What do you think the chances are that i have Coeliac?

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So this morning i got a blood test done for coeliac disease, my new doctor suggested the test because i have had nausea, abdominal discomfort, random abdominal pains (usually on the left), constipation, diarrhea and stuff for about 2 months now. Some symptoms are fairly constant, but often i seem to have periods throughout the day where i feel pretty good.

I have had other symptoms, such as random burning sensations in my stomach and sometimes in lower abdomen, lots of loud gurgling sounds in abdomen particularly at night, constan burping through out the day, especially after earing, i believe i have experienced some mild acid reflux (without the chest pain) at one point i had some muscle pains.

Anyway i also have a family history of the disease, my nan, Aunty and my cousin have coeliac, but surely that doesnt increase my chances because my mother and father dont have it. I did notice last night i was hungrier than usual (Probably because i was happy that the new doctor i saw actually assessed me properly and gave me forms for multiple tests instead of sending me home saying its all anxiety like every other doctor did) and i decided to eat a decent amount of dinner, and we happened to have pasta for dinner which i believe contains gluten, and this morning i felt okay waking up but then i got sharp pains in my abdomen, mostly on the left, they did die down after about half an hour, and were completely gone in an hour, but i rarely experience any form of pain other than period pain, so these pains scared me even though they werent extreme and stuff. I still had nausea and abdominal discomfort and burping of course. I have lost weight, but i believe that would be due to the fact i have eaten less due to my fear of vomiting and a couple weeks ago i woke up feeling horrible with zero appetite (ALso happened to be the morning after a large meal of pasta for dinner) and i didnt eat for the whole week and lost about 4 kilos. Since then i only managed to gain a kilo of it back, but my weight is up and down, i lose a kilo and gain a kilo so its kind of stable depending on how i eat.

Soooooooo what do you think my chances of having coeliac are? I kind of hope i have it, i mean the gluten free diet will suck for me, but if i have it then i can stop worrying about other conditions. Although i may have GERD but apparently you can have both conditions. My biggest fear is obviously the fact Coeliac can cause vomiting!!! I cant handle that. hasnt happened to me but still. Just want to know whats causing my symptoms, because the reason ive been so anxious is because of these symptoms not disappearing even when i feel calm.

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    Hi There,

    As I just posted to another person on this site, please don't change your diet until you have both blood test results AND biopsy results, since avoiding Gluten at this stage will result in inaccurate tests.  If you have any family members with Coeliac disease then it definitely will increase your chances of having it too.  In my case I have two daughters, one has it the other does not, it's just the way Genes work ;-) It's quite possible that the one who has no symptoms could have a child who does. I am sorry you are feeling so poorly, not everyone who is Coeliac will have the same responses to it. My daughter is much more sensitive to it than me, for example. The good thing is that if it doeas turn out to be Coeliac, you will feel just great on a Gluten Free diet and over the 11 years since my diagnosis it has become so much more recognised that it's rare to find a restaurant or supermarket that don't cater for it pretty well.  Eating abroad can still be an adventure, however ;-) English speaking countries and European cities are no problem but it gets tricky off the beaten track. I download and print an explanation in the relevant language from the Coeliac UK website, which is very helpful and carry a few GF nutty bars for such places. Good luck, Mark


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      thank you, but like can symptoms of coeliac disease appear out of nowhere? Because my ill state occured out of no where (i think) and my symptoms have changed kind of over the course of the past 2 months, some days are better than others but there always seems to be one symptom that will be almost constant in the day, other symptoms tend to die down at parts of the days, and sometimes they play up out of no where. But today i didnt eat any gluten, not because i was trying to avoid it, just because the food available didnt have any in it, and the night before i also didnt eat gluten (apart from a few squares of chocolate that may have contained gluten but that was in the afternoon) and still today i felt off, at one point i felt pretty good but then suddenly i started feeling sick again, probably not the worst day i've had. But it included very very dull abdominal pains that i dont feel very often generally speaking. So yeah even if i didnt have gluten for a day can i still suffer from symptoms if i had coeliac disease? 

      I'm really hoping its coeliac because if i dont find a cause for my symptoms soon im going to go insane! I'm terribly afraid im going to start vomiting eventually. I also hear vomiting is a symptom of coeliac which concerns me more of course. I wont be getting my blood test results for 2 weeks! I am getting an ultrasound on saturday to make sure all my other organs are fine. I'm just so anxious over everything and constantly self diagnosing myself haha. i want it to end!

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      If you haven't vomited yet, chances are you still won't... You're wise to be concerned, though!

      Keep eating gluten...Mark is 100% correct!

      My son has CD and has never vomited from gluten, even after accidental ingestion following strict GF diet over the past two years. He has other symptoms, and we watch for those if he's not feeling well. You may want to keep a food diary for a while and see if you can come up with symptoms in case some still happen after you get your diagosis. As you said, you could have a few diagnoses. Coeliac could encompass everything, though.  

      Please see about blood tests for iron, B12 and Vitamin D - you could be deficient in those, which could also cause or exacerbate your symptoms. 

      You can inherit CD from somewhere else - one of my sons has it, but neither I nor my husband does...we haven't found anyone with it yet, but he sure has it! 

      Good luck and please keep us posted!

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      Well about a month or so ago I got a general blood test that tested my vitiman D levels and I'm pretty sure my iron levels too and that was all normal, although as my doctor read out the results she said good for most things but then liver function was just okay (usually it's good) and my thyroid was under active which it has never been under active before.

      I also just read that coeliac can cause skin rashes and stuff and a couple weeks ago when I felt awful and didn't want to eat I noticed I had 3 small places on my body that got pretty itchy and now it's quite red in those spots and still gets itchy. At first I thought it was because I didn't shower for a week (I avoid showers when I feel nauseous) but I've been showering and still have them.

      But my ultrasound is today so hopefully that will all be normal so I don't have to worry about other conditions!

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    I can't answer your question but my symptoms are the same as yours except I don't have any burping or acid reflux, I had the blood test for celiac  last week awaiting results!

    My symptoms started about 2 months ago also, I had been having tests to find out why my kidney is enlarged, nothing obvious on ultrasound or cystoscopy so ct scan in just over 2 weeks time, urologist thinks might be small stones missed on ultrasound. But I have been concerned as have had dull kidney pain since mid December and also did find small cyst on ovary so doctor has been testing for ovarian cancer also so a little stressful. 

    Anyway my digestive symptoms started during all this ( the anxiety word has come up but I know it isn't anxiety! Like you the symptoms are there when I'm calm) I have been doing a food diary and does seem like it is worse about an hour after eating bread etc which I'm am making sure Im eating daily as heading the advice to keep eating gluten until have final diagnosis! 

    I understand wanting to have an answer, my doctor did say he is running out of tests! It would be nice to be able to have my appetite back (I'm even tuning down chocolate, unheard of!) a stomach that isn't either, bloated and uncomfortable, making lots of noises and occasional twinges of pain and not knowing what I'm going to get when I go to the toilet! 

    Wishing you well and hope you have an answer soon! 

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      Wow it sounds pretty stressful and I hope you get your answers soon also!

      But anyway it turns out I have been infected with a parasite! Which apparently is quite common even if you haven't travelled over seas, I might have gotten it from a swimming pool! So I'm happy I have finally found the cause of everything!


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