What hope have we got??

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So the health professional awards 9 points for PIP, then the claims manager (the DWP) can't count and types up the decision notice awarding 7 points!  FACE PALM! 🙈

So you have a HP that lies and a CM that can't count! WOW! 

The decision albeit on the letter stated 23/12/2016, however it landed on my doorstep on New Year's Eve! Lovely from the DWP! 

I did did not request the assesors report, I urge every single one of you to get this information wether it pip, esa! 

The info was wrong, I waited 7 weeks for an MR that was not necessary due to their incompetence, because some DWP clown 🤡 can't count to nine?


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    I wouldn't say he couldn't count as such but what did happen was that the DM went against the assessors advice, this can happen. Nothing is final until the DM reaches a decision, which is why some people don't like to see the assessment report before a decision has been made. It happens quite often. So you asked for a MR, were you successful? Did you get an award or are you taking it to Tribunal?

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      Hi Denise,

      Still waiting on outcome, 8 weeks and counting, its infuriating they only took 7 days to make their decision but this length of time to look at it again. I've phoned on numerous occasions and they can't tell me anything apart from I just need to wait.

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    I don't find it strange that someone might make a mistake adding up.  Annoying but not unexpected.  Systems should prevent this type of human error.  I find it very strange that the system requires them to add up the points themselves.  You'd think they'd just tick the descriptors for individual activities and it would then put the points and whether the claimant has got no award, standard or enhanced automatically. 

    Did you have to point out that the points didn't match the activities selected or did they finally work that out for themselves?

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      Hi Scally,

      Its either they can't count or the decision maker has chosen to go against the HP's recommendation, which if that's the case they are supposed to explain on the decision notice why, they did not so I can only assume that it was the adding up of points, I did put the question to them, however I'm yet to have a satisfactory answer.

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    Hi louby,

    Its not so much that CM/DM can`t count but move the goalposts.

    In my case, in the original decision, I got a total of 7 points (which in 0 points  for preparing/cooking food, 3 points for washing/bathing). I applied for the 0 points for preparing/cooking food to be reconsidered. When I got the MR, the CM/DM not only dismissed my objection to 0 points for prep/cooking but reassessed the 3 points for washing/bathing and reduced this to 2 points!

    I am challenging this, have submitted evidence to the tribunal and am waiting for my hearing.


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      Hi Steve,

      yes youre right, it could have been the DM has totally went against the HP recommendation, however they are supposed to (if that's the case) give an explanation why they have done so, as they did not explain I can only assume they can't count. Did the CM give you an explanation why they came to that decision on your notice, that's truly shocking, it's also scary that a DM with absolutely no medical knowledge can come to such a conclusion, if they are going to go against the HP, it begs the question, what is the point in the HP in the first place, I hope you have a good outcome with your reconsideration, good luck! 

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      Thanks louby

      In my opinion, DMs "cherry-pick", i.e. select the parts of the assessor`s report which they can use to refuse a claim. As for DM explanation, this can be vague (such as "you were observed to --- "wink. Of course, this does not take into account that assessors incorrectly report what a claimant has said, misreport the claimant`s reaction (pain/discomfort) whilst undergoing examination, and ommitting relevant information off the report.

      It is true that DMs have no medical knowledge and rely on HPs report.

      As for my own case, with MR rejecting my claim, I applied for appeal and am awaiting for my day in court! Thanks again for your good wishes.

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      Yes Steve I agree that they cherry pick, that's why I'm convinced they have been tasked to do exactly that to reject as many claims as they can. Yes the HP's are not helping the situation with their under reporting and in some cases bare faced lies, again what hope have you got when your case has been badly construed by a HP then it lands on a DM's desk 😱.

      I hope you are successful in your appeal, the percentage of success rates at appeal is on your side, good luck! 

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      Hi Steve, like you I did a Mr,, no change,, assessor lied about my mobility,

      I have arthiritus and severe anxiety which prevents me going out of

      The house ,,I went to the f2f because I was refused home visit,, I was distraught

      So the assessor directed all the ? To my husband n then wrote a pack of lies

      I am waiting for appeal to go through although I asked for paper appeal

      Not f2f. Wish you best of luck,, can't understand why they lie can you

      Good luck please post if n when you get descion x

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      Hi Jayne

      It is no surprise that DWP reject claims in MR (see the DWP PIP Statistics thread). As I wrote on the PIP Appeals thread, more and more claimants are going to appeal and winning. I sincerely hope that your hearing is successful and you are awarded what is rightfully yours.

      As for Capita and Atos - the companies who run assessment - they have been paid £500 million. Imagine how many claimants` PIP that would fund!

      As and when I hear about when my hearing is, I will inform everyone.

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