What does it feel like if Fluoxetine is actually working?

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What are the common symptoms/feeling of improvement? Do you just wake up one day feeling normal?

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    I started to realise daily the side effects getting less and less, I still get odd bad hour but not bad days.

    I also became more and more relaxed, noticing that I didn't seem to panic or get anxious, this has been over 6 weeks.

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    No anxiety- the world is a safe place again. That's the best way I can describe it. Took me ten weeks. I no longer have morning anxiety or diarrhea. My appetite is back. I feel adventurous and interested in life again.

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      That is awesome! I'm at 31/2 weeks. I have seen some improvement in my energy. I used to feel very drowsy and dizzy before starting on Fluoxetine. Now I'm able to drive without getting dizzy or my eyes trying to constantly shut down. My appetite has also improved. 

      I'm still struggling with insomnia and lack of interest and motivation for daily activities. The mornings are the worst! Just don't feel like starting another day.

      I'm currently taking 1/4 pill of Lunesta 3mg in order to sleep through the night (used to take the whole pill). Do you recall how you felt at your week 3 and 4? 

      I really hope for things to get better within the coming days. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in this group. I know we will make it to the other side.


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      This is so lovely to read, I'm one week in and am really struggling with the sickness and diarrhoea. I get terrible anxiety in the morning too and it feels a relief to read someone else has too. Did you feel your anxiety was heightened when you first started taking it? Sorry I know this post is old and have no idea if you still check it at all.

      Can't wait to get some life back!!!!

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      Hi Cheryl,

      I know everyone is different but how long did it take for you to feel better? I am on week 9 and still v tired all day and appetite diminished, no energy but anxiety is less, as you say, not scared of everything anymore  and less stressful but i just want to stay indoors, no enthusiasm and it takes me ages to do a simple task, I need to psych myself up just to go on my lap top. starting to worry as I need to start earning soon but there is no way I can envisage going for interviews and then going to work. very worried but in a way enjoying just not freaking out all day and crying and desperate so anything is better than that but I need to work at some point. 

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      Hi Louise

      I just wondered whether your tiredness has passed yet? I really struggled with it too. So much so that I changed meds for a while. Went back onto Fluoxetine and started taking them at night instead of morning. Within a couple of weeks the tiredness had gone. I have been on them for 10 months now and am feeling really good. Hope you are getting on ok?

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      Hi Jo,

      I had to stop taking them. I was like a zombie. Could hardly.move from the bed to the bathroom. Dreadful anxiety increase, sweats, irrational thinking, fear...just hideous. I booked a flight to Goa and dragged myself onto it. Two weeks of sunshine, good food, nice people, yoga, walking, swimming rebooted my system and I am 70% improved. Continuing with yoga and Ayurvedic diet. Avoiding all additives, junk food etc.. Head is in better place and coping better. Will never take anti depressants again. Happy for you they are helping , we are all different but for me the holistic way is the best now.

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      I'm on week 9 and feel so nervous today it's like I'm going backwards is that what you wasn't like on week 9 I'm becoming desperate now should I stick this out ? Feel so down and nervous any advice would be great 

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      I know it has been 6 month but I really need your help.I have been on prozac for 11 weeks for panic disorder and depression.My sleep patterns have relatively improved and I no longer have anxiety.But my depression has improved by like 10%.I still have no motivation,almost no appetite and the morning are really the worst (just don't feel like starting another). 😫😪😠😩??

      It haa been 6 month since you posted this, So if you don't mind can you tell me how your journey on florexitine was(how and when each symptoms of your depression got better and specially your appetite and when did your mornings became pleasant again).Please please please email to

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      HI what mg are you on , I am on 10mg, day 5 tired in morning s have to have a nap as soon as I get up
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      I'm on 20mg. When I started on 10mg for 7 days, I was sort of ramped up from my condition and kind of excited that a large home project was going well. I was off work for 7 months from PTSD/Adjustment Disorder/Major Depressive Episode. Between massive caffeine and pushing myself to "work" off my condition, I was already revved up, when I wasn't crashing. It is theorized that the Depression, vis a vis symptoms like tiredness, is your body's antidote to being "up" from the PTSD. I was never sad, just confused and tired. Even on the 10's for the first week I felt calmer AND more energized. The official dogma is that it should take a month or more. I moved up to 20's and was fine but was recovering from surgery during week 3, not eating, and taking many other meds. During my surgical recovery I had a setback, couldn't eat, lost 25 pounds (190 to 165), and was sort of scared, but stayed back down on 10's for a while, then back to 20's. I didn't recognize it at the time as a Fluoxetine sign, but food shows, pizza commercials, recipe pictures, even other peoples meals were beautiful to me. I was joyful to see the beauty of the food. I didn't feel sad that I couldn't eat. My fitness for duty psychologist focused on it as a sign of my recovery, the feeling of joy, the new eyes on the world.  Occasionally a morning drowsy would hit me. And at first it seemed to cut my need for sleep, waking every 1-1/2 hours. But I could fall back asleep! That drifted to the point where I now need more sleep than ever, waking is difficult, but the day is mostly awake. I think its the Fluoxetine, but I'm also mostly off of caffeine, such that a small cup will wake me up for hours.

      ?The bottom line is that it SHOULD take more than the 10's to feel something, 10's are mostly a starter dose checking for bad reactions, but they CAN offer a therapeutic response. You are more likely to feel the benefits during the 20's or higher, by virtue of the strength AND the build up. Give it time but pay attention. The chances are in your favor, and there are other meds to try.

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      Hi Werner just wondering how you are doing in life I've just started 10mg of fluoxetine on my 11th day and it's a tough one no motivation cloudy head and really tired so want then a racing head any info would be much appreciated thanks amy x

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      im only been taking it a few days and my anxiety has heightened especially at night and in mornings . think i just may come off them as they are making me feel really sick .

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      hi cheryl 😃

      i absolutely love this post!

      im so glad to hear youve recovered.

      can i ask, im on 8 weeks and 2 days ...at this point yourself was you loosing hope?

      did you wake one morning and was just better or was it gradually noticing it?

      i really want my old life back and to be interested in life again with no aggitation.

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      Hi there, I'm not the original poster but I'm curious if you stayed on this and if it helped you. I'm just starting and feeling very tired all day and no motivation. I'm also foggy in my head. Not comfortable but hoping it subsides soon.

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      i am only 4 days of starting the tablets bit my head is like fog. i am back at work tomorrow and dreading it. But i got ti make myself go or i never will.

      i just hoping it gets better after a week and the headaches will go

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      Hi there.

      Have you felt any improvement? I'm one week in and feeling all of the things you described. I would be really greatful to know if you have felt any better

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      did you get the diarrhoea everyday? I'm almost 4 weeks in but I have switched to fluoxetine from venlafaxine so hard to know what's withdrawals and start up effects of fluoxetine. all i know is my guts are awful I've lost 12lb and my anxiety is debilitating, mornings definitely worse.

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      im on 4th week hopefully will fill like that soon is that how long it could take?

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      I'm nearly a week in, only side effect I've had is drowsiness and a little anxiety.

      my heart and chest will feel heavy like I'm panicking but for no reason. Hope it helps the both of us in the end!

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      i know this is soo old but did you ever get better with the prozac and those side effects?

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