What do you think my symptoms are?

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Can i ask everyone a question. Right now i am so scared to go to my doctors. As i have lost 3 family members with stomach cancer..

My syptoms are, Stomach cramps, Cramps sometimes in my ribs, Chest pain & also aches in my neck & shoulders. I bloat up after eveything i eat. & Belch or burp after everything i eat. In the Mornings i am full of Acid. & cough up Phlem which i feel is coming from the stomach & not the chest or vomit. Really would like advice here waht to do or what you all may think it is. Not forgetting, I can after work sleep for hours. Have no energy. Thanks all

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    I'm sure that you have Googled stomach cancer symptoms and not found much in the way of ones similar to yours.

    As someone in another conversation with slightly similar symptoms was asked.... are you losing weight?

    Brief extract from an article on Wise Geek:

    Nausea & vomiting are often side effects of phlegm in the stomach. This reaction can be caused by a number of factors, but a lot of phlegm can create a heavy, nauseous feeling, which can lead to vomiting. The nausea may be made worse by an existing cold, which caused the accumulation of phlegm to begin with. Sinus infections can create a near constant flow of mucus down the throat and into the stomach, which can also trigger this reaction.AndLoss of appetite is another common side effect of phlegm in the stomach, for similar reasons that cause vomiting. The fullness sensation that mucus in the stomach can create will often lead to loss of appetite. Nausea from the excess phlegm can also cause a person to not want to eat. Loss of appetite is a common cold symptom, so if a cold is responsible for the stomach phlegm, the already existing symptom may just be exacerbated.

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    If I had three members of my family who died from stomach cancer then I would be round to the doctor straight away not delaying it.   It may not be cancer but surely it would be better to find out sooner rather than later wouldn't it?  Anxiety may be causing some of your symptoms or something you are eating or drinking is affecting you. Even the way you eat, like eating too quickly and swallowing air causes bloating, discomfort and burping .Do you drink a lot of fizzy drinks?  I used to get bloating and thought it might be an ovarian cyst but as soon as I gave up having milk on my cereals the bloating went.  Whatever it is you should get it checked out because, if it is cancer, it won't go away and the longer you leave it the worse it will be.   My aunt died from breast cancer because she had found a lump but didn't  go and see the doctor for six months because she thought it was something simple.  When she was diagnosed the doctor told her that it would have been better if she had come to him earlier.  You really MUST go and get it checked out and, it will more than likely be put down to nerves or something simple but at least you will know either way and any treatment can be started as soon as possible.
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    Hello there.......there seems to be quite a few conditions that i have come accross since i have joined this group with these symptons. I can only say that with regards to some of them that they are symptons of having an ulcer.  Have you visited your doc at all?...If not..I suggest you do. They are not very nice symptons and i am sure there is some sort of medication that would be right for you. 

    Good luck and i hope you get sorted soon. Let us know how you get on.

    Kind regards

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    i had somee of your symptoms including phlem and cough ,i had wind after everything i eat ,i ended up it was a gastric ulser my story is on gastric ulser page if you want to read it ,,get checked out as i never and i just thought it was wind but looking back it was severe wind and muscle pain and i was exhausted

    take care

    agnes xx

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    hi I have most of the same symtoms stomach crams Severe chest pain, pain between shoulder blades.I also swell up after eating. belching and burping coughing vand very tired and sleep after work  .

    I have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia so it may not be as bad as you think. 

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    Anyone with symptoms of chronic bloating, excessive burping, heartburn needs to get a blood test of h.pylori bacteria. Left unchecked this bacteria in the intestinal tract can make ulcers and lead to stomach cancer. People can be carriers and have only mild symptions while others will have more severe symptoms. This bacteria can be transferred by cats and some livestock and horses, via  produce irrigated with contaminated water, and mishandling of meat and poultry in meat processing businesses.

    Veternarians and butcher shop employes often have the bacteria in their system due to items they handle at work.  

    Coughing and sneezing, shared cups and eating utensils transfer the bacteria.

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      I've have a small hiatus hernia diagnosed in 1983 and even prior to then had digestive problems. Over the years I have had two duodenal ulcers and have been taking PPI's since 2000.

      ​Every test I have had for Helicobator has been negative.

      According to my GP Helicobactor is quite unusual nowadays and if not having an endoscopy a stool test is the most reliable..


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      Sounds very simillar to what i may have thanks for the post...

      I have bad abdominal pain in my lower abdomain although it can and does spread to upper abdomen  I have a really weird type off sensation of having a tight belt around my stomach like a waist band.   I have a lot of burping to clear the pain and build up of bloatedness.   I feel nausea as if i am going to faint/be sick but that comes and goes.  Reading some post on her some of you guys seem to have simillar thoughts.I had CT SCAN of my whole abdominal area along with MRI for my back and nothing. esomeprazole helps stomach but wears off by 4-5 in the afternoon and I can only take one dose per day.  Seeing docs on Tuesday it must be an infection, any ideas anyone?

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    Sometimes heartburn can cause a dry/phlegmy cough.  I have had acid reflux for years and I often get silent heartburn where I get a dry/phlegm cough first before I feel the acid.  Sometimes, I feel the acid, and then cough.  I had an endoscopy years ago which revealed nothing.  Although the Gastro did suggest I might have a gap in the oesophagus which is letting the acid out.  You can also get chest pain with heartburn/indigestion.  I have had this symptom too.

    I also have IBS and get stomach pain, pain under my ribs, nausea, constipation and sometimes loose stools.  Heartburn often goes along with IBS as well as bloating.  Pain can also be felt at the top of your legs or in your joints with irritable bowel.

    Celiac disease or non celiac gluten intolerance can also cause bloating and stomach pain.

    However, you should go to your doctor to get diagnosed especially since you have a family history of stomach cancer.  Ask for an endoscopy, ultrasound, celiac blood test or stomach biopsy which confirms celiac disease, and keep a food diary to see if you have any food intolerances.

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