What do you do to get the mucus up and out?

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I am new to this disease and I'm really struggling to get good information. My pulmonologist is not that great at explaining this whole thing. He does not volunteer a lot of information and I don't really know yet what questions to ask.

So he's got me on a nebulizer but I only use albuterol in it. I also use a steroid inhaler because I have asthma. And since I have the worst luck I have a broken vertebrae in my back and I'm experiencing a great deal of back pain so my husband cannot pound on my chest and back to try to help me get it all up. I purchased a flutter device and was even shown how to use it but it doesn't help me at all. I don't know if I'm even using it long enough and maybe that's my problem. I've had 2 infections in as many months and that's frustrating to me. The doctor has puts me on two weeks of amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium both times. And each time it does clear up the infection or at least the symptoms of the infection. I know infections are a problem with this disease but does this seem like a lot or is this normal? And what things can I do to help me get this mucus up and out?

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    I do breathing exercises every day and "huff" the mucus out. When I was a child my parents used to pat my back and sides to loosen it but I have managed to get rid of the stuff without their help for the last 50 years. If you Google breathing exercises to expel mucus for bronchiectasis patients there are lots of handy websites. The thing is you have to do them every day. Sometimes, not being a saint, I miss a day but I always suffer for it. Don't despair, it's early days yet. You will always get infections but if you look after your general health you should get fewer.

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    To control my BX now I do the Neb with Sodium Chloride /  Mixed with Abrutal,  so half of each which is 3 1/2 % of each and Symbicort ,once in the morning & then again before bed and that seems to control my mucus removal ,if need be you can do the Neb Mixture every 4 hours ,but the Sym only twice a day every 12 hours.

    I also do al the natural stuff also doesn't hurt to do them as mentioned,you will finally find your way through this BX problem.

    Atay well

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      Thank you for your comments. I've been doing Symicort twice a day for a few years to treat my asthma and like you I use it twice a day. I try to do my albuterol first and then follow up with my Symbicort thinking that I can inhale more Symbicort if I do it after the Albuterol. I think I'm going to look into this sodium chloride you mention. Several other people have mentioned using saline solution. Isn't sodium chloride just salt? Is it the same thing as saline solution?

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    I've had bronchiectasis since I was a preschooler. I'm 66 now and was only diagnosed about 5years ago. I've been using an airway vest percussion machine daily ( it's usually used for cystic fibrosis)--along with nebulizer--Albuterol first then sodium chloride ( nor mixed)If your mucous is thick try otc guifenesin. It's a lot less expensive to get the generic. Also on azithromycin 3 times a week. This has cut down on infections. Still feel crappy a lot. Also have spine pain, fibromyalgia, ideipathic neuropathy. It's almost impossible to make plans. Treasure the good days and take care of yourself on the rough ones. Relaxation, meditation and visualization are very effective measures. Try them all. Good luck and good thoughts.

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    Hi Laurajoy and Louise

    Laurajoy - My saline solution is prescribed; I have 7% in 4ml vials and nebulise once a day.  I add approx 6 drops of garlic liquid to it.  More recently though, I've been alternating the garlic with glutathione plus which is said to be an amazing antioxidant for the lungs.  It's very expensive though.

    Im probably not allowed to say which make of garlic liquid I use on here, so if you'd like to know then feel free to pm me.

    I boil the nebuliser chamber about once a week.  Other days I put it in a bowl and pour boiling water on it. I was told not to use soap or sterilising liquid on mine but I guess it depends on the make and model.

    Ive occasionally nebulised colloidal silver but I'm a bit wary of it. Lots of people swear by it though.

    There are lots of links on the internet on how to make liposomal Vit C.  It's something I plan to do soon with winter approaching.

    Louise - I too use oil of oregano although it's been kept in reserve while we've had such a good summer.  I struggle with the taste though and tend to have it in capsule form.

    A good diet is very important and for me that means NO added sugar, NO processed food.

    Have a good weekend 😊

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      Hi Irene:

      Good to hear from you again.  It is heartening to hear from others on this forum who also explore somewhat alternative healing methods and follow a healthy lifestyle.  I will get the liposomal vitamin C.  Since I am no longer going on many international birding trips I can afford to spend more on my health.  Thanks again for your tips and recommendations.  Keep sharing.


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      Forums like this are great Louise.  When I see something that interests me I then google to find out more, which is what I recommend you do.  Even natural supplements aren't always without side effects though, so just be aware.  

      For sure I'll keep googling and sharing.


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    I use the albuterol to open my lungs, then use 7% saline solution in the nebulizer attached to an aerobika . Together they bring up mucus. I do this 2 times a day
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    I have been taking a supplement NAC amino acid which seems to help in getting my mucus out.

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    Going for fast walks will help you to cough up that mucus. I walk at a quick pace for a mile or 2 everyday and it makes a huge difference.

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