough (started before exposure, but got progressively worse afterwards): Even you mentioned it started BEFORE exposure, so how could this link to HIV infection?

    Blood in semen: How could you noticed that? If you can see the blood by yourself, you need to discuss with your doctor and do further test as it could be an indicator of inflammation on your scrotum or prostate.

    Blood in urine: (UA-Bact 1+): means you have some tiny inflammation occurred in your urine, but it is not sever or need to be worried, it could simply because you have not drink enough water.

    Hemorrhoid flare up (not sure if this is related): If you sure that is hemorrhoid, then you do not need to link it to HIV infection.

    Random shoulder ache: Too many reasons can lead to shoulder ache, it's not a typical HIV symptom.

    Frequent urination at night (about 3 to 4 times): Again, same as night sweats, stressful, anxious could cause it and it is not an HIV symptom.

    Could this be the early stages of HIV or Genital Herpes? What type of infection would cause my symptoms?

    Based on your question, NO, they are not! Either for HIV or genital herpes, if you really want to talk about symptoms, then Fever is an indicator of this two STIs infection.

    May i ask when was the last time you had sex? With a random person or someone you know? And did you use condoms?

    Do not worry too much and the best way to find out is going for a test.



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      Hi Hugo,

      Thank you for replying and assessing my situation. I noticed the blood in my semen when I masturbated one day, and I can clearly see red in the semen. It has since stopped, but it kind of freaked me out because it's never happened before. I went to get tested, and that's where the nurse told me they detected bacteria and blood in my urine. They recommend that I go see a urologist. So far I haven't experienced any pain when I pee or ejaculate. I haven't noticed any suspicious rashes, bumps, or leakage on my penis. I thought that an infection may have exacerbated my dry coughs, because it was at the worse point around the 2nd week after exposure. Today, the coughs have calmed down significantly, I can sit for hours without letting out a cough now. I can confirm that I did indeed have a hemorrhoid flare up, it's a bulging vein near my anus. It bled profusely, but it has stopped now and no longer hurts.

      To answer your questions at the end, I had unprotected sex 4 weeks ago with a woman I met on a dating site. Yes, I made a big mistake, now I have to spend the next few months worried about STDs. I contacted her about my concerns, and she said she does not have any STDs. She did have multiple partners in the past.

      I checked some websites about HIV, and they said most people experience a fever within 1 - 4 weeks after exposure. It has been 4 weeks now, and I haven't had a fever. My immune system isn't the strongest either, as I haven't exercised or ate healthy for awhile. I will get tested again in May, and keep a close eye on my health.

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      Thanks for your information.

      1. I have been tested out that I have blood in my urine as well but your result is 1+, but I got 2+ before, I did not took pills as the doctor told me it could be too tired. But yes, go to see a urologist is the best way to solve your issue.
      2. Glad to see that your cough and hemorrhoids also getting better, so you should sense they are not cause by HIV.
      3. I am confused on the HIV testing part regarding on your reply. As you said you had unprotected sex with a lady 4 weeks ago, and NOW is the best time to check out for HIV, why you want to wait until May?


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    UPDATE: So my visit to the Urologist gave me some relief, they didn't find blood and bacteria in my urine this time.

    1. I am still experiencing dry coughs, but not as bad as 1 month ago. Throat and lungs feel itchy and sensitive. Sore throat comes and goes. Chest sometimes feels like it's caving into itself. No longer experiencing excessive mucus build-up.
    2. I am still getting night sweats, which is really giving me anxiety whenever I wake up.
    3. I am still experiencing body aches, but specifically in the right shoulder. The aches come and goes, sometime it gets so intense, that it's debilitating.
    4. I am unable to get a good nights rest, insomnia. For 2 weeks now, I only get 3 to 4 hours of sleep. With sleeping pills, I can get 6 hours, but I feel groggy afterwards.
    5. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as high flatulence, and feeling bloated. Sometimes my stool comes out solid, but other times it resembles diarrhea.

    **My ENT doctor reviewed my lung xrays, and said he doesn't see anything malignant. No signs of pneumonia, or cancer. However I feel like I need to get a second opinion.

    I can't get testing for Covid-19 because I don't fit the criteria. I never had a fever, shortness of breath, or swollen lymph nodes. My doctor says it could be a mild case of the flu, acid reflux, or stress, but I feel it's something else.

    Please tell me, what could these symptoms indicate? Is it Covid-19? Is it HIV?

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      Hi TJ

      You must have had full bloods done? What do they say? You should have FBC/CBC, U&E, LFT, CRP (hs if available), if not ESR/GFR. See what they say - particularly white bloods and %.

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      Hi RyanG85,

      Most of my symptoms have subsided, but my throat still feels sensitive and irritated. Any thing I breathe in will tickle my throat, and I let out a dry cough. Shoulder aches come and go. Even though it has been over 1 month, will there still be some residual white blood cells left in my blood?

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