What do you think...Cyst gone or no?

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I've been posting in here for a while and find it all so useful.

Basically my story is long but i'll stick to the important points:

2010 - Cyst shown on right ovary around 3cm during routine baby Ultrascan - No information given or follow up.

2015 - Same as above, I didn't really connect the 2 being the same as no-one mentioned anything other than 'right sided ovarian cyst approx 3cm'

2016 - Pain in lower right side, radiates around to the back and into pelvis. Ultrascan ordered via GP, right sided Ovarian cyst measuring approx 3.5cm, dermoid matter.

I literally did all the research I could on this cyst and was adamant I wanted it out even though it was under the 5cm rule.

MRI ordered via GP for the back, they have said all along that the cyst 'is a red herring' and it isn't the cause of my pain. MRI showed no back problems apart from wear and tear but surprise surprise they found a 4.5cm cyst and further investigation required.

Whilst I was waiting for the MRI results I met with a lovely Gynea and he said if its dermoid he will remove it no problem, he however wanted to see the MRI results and see me again 1 month.

In Feb I met with another gynae (not so nice) and I took the written results that showed I have a cyst with hemorrage so his exact words to me were

" Oh this is much better than we first thought - This cyst will have gone, these come and go with your period"

After a lot of me asking why I was told dermoid I then asked him to look on his computer (I'd been ringing weekly to get them the MRI results as they were done at another hospital) to actually look for himself. He finally looked at the mri pictures, made a few noises, grunted a bit, turned the screen and basically said it 'could be dermoid' and 'what did I want to do next'

I felt quite upset by this point but obviously said surgery. He asked did I want another scan to which I replied 'well you think it's gone so surely a scan is essential!'

I've had the appoint through for that scan now - 24th April.

Whats' your thoughts???

This guy has really made me doubt my symptoms but it must be the same one and slow growing - Surely??


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    Hi, I have a 12cm Dermoid ovarian cyst on my right ovary. Had stomach and bowel issues for many years, was diagnosed as IBS. In May last year my symptoms got a lot worse to the point I couldn't sleep or walk far for pain. I was eventually sent for an urgent colonoscopy in August after continuous weekly visits to my GP. Results shown slight inflammation of part of my colon. Went back to GP who told me you don't have bowel cancer it must be IBS so learn to live with it! Saw another GP in November as symptoms were getting worse so was sent for ultrasound on my kidneys & liver. Results shown Gallstones and NAFLD. Had follow up appointment for colonoscopy results in December and was told I possibly had microscopic colitis! The specialist decided to send me for a gastrocopy in January this year and results shown I had an hiatus hernia and a schatzki ring in my throat! So I assumed that all these must be what was causing my symptoms until about a 6 weeks ago when I had intense stomach cramps. I somehow managed to get to my GPs and saw a new young doctor who examined me ordered emergency bloods to be done immediately and told me he couldn't rule out mild appendicitis! Told me to go home and rest and gave me Zapain painkillers. Was also told if pain didn't get better or got worse to go straight to A&E. I waited for my son to get in from work to look after his sister and headed to A&E where I was seen straightaway and sent up to surgical assessment unit where they kept me til 2am until they realised they had no beds to admit me so was sent home to return at 10am next day for an ultrasound. Had Ultrasound which shown appendix were fine but they found the cyst! Was admitted overnight while they did CA125 blood tests which half came back normal but still no clue what the other half show. Was discharged and was sent for urgent MRI scan which I had 2 weeks ago. I'm now waiting for an urgent follow up gynecology appointment to find out the results.

    I was told that dermoid cysts are slow growing so sounds like this is what you may have. Didn't have time to ask my gynecologist any questions when I was admitted as they literally turned up at end of the bed told me what they were doing and was gone again. Nurses didn't seem to know much either. I also went back to my GP to ask for some more painkillers and was give a bunch of leaflets on ovarian cancer! So now I'm completely stressed out but trying to not show it infront of my 11 year old daughter 😕.Ive asked the receptionist not to book me in with this doctor again! She really hasn't got a clue on empathy for her patients!

    Hope you get answers soon and all turns out well for you x

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      Good grief woman, I thought I'd been through the mill! The lady doctor I had years ago had some experience of endometriosis and we were both convinced that's what the problem was. (crippling stomach cramps every month). But as it was in an odd place, I saw many other 'specialists' none of whom could agree and all of whom said us women were wrong.

      LONNGG story short - it WAS endometriosis on my gut. They made such a botch-up of the laproscopy that my belly button started to bleed every month. They had picked up 'a few tiny spots' of tissue and transplanted it to my belly button.

      All tis leaves you with no faith in the system.

      Thinking about you - nil carborundum illegitamae (don't let the bxxxxxxs grind you down)smile

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    Hi there, I know it's easy to say, but try not to worry and talk to the person who does your scan. They see these things all the time and will have records of previous scans. They can't diagnose, but they can give you more info/facts that you will have to hand when you next see the Gynae.

    I get (fairly) regular scans to monitor cysts. I have cysts, and had fibroids and endometriosis all of which give false positives when it comes to CA125 and other blood tests.

    If I listened to some of the (junior) Gynae's I've seen I'd have written my will out a while ago. But one lovely guy I saw was very reassuring and spoke to me like I was another intellegent human being and not a 'number'. The way he explained things set my mind at ease and I have since read the same things online and in articles in 'health' magazines (written by doctors)

    I have another appointment tomorrow (so think about me won't you?) My last scan showed little change - so we'll see what they think THIS time!rolleyes

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    Hello everybody,

    Getting very anxious now with it being less than a week to go, had 2 very heavy periods in the last 3 weeks and a lot of spotting, also tmi had spotting after sex.

    I'm probably reading too much into it but my dreams are so bad so I know i'm getting real stressed about it all, sooner it's over the better!

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