What does VT feel like to you?

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I'm awaiting a holter monitor at the moment so thought i'd ask here. I have had these episodes happen only a handful of times in the last 4 years but my god they terrify me and im convinced it is VT. Basically my heart goes completly out of whack. I feel chest pressure with a feeling like my heart is filling with blood but no pulse for approximatly 4 seconds (feels like fluttering) then i will feel a huge beat and fluttering again. I can feel my cortiroid artery vibrate when the fluttering is happening. When heart does beat its like it punches my chest wall. Its erratic and very irregular and so hard to explain. All i can say it feels like is "someone threw a brick into a spinning washing machine" the sensation is awful and takes my breath. I can feel it throughout my whole chest and its very different to PVCs. I have to stop what im doing and wait till it passes (10-30) seconds. My pulse is like this: .............beat.....beat............beat......beat..beat..............beat.beat.beat.beat. (......are pauses and lenght) Thing is i know it won't happen when holter is on. I have already been diagnosed with pvc's and SVT. And these are neither of these. I have spoken to my doc who cant say what it is without catching it on monitor so im hoping someone here can shed some light as im going mad at the moment. Im so scared of being on my own in case it happens again. I wont relax until it caught. Thanks in advance.

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    Do you get any breathing issues?

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      I wouldn't say issues. But my chest felt very full, like i was winded. I took some deep breaths (which was hard as i was very paniky) but i had no chest pain and could breathe, although obviously, not normally.

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      If you mean in general, no i don't have any breathing issues.

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    I have not been diagnosed with VT but I think I know EXACTLY the feeling you are referring to and am also convinced I have an arrhythmia. This has happened to me three times.

    The first time it happened I was walking up a flight of steps and it hit me very suddenly.

    HUGE THUD... quick erratic beats... HUGE THUD... quick erratic beats... HUGE THUD in that sequence for about 30-40 seconds. Almost blacked out and it was absolutely petrifying. I could feel how it was beating through my chest and it had no regularity. The second time it happened I was carrying a heavy box. The same crazy beat pattern happened again with the dizziness.

    It scared me so much I'm now reluctant to carry boxes and use stairs! I have gotten a holter monitor twice but (of course) my heart was completely fine during that besides a few normal skipped beats so they call it "anxiety". I know it's not anxiety because I was completely happy and fine when this happened. Are there any other symptoms you get besides these episodes?

    I completely sympathize with you and am following this topic. I hope someone can shed some light.

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      Yes! Thats how mine feel but i could get.... huge thud.....nothing. .....huge thud... nothing ..huge thud. Huge thud nothing. The nothings could be very weak beats but i cant feel them when taking my pulse It feels like a car engine constantly misfiring! So so scary. I had a holter before and it caught my PVC's and SVT but i didnt have any of these episode when i had it on. So scary. I need to know whats going on. Im not an anxious person so i know its not anxiety. The only thing that makes me anxious is this arrythmia that cant be caught.

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    I've just about given up. I've worn a Holter and caught all kinds of arrhythmias that seem horrible to me, but the doctors just look at the traces, shrug, and send me home. And so far I guess they're at least somewhat correct, since I'm still here. They seem to change every few months, but I hesitate to even ask for yet another Holter.

    So what's with ultrasound, btw, that seemed a lot more popular 15-20 years ago, now nobody even suggests it?

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      Ive had an ultrasound (echo) done. And was told my heart is structurally sound which is reassuring. I did think echo's were still a common occurrence. I have has lots of ecgs and holters. 1 thing i've never had was a stress test so i will be pushing for one of those. I hate these episodes and am living on the edge constantly terrified its going to happen again

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    hi i had the same experience before and it was really terrifying, what were you doing when this happened, what triggered your episodes? how are you now? do u have an email so can we chat about this to share info and maybe we can figure this out? thank you in advance!

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